85 Best Picnic Captions for Instagram

1. Laying out our spread of feast and fun.

2. Feasting under the open sky.

3. Life is a picnic – enjoy the spread.

4. Savoring serenity one picnic at a time.

5. Checkered blankets and endless snacks.

6. Picnics and my backyard make a really great pear.

7. Sunshine on my shoulders, picnic in my heart.

8. Making memories under the sun.

9. Picnics are in-tents!

10. It’s an un-brie-lievably nice day for a picnic.

11. Good company, good food, good vibes.

12. Living slow, picnic-style.

13. Let’s pack a basket and head for the hills – it’s picnic time!

14. Where salads meet sunsets.

15. If you wanna have a picnic, give me a kale yeah!

16. Turning a meal into an adventure.

17. Sunshine, laughter, and picnic chatter.

18. Picnic magic in every bite.

19. Life’s a picnic, enjoy every bite.

20. My picnic blanket, my rules.

21. Picnic season is in full swing!

22. We came, we saw, we picnicked.

23. Savoring the flavors of summer.

24. There’s no dress code for picnics.

25. Peace, love, and picnics.

26. Taking our meal with a side of fresh air.

27. Let’s spread out the blanket and soak up the sunshine – it’s picnic time!

28. The grass is always greener when you’re having a picnic.

29. Our kind of meal: picnic blankets and sunshine.

30. Suns out (hamburger) buns out.

31. Basket, blanket, bliss.

32. Picnic days are the best days.

33. Laying out the blanket and enjoying the sunshine – it’s picnic time!

34. Where wildflowers become our dining companions.

35. Sunshine and good times on the menu.

36. Dining in nature’s banquet hall today.

37. ‘Lettuce’ have fun at our picnic!

38. Picnics in paradise.

39. Go on a picnic, even if it’s just in your backyard.

40. Gourmet moments in the great outdoors.

41. Let me be frank: I love picnics.

42. Traveling back in time with our picnic basket.

43. When life hands you rain on your picnic, dance in it.

44. Food just tastes better outdoors.

45. Picnic paradise found!

46. Every picnic tells a story.

47. Picnic bliss in every bite.

48. We are ‘mint’ to picnic together.

49. Savoring the simple pleasures of a picnic.

50. Picnic perfection under the sun.

51. The lighting is always good when you’re on a picnic.

52. Picnic season is here, and the living is easy.

53. Picnic vibes and sunshine dreams.

54. Life’s a picnic when I’m with you.

55. Life needs more polka dots and picnics.

56. Sunny days and picnic plays.

57. out!

58. Feasting with the sun as our spotlight.

59. Life is ‘gouda’ when we’re picnicking.

60. Picnic time is happy time.

61. Sunny days and picnic rays.

62. Don’t worry; there’s polenta of food to go around.

63. Lunch with a view – picnic edition.

64. Where the grass is my table, and the sky is my ceiling.

65. Every picnic blanket could tell countless stories.

66. Romantic rendezvous beneath the open sky.

67. Nature never goes out of style.

68. Living that sweet, sweet picnic life.

69. Al fresco and al fabulous.

70. Creating memories one picnic at a time.

71. Sunshine, sandwiches, and smiles – it’s picnic time!

72. Picnic vibes and happy tides.

73. Packing joy in a picnic basket.

74. Where laughter is served as the main course.

75. Creating delicious memories together.

76. Seating between the trees.

77. Making memories one picnic basket at a time.

78. Pressing pause on the day with this picnic.

79. Expect good thymes when you’re on a picnic.

80. Time flies by when you’re enjoying a picnic.

81. Picnic dreams and sunny schemes.

82. Picnic perfect moments captured.

83. Our secret picnic spot: where worries don’t exist.

84. Trying to get to dessert before the sun sets.

85. I need s’more picnics in my life.

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