185 Nature Puns That Will Plant a Smile on Your Face

1. On Valentine’s Day, trees get sappy.

2. Desert bother you?

3. I can’t sand it.

4. May the forest be with you.

5. For a fungi to grow you must give it as mushroom as possible.

6. What is the richest kind of air? A millionaire.

7. Glacier am proud of you.

8. What is a rock’s favorite type of food? Pom-a-granites.

9. How does the rain tie its shoes? With a rainbow…

10. I have plant-y of time.

11. Slow down – don’t you Everest?

12. The desert isn’t all it’s cactus up to be.

13. Air you go.

14. I marsh to my own beat.

15. Tree’s company

16. Dew what you love.

17. Ferning with curiosity

18. I cave it all I had.

19. Cactus what you preach

20. What did the bee say to the flower? Hello, honey.

21. People that use umbrellas are always under the weather.

22. Don’t stalk it till you’ve tried it.

23. What is the color of the wind? Blew.

24. I shore am happy today.

25. How can you tell that the ocean is friendly? It waves.

26. I’ve found the mountain of youth.

27. Don’t you Everest?

28. Take it or leaf it

29. Speakers amp-leaf-y the sound.

30. Let’s meet for branch.

31. Watery doing here?

32. Let’s play valley-ball.

33. When trees go to the pool, they wear swimming trunks.

34. I never want to leaf.

35. Wind-ter is coming.

36. I get m-ocean sickness.

37. I’m looking forward to desert.

38. I woke up feeling pine.

39. What do you say when the beach asks you to walk on it? Shore.

40. I’ve been waiting fire a long time.

41. A bloom with a view.

42. Wave new world

43. Why do gamers hate nature? Because it is full of bugs.

44. Any-waves, life is good.

45. It’s free. There’s nature-ge.

46. Take a peak around

47. Have an altitude of gratitude.

48. nature pun about a wave.

49. Make summit noise.

50. Streaming now!

51. It a-mountains to nothing.

52. I’m at a loess for words.

53. Donate to your favorite nature-ity.

54. I’m have Pangea-cakes for breakfast.

55. What did the ground say to the earthquake? You crack me up.

56. What did you call an awesome geologist? A rockstar!

57. The beach is my sand-tuary.

58. Soil be it.

59. I delta with it last time.

60. I’ve lost my terrain of though

61. Cactus makes perfect.

62. I’m nature what you mean.

63. I tried to catch some fog, but I mist.

64. It’s unbe-leaf-able.

65. What type of tree fits in your hand? A palm tree.

66. There are such boat-iful people out here on the lake.

67. Don’t touch it if it’s natures.

68. nature pun about a rainbow.

69. Sea-k and you shell find.

70. One volcano said to the other, “I lava you.”

71. This view is blossom.

72. How do hurricanes see? With one eye.

73. What’s up, beaches?

74. This view is tree-mendous.

75. Why is grass so dangerous? Because it is full of blades.

76. Why don’t oysters give to charity? Because they’re shellfish.

77. I can go camping forest of my life.

78. Oh, fire sure.

79. Will you be my buoy-friend?

80. I had a stream about you.

81. Sun, your future is bright.

82. Go with the flower

83. How do crazy people go through the forest? They take the psycho path.

84. The beach has a palming effect

85. I’ll give you as mushroom as you need.

86. What the hill?

87. What a releaf.

88. Don’t mesa with me.

89. Lake a fish out of water.

90. Dock to the hand.

91. What kind of bean never grows in a garden? A jelly bean.

92. The cy-clown is hilarious.

93. Geology rocks.

94. What did the flower say after it told a joke? I was pollen your leg.

95. When is the moon the heaviest? When it’s full.

96. I’m happy to h-alp.

97. Wood you look at that.

98. I’ll be dam‘ed

99. After winter, the trees are relieved.

100. No ifs ands or buds.

101. Ready for a ferry bad pun?

102. It’s a-drought time.

103. What did the little tree say to the big tree? Leaf me alone.

104. I tide my best.

105. Tree-t others how you want to be tree-ted.

106. The Earth keeps me grounded.

107. Mountains make me laugh. They’re hill-areas.

108. The flower said to the other, “Move over bud.”

109. I’m going to see a nature-opath.

110. You’re a forest for good.

111. Mountains can hear because they have mountain-ears.

112. Leaf it at that

113. I’m on a plain. Island in a few hours.

114. Flower to the people.

115. I saw a mountain and had to climate.

116. This river is too mainstream

117. What nature phenomenon is the funniest? A cyclown.

118. What did Mars say to Saturn? Give me a ring sometime.

119. Nature puns rock.

120. Be careful, the grass is full of blades.

121. Take it to the pond shop.

122. We can do waterever you want

123. There’s snow place like the mountains

124. The river is too mainstream.

125. I created a chair for the outdoors. It’s called na-chair.

126. How do you cut a wave in half? Use a sea saw.

127. Canyon give me a hand.

128. The richest kind of air is a billion-air.

129. Tropic like it’s hot

130. All you seed is love.

131. What do you call the seagulls that live by the Bay? Bagels.

132. Roe roe roe your boat.

133. Once and floral.

134. Don’t be so shallow.

135. I dune know what to say.

136. You have a palm-ing effect.

137. Dew you love morning walks in the woods?

138. Feel the fern.

139. Be reasona-bubble.

140. Water you talking about?

141. What kind of shorts do clouds wear? Thunderwear.

142. It was ex-stream.

143. I thunder-stand.

144. I feel nature-al about it. So, I’m not for or against it.

145. Stop being a pain in the boat.

146. We have chemis-tree.

147. Don’t take it for plant-ed.

148. There snow place I’d rather be.

149. Me and my best fronds.

150. She didn’t marry the gardener. Too rough around the hedges.

151. For what it’s Earth.

152. These views are tree-mendous.

153. Live and fern

154. Currently the flower business is blooming.

155. Thanks a branch.

156. What did one volcano say to the other? I lava you.

157. I lake you a lot.

158. It’s over air.

159. As far as the eye can sea

160. It’s just one of rose things.

161. Are you saguaro yourself?

162. Sooner oar later

163. You’re jungle-ing a lot.

164. I cave in.

165. I’m tide of ocean puns.

166. Flower you doing today?

167. I’m at a moss for words

168. Trees log in to their social media accounts.

169. This must be an air-ror.

170. What’s all the comm-ocean?

171. Our flower business is blooming.

172. The color of the wind is blew.

173. I’m in it to wind it.

174. I mist you so much.

175. Why did the sun go to school? To get brighter.

176. Try branching out

177. Hiking is all the range.

178. Shrub it off.

179. What do you call bees that are fat? Obeese.

180. I want strawberries nature-ies.

181. Currently chilling.

182. You’ve really peaked my interest.

183. If mountains want to see something, they peak.

184. The only tree that fits in your hand is a palm tree.

185. I never want to leaf.

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