163 Funny Rose Puns That Are Hilarious to Read

1. Flowers turn rosy when they blush.

2. It’s been a long time. So, my skills are a little rose-ty.

3. ‘What’s a flower’s favorite meal? Rose’ Chicken.

4. The Flirty Dozen Roses.

5. If you are thinking of starting a garden, there are more p-rose than cons.

6. What are flowerts born in the 60’s called? Baby Bloomers.

7. Sometimes, all you need to do is rose-et the device.

8. Out of all the facial features, eyeb-rose are the funniest.

9. I’m traveling to Rose-sia.

10. I caught a bad vi-rose.

11. What do European Flowers use for money? Eu-rose.

12. I got you a p-rose-nt.

13. What do you call two best friend roses? B-rose.

14. Gene-rose-ity is a virtue.

15. We’re making rose-otto for dinner.

16. He rose-nted his boss for making him work late.

17. Thanks a bunch.

18. Thanks for rose-cuing me.

19. No way, rosé.

20. Please forgive me! I turned over a new leaf

21. Roses recharge at power plants.

22. The company rose-cinded its offer.

23. What’s a flower’s favorite meal? Rose chicken.

24. Roses are red. Pizza sauce is too. I ordered a large, and none of it’s for you.

25. She was a flower rose-searcher.

26. My love flowers like a rose.

27. The office has fluo-rose-cent lighting.

28. It was a cor-rose-ive material.

29. What do rose scientists study? Stem cells.

30. The doctor wrote him a p-rose-cription.

31. It was g-rose.

32. I got you roses for valentines day because I love you a bunch.

33. I love your rosé cheeks.

34. Rosé the day away.

35. They bought the car for its rose-ale value.

36. Don’t stop beleafing.

37. Puns ‘n’ roses.

38. I love reading you p-rose at valentines day

39. Don’t think about tomor-rose worries.

40. There was rose-istance to the new idea.

41. The rose was very lazy. He had a seedentary lifestyle.

42. We’re having gy-rose for lunch.

43. F-Rose-n.

44. This is a budding romance.

45. What is a flower’s favorite band? Guns n Roses.

46. Love the wine you’re with.

47. I love you bunches.

48. Where do roses sleep at night? In their flowerbed.

49. The flower picture was blurry due to low rose-olution.

50. We will have a blooming good time.

51. You’re as sweet as suc-rose.

52. It was ir-rose-istable.

53. Those flowers could not survive in winter. So, they f-rose.

54. What do flowers get done at the beauty salon? Their eye-rose.

55. A rose was struck in a hit and run. She was leafed for dead.

56. Ew, you’re so g-rose.

57. Rosé is pink. Champagne is too. I really like wine, but I love you.

58. Eu-rose are the currency of the European Union.

59. No more tears and sor-rose.

60. Why did the flowers love their grandparents? They were so gene-rose.

61. Gardeners like to sleep on beds of roses.

62. The florist was so embarrassed that he wet his plants.

63. Rose, rose, rose your boat.

64. What sport do flowers like best? Lac-rose.

65. Naps are rose-torative.

66. How do roses fight in wars? With Flower Power.

67. What did the bee say to the rose? Hello honey.

68. The players in a game are on the team rose-ter.

69. The girl was sad that her roses did not bloom. She said it was bud omen.

70. Will you accept this rosé.

71. I’d like to add-rose your concerns.

72. I got you roses for our budding relationship

73. The day after Tomor-rose.

74. To the person who rose me right.

75. I’m a rose-ident of the city.

76. European countries use Eu-rose as their currency.

77. I’m frosen in place.

78. I’m imp-rose-d by your abilities.

79. My loves stems deep.

80. Why do roses make good race car drivers? They put the petal to the metal

81. There are more p-rose than cons.

82. What do flowers do at New Years? Make Rose-solutions.

83. I submitted my rose-ignation letter.

84. English roses are very fond of good and hearty Sunday rose-ts.

85. I left a rose in the snow, and now, it’s f-rose-n.

86. I made dinner rose-rvations.

87. The grocery store is ac-rose town.

88. Her business p-rose-pered.

89. My friend rose-earches flowers.

90. My sister is a lac-rose player.

91. I see the rose-mblance.

92. Those flowers could not survive in cold climates. So, they frose.

93. You can see it under a mic-rose-scope.

94. Rosé-mary’s Baby.

95. We’re making a p-rose and cons list.

96. She thought Rose-ia is a country filled with roses.

97. I can’t help it, but my love for you gets me a little thorny!

98. Stop it, your rosé is making me blush.

99. Sometimes, old trends rose-urge.

100. This is your rose-ponsibility.

101. I rose above it.

102. I love reading old p-roses.

103. She has sources of rose-idual income.

104. I need to rose-ize the image.

105. What’s up my b-rose.

106. The roses were not blooming. It was a seed state of affairs.

107. You’re such a gene-rose person.

108. Thanks for your rose-ponse.

109. I will love you for all of my tomor-rose

110. How does a flower get bigger? They G-rose.

111. They’re all he-rose.

112. It rose to a c-rose-cendo.

113. Flowers recharge at power plants.

114. My friend’s an ae-rose-space engineer.

115. They have jobs with good p-rose-pects.

116. I’m making rose-ted potatoes for dinner.

117. I’m waiting for the rose-ults.

118. Loving you took away my sor-rose.

119. What do you call a rose with a large thorn? A Rose-nocerous.

120. Hey bud, how’s it growing?

121. I find flowers inte-rose-ting.

122. It g-rose if you water it.

123. Use your rose-ources.

124. What kind of alcohol do flowers drink? Rosé.

125. We can rose-ume as normal.

126. You prickle my fancy.

127. I’m taking my family to a rose-ort.

128. Rose to the occasion.

129. Stop and smell the rosé.

130. I’m studying neu-rose-science.

131. The property has a no t-rose-passing sign.

132. You’re a rose-ilient person.

133. Every morning, I drink esp-rose-o.

134. The message rose-onates with me.

135. You had me at rosé.

136. What are superstitious flowers afraid of? A bud omen.

137. Why did the flower go to the hospital? They had a vi-rose.

138. They’re rather int-rose-pective.

139. They had to rose-trict the number of people.

140. Roses are red, violets are blue. Rosé is pink and I love you.

141. It left a sticky rose-idue.

142. Anyone want some rose chicken?

143. We’re having p-rose-ciutto with wine and cheese.

144. Why are roses great runners? They love mara-thorns.

145. I’m looking for the rose-troom.

146. Show your true colors.

147. Let’s play lac-rose.

148. What does a rose say when offering some food? Take it or leaf it.

149. We’re making prog-rose.

150. Today and tomor-rose.

151. C-rose-chet is my new hobby.

152. Rosé is bae.

153. You rose to the occasion.

154. Where there’s a will there’s a rosé.

155. What are your New Year’s rose-olutions?

156. Our love is unbe-leaf-able

157. What do flowers call their friends? buddies.

158. The rose-t was history.

159. I love you so much, you’re as sweet as Suc-rose

160. The rose-rvoir gives water to the city.

161. George Washington was the first p-rose-ident of the U.S.

162. Let’s rose-olve the issue.

163. You’re a rose-ilient person.

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