123 Funny Water Puns to Sail Into a Sea of Laughter

1. A ship rated C is still seaworth.

2. Why are pirates so happy? The seas the day.

3. Which doctor should you go to if you live underwater? A sturgeon.

4. My neighbours opened up a seafood restaurant, they’re making a kril-ing.

5. Please let minnow if you want something else.

6. Have you heard that river joke? It is a dam good one.

7. What do you call trained animals? Navy seals.

8. I’m renovating that apartment torrent it eventually.

9. I’m trying to clean my brewery but still waters run deep.

10. I can do water-ver I want.

11. Why did the sink say praises for the water faucet? Because it was a real drip.

12. Male dogs float in water because they’re good buoys.

13. I believe I was very s-pacific.

14. What do fish do at the cinema? They get sea-ted.

15. The dock stays above water due to pier pressure.

16. Water-ever floats your boat.

17. Here’s a water cash.

18. What do you call a famous hole of filled with water? Well-known.

19. What is the opposite of salt water? Pepper water.

20. We need to throw a party to get the sailors unbored.

21. How does a dock stay above water? Pier pressure.

22. The ocean was very s-Pacific with its request.

23. It will be a b-reef interview.

24. Clouds invest in liquid assets.

25. A drop of water causes a ripple effect.

26. You know why I love it so much? Because it’s a doll, Finn.

27. How does a cloud invest? Through liquid assets.

28. What do you call a grumpy fish? A sigh-ren.

29. How do you make a water bed bouncier? By using spring water.

30. My boss doesn’t like my boat and he’s going to dock my bay.

31. What do you call a well with abundant water? Well off.

32. I went to the river to watch a livestream.

33. How do you get a holy bottle of water? By boiling the hell out of it.

34. There was a change in the weather. It started raining coins.

35. After getting electrocuted I’m not f-eel-ing too good.

36. Water you doing?

37. Dry river beds love ex-stream sports.

38. We can water the storm together.

39. Be sure to tuna in for the next episode.

40. How do snails breathe under water? Snailkels.

41. These jokes will get people sea-sick with laughter.

42. My room by the ocean is very tide-y.

43. I read a magazine near the pool once, it had no depth.

44. What swims in the water and has a magic wand? Harry P-otter.

45. I created a cocktail called the Jellyfish. It’s 98% water.

46. My new electric fly s-water works very well.

47. I had a water-ful day at the beach.

48. Don’t get tide down.

49. Well water is good for you.

50. What did one raindrop ask the other? Water you doing tonight?

51. I hope shell come around.

52. Water you docking about?

53. When water trips, it’s a waterfall.

54. What is a televised water marathon called? A livestream.

55. The ocean feels very watered-down lately.

56. What did everyone say when the boiling water died? He would be mist.

57. What do you call it when it rains coins? A change in the weather.

58. He wanted to come to your birthday but he got tide-down.

59. You can make water beds bouncier with spring water.

60. I can’t wait to sea you again.

61. What helps to build an ark when it rains? To Noah guy.

62. What do you call an egoistic crab? Shellfish.

63. I’m swimming at the beach, water you doing today.

64. Why did the cup’s argument fail? Because it doesn’t hold water.

65. What makes dry river beds so adventurous? Being ex-stream.

66. If your sparkling water loses it’s bubbles, that’s ok. It’s still water.

67. If water had hair, it’d be wavy.

68. Water you waiting for?

69. What does the ice cube say? I was water before it was cool.

70. I opened my water and electricity bills at the same time. I was shocked.

71. When oceans see each other, they wave.

72. Sorry, I didn’t sea you there.

73. I’ll swim for about ten minutes, no sweat.

74. I think the homework assignment is quite shrimp-le

75. I lake you a lot.

76. The local lake seems watered down lately.

77. What is a heavy precipitation called? A rain of terror.

78. Fish live in saltwater because pepper makes them sneeze.

79. What did Captain Ahab say after failing to catch Moby Dick? Oh whale.

80. Where can water droplets settle an argument? The Supreme Quart.

81. That dish was truly ex-squid-site.

82. What do you call a cow that can part water? Moo-ses.

83. I gave some money to a sailor to help tide him over.

84. He said he was Russian but I didn’t imagine he’d be so Volga-r.

85. RIP boiled water. It’ll be mist.

86. Water never laughs at jokes because it doesn’t like dry humor.

87. What keeps the ocean intact and does not let the water leak out? The seals.

88. The chemical formula for ice is H2O cubed.

89. You can make holy water by boiling the hell out of it.

90. Do you really think I called you fat? Oh, whale.

91. How do you determine the gender of an ant? If it floats on the water, it is a buoyant.

92. You were going on vacation first but I beach you to it.

93. When do you go on red and stop at green? A watermelon.

94. I gave a sailor money to help tide him over.

95. Why did the dolphin stop swimming? He passed the fin-ish line.

96. Where do you take a sick boat? To the dock.

97. What do you call a lizard that likes the water? An aqua-na.

98. I just saw real a real fool at the gym, he put a water bottle in the pringles holder on the treadmill.

99. Check the water forecast.

100. I didn’t think water could freeze, but now icy.

101. Pirates are always happy because they seas the day.

102. Water you up to?

103. What do you call a spy left to drown? Pond. James Pond.

104. Just go with the float.

105. Two raindrops said to the third, “Two’s company, but three’s a cloud.”

106. How deep does water have to be to be ankle deep? Two Feet.

107. Long tide, no sea.

108. The ocean is always on time because it likes to stay current.

109. Why does the ocean hate the seaside? It’s too shallow.

110. A sturgeon operates on patients underwater.

111. What water yields the most beautiful lettuce heads? Perspiration.

112. Why can male dogs swim in the ocean? Because they are good buoys.

113. What’s the worst kind of shark? The loan shark.

114. What is the chemical formula of ice? H2O cubed.

115. This is a joke about a submarine, let that sink in.

116. I never believed water could freeze, but now icy.

117. The ocean broke up with the pond because it was too shallow.

118. An employee is needed on isle one.

119. What is raining poultry called? Fowl weather.

120. What does a table become when you accidentally pour water on it? A pool table.

121. What do call a group of singing whales? An orca-stra

122. Who’s the most popular fish? The starfish.

123. Just go with the float.

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