Top 51 Bird Quotes That Will Uplift Your Spirit To Fly

People in different parts of the world have different romantic stories about birds. Some people see them as a symbol of freedom, others see them as a sign of love, and others see them as symbols of happiness.

Some people think that birds are powerful and majestic creatures, while others believe they are nothing more than their pests. However, no matter what type of bird you see in your life, it is likely to have a lot to say about how you think about yourself and how much you want to contribute to this world.

Fly away! Whether you like birds or not, it’s important to appreciate them for the animals they are. When you see a bird in flight, you’ll be inspired by their freedom and remember these words of wisdom.

If you want to advance and achieve your goals in life, it’s essential to think more like a bird. We can choose whether we hold ourselves back by limiting our thoughts or not. To get motivated, it’s also good to engage with nature and try some of these beautiful, inspiring quotes.

51 Bird Quotes That Will Uplift Your Spirit

1. “No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.” ― Bob Dylan

2. “We think caged birds sing, when indeed they cry.” ― John Webster

3. “When the Sun of compassion arises darkness evaporates and the singing birds come from nowhere.” ― Amit Ray

4. “It’s like being a bird, maybe, the perspective of flying over the Earth.” ― Peggy Whitson

5. “I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

6. “The freedom of birds is an insult to me.” ― Cormac McCarthy

7. “My writing often contains souvenirs of the day — a song I heard, a bird I saw — which I then put into the novel.” ― Amy Tan

8. “I like the idea of taking off like a bird.” ― Florence Welch

9. “If one bird foraging in a flock on the ground suddenly takes off, all other birds will take off immediately after, before they even know what’s going on. The one who stays behind may be prey.” ― Frans De Waal

10. “The bird is powered by its own life and by its motivation.” ― A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

11. “Small birds throw seeds out of the feeder; large birds pick them up off the ground, but the squirrels try to muscle in.” ― Lilian Jackson Braun

12. “I don’t ask for the meaning of the song of a bird or the rising of the sun on a misty morning. There they are, and they are beautiful.” ― Pete Hamill

13. “When you have birds you stare at them a lot and their eyes are recessed on their head. When they look at something they tilt their head in a quizzical expression.” ― Ted Rall

14. “Heavenly bodies are nests of invisible birds.” ― Dejan Stojanovic

15. “No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.” ― William Blake

16. “A bird is three things: Feathers, flight and song, And feathers are the least of these.” ― Marjorie Allen Seiffert

17. “Birds are the most accomplished aeronauts the world has ever seen. They fly high and low, at great speed, and very slowly. And always with extraordinary precision and control.” ― David Attenborough

18. “When you have shot one bird flying you have shot all birds flying. They are all different and they fly in different ways but the sensation is the same and the last one is as good as the first.” ― Ernest Hemingway

19. “If you cannot catch a bird of paradise, better take a wet hen.” ― Nikita Khrushchev

20. “Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we’ll soon be in trouble.” ― Roger Tory Peterson

21. “I work as often as I want and yet I’m free as a bird.” ― Ethel Merman

22. “There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before.” ― Robert Wilson Lynd

23. “He imagines a necessary joy in things that must fly to eat.” ― Wendell Berry

24. “Life without dreams is like a bird with a broken wing — it can’t fly.” ― Dan Pena

25. “The birds, the moon and the clouds have an important mission: To make mankind turn their eyes towards the skies! And so man can leave his own little local world and focus on something bigger, the universe!” – Mehmet Murat ildan

26. “I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.” ― E. E. Cummings

27. “It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.” ― C. S. Lewis

28. “Birds have wings; they’re free; they can fly where they want when they want. They have the kind of mobility many people envy.” ― Roger Tory Peterson

29. “The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Whoever will be born must destroy a world.” ― Hermann Hesse

30. “Birds are, especially canaries, are super sensitive to hydrogen sulfide and sour gas.” ― David Suzuki

31. “From birds she learned how to sing; from cats she learned a form of dangerous independence.” ― Salman Rushdie

32. “Birds are a miracle because they prove to us there is a finer, simpler state of being which we may strive to attain.” ― Douglas Coupland

33. “You can’t be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet.” ― Hal Borland

34. “The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” ― J.M. Barrie

35. “The moment a little boy is concerned with which is a jay and which is a sparrow, he can no longer see the birds or hear them sing.” ― Eric Berne

36. “It is a matter of shame that in the morning the birds should be awake earlier than you.” ― Abu Bakr

37. “The biggest favor you can do to yourself is fly freely like birds.” ― Kuldeep Gera

38. “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” ― Langston Hughes

39. “Boredom is the dream bird that hatches the egg of experience. A rustling in the leaves drives him away.” ― Walter Benjamin

40. “Birds know themselves not to be at the center of anything, but at the margins of everything. The end of the map. We only live where someone’s horizon sweeps someone else’s. We are only noticed on the edge of things; but on the edge of things, we notice much.” ― Gregory Maguire

41. “The sound of birds stops the noise in my mind.” ― Carly Simon

42. “Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings.” ― Victor Hugo

43. “The bird thinks it a favor to give the fish a lift in the air.” ― Rabindranath Tagore

44. “Birds were created to record everything. They were not designed just to be beautiful jewels in the sky, but to serve as the eyes of heaven.” ― Suzy Kassem

45. “Birds born in cages think that flying is an illness.” ― Alejandro Jodorowsky

46. “Some tribes of birds will relieve and rear up the young and helpless, of their own and other tribes, when abandoned.” ― William Bartram

47. “I’m like a bird, I only fly away. I don’t know where my soul is. I don’t know where my home is.” ― Nelly Furtado

48. “Everyone likes birds. What wild creature is more accessible to our eyes and ears, as close to us and everyone in the world, as universal as a bird?” – David Attenborough

49. “Love is not only the story of butterflies or birds; it is also the story of jackals and hounds.” ― M.F. Moonzajer

50. “Every bird, every tree, every flower reminds me what a blessing and privilege it is just to be alive.” ― Marty Rubin

51. “In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.” ― Robert Lynd

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