97 Newly Single Captions for Instagram

1. Freshly uncommitted.

2. New beginnings never looked so good.

3. I’m not your girl. It was just your turn.

4. Who’s next?

5. Cheers to self-love.

6. Love is in the air, and I’m breathing just fine.

7. Just me, myself, and I – the ultimate trio.

8. Made you look.

9. Fell in love with myself.

10. She’s busy.

11. Single and loving the journey of self-discovery.

12. Letting go was hard, but holding on was harder.

13. Riding solo.

14. Plot twist: I’m the love story I’ve been waiting for.

15. Single and ready to mingle!

16. Glad, it’s over.

17. Flying solo and loving every minute of it.

18. No longer tied down, but feeling lighter than ever.

19. I regret settling for bare minimum.

20. Just me now.

21. You grow, girl!

22. If you liked it, you should’ve put a ring on it. Oh, wait…

23. Back by popular demand.

24. Lost the relationship, found myself.

25. Looking good, doing better.

26. Stepping into my singlehood with confidence.

27. Pain in the past, peace in the present.

28. The sequel is always better, right?

29. Unattached and unstoppable.

30. Single, not sorry.

31. Flying solo and loving the view.

32. Going for looks this time.

33. Love story plot twist: It’s just me.

34. I love men without the n.

35. I’m choosing me since you couldn’t.

36. Choosing myself over anyone else.

37. Full of love for myself.

38. Just dropped some weight… about 160 pounds of ex.

39. Happily unattached and loving it.

40. Planting seeds of self-love.

41. Starting a new chapter, solo and stronger.

42. Rocking the single life like a boss.

43. New status, who dis?

44. Attachment: issues.

45. Solo and sizzling – watch out world!

46. Choose yourself.

47. Living my best life, single and free.

48. Blooming beauty.

49. Dare to live the life you always wanted.

50. It’s time for a new chapter.

51. Table for one?

52. No longer part of a duo, but still whole.

53. I’m the entire meal, no sides needed.

54. A new era of me.

55. Going from ‘Taken’ to ‘Taking on the World’.

56. Only up from here.

57. A love letter to myself.

58. Single and loving every moment of it.

59. Precious energy.

60. Solo but so, so not low.

61. Single and unstoppable.

62. No baggage, just luggage for my next adventure.

63. You do you, I’ll do better.

64. I do a thing called what I want.

65. Reclaiming my heart.

66. Time to bloom.

67. Get on my level.

68. Living life on my own terms, now that I’m single.

69. Embracing my newfound independence with open arms.

70. Embracing my solo journey with open arms.

71. Rediscovering myself one day at a time.

72. Be the energy you wish to attract.

73. Back on the market.

74. Embracing my new favorite relationship status.

75. Free to be me, now that I’m single.

76. Miss Independent 2.0: Now Loading.

77. Single? Yes. Alone? Never.

78. Remind me to forget.

79. Single and shining brighter than ever.

80. New chapter, same fabulous me.

81. Turning the page to a new beginning.

82. Starting fresh and loving every moment of it.

83. Single, but never alone with a spirit like mine.

84. Taking back my independence, one day at a time.

85. Table for one, full life of fun.

86. One is not the loneliest number, it’s the most liberated!

87. Single, fierce, and fabulous.

88. The best version of myself.

89. Taking ‘me time’ to a whole new level.

90. Embracing the freedom of singlehood.

91. Rebrand.

92. New chapter, same leading lady.

93. Unattached.

94. I’d stop scrolling too.

95. In case you needed a new wallpaper.

96. Mind at peace.

97. Single and ready to mingle!

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