50 Funny Pepper Puns That Are Enough to Bright Your Day

Peppers will give your meals the extra flavour they need and add colour to your garden. There are many types of peppers; some are as mild as can be, others are delightful, and then there’s the spiciness.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Pepper puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Funny Pepper Puns

1. “Pepper late than never.”

2. “When a pepper wears pants, it always uses a bell-t.”

3. “I’m a little chili.”

4. “These peppers need a sta-bell environment to grow.”

5. “The school is having a pepper rally.”

6. “You’re capa-bell of great things.”

7. “A Muslim pepper is a halal-peño.”

8. “Guajillo. What’s up?”

9. “Make sure everything is pepper-ortional.”

10. “At school, my kids are learning about the piri-odic table of elements.”

11. “This pepper is impecca-bell.”

12. “Pepper on the back. She did a great job.”

13. “A group of islands with peppers is an archipela-ghost.”

14. “You’re my pepper half-apeño.”

15. “Let’s play hide-and-seek. No pequin.”

16. “Pasilla later.”

17. “You may need to pepper up before the competition.”

18. “Keep it in the fridge because it’s piri-shable.”

19. “Banks deliver statements online now. They’re going pepper-less.”

20. “When swimming in the ocean, watch out for chili-fish.”

21. “Grocery stores use pepper-bags instead of plastic.”

22. “My favorite bird is the sand-pepper.”

23. “How have Cuban?”

24. “I pimento help, but it slipped my mind.”

25. “I made a pepper airplane.”

26. “Young chili peppers are chili-dren.”

27. “I like to add pepper-oncino to sandwiches.”

28. “I’m making lasagna with rocoto cheese.”

29. “Pepper-onata is an Italian side dish with bell peppers.”

30. “I bell-t this myself.”

31. “I’m finding my life’s peppers.”

32. “I’m learning how to play the b-ancho.”

33. “I’m jalapeño business.”

34. “You pepper believe it.”

35. “The scariest pepper is the ghost pepper.”

36. “Shishito is my favorite skincare brand.”

37. “There’s low visi-bell-ity.”

38. “It’s for her Anaheim.”

39. “You’re not who you pepper-t to be.”

40. “It was for a no-bell cause.”

41. “I always add pepper-ika to the stew.”

42. “It was un-bell-ievable!”

43. “The celebrity was surrounded by pepper-azzi.”

44. “One of my favorite plants are pepper-omia.”

45. “Pepper puns always pep my day up.”

46. “I saw an bell-board promoting new peppers.”

47. “To clean the air, I’m getting an air piri-fier.”

48. “No poblano.”

49. “Serrano I made a mistake. Give me another chance.”

50. “You’re getting pepper with each day.”

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