99 Funny Mole Puns That Are Hilarious to Read

1. It was a pri-mole response.

2. Post Mole-one – The animal kingdom’s best rapper.

3. Why do moles eat so much? Because they are mole-nourished.

4. The houses are scheduled for de-mole-ition.

5. You’re mole-some.

6. Mole-ars – The largest tooth in a mole’s mouth.

7. Earth is in the Mole-ky Way galaxy.

8. A mole has just won the lottery. She’s now a multi mole-ionaire.

9. How do moles finance their homes? With a molegage.

10. It’s the mole-timate example.

11. Mole-in-one – a mole golfer’s dream!

12. A mole’s favorite actor is Mole Gibson.

13. I knew a spy mole who turned double agent. He was a mole mole.

14. What do you get if you cross a mole with a popular board game? Mole-opoly.

15. You’re my role mole-del.

16. What kind of hairstyle to moles like the most? Molehawks.

17. Don’t tell mole jokes. It’s mole-itically incorrect.

18. I heard a beautiful mole-ody.

19. The future looks dis-mole.

20. They showed hu-mole-ity by acknowledging their mistakes.

21. How do moles get in touch with their friends? By e-mole.

22. If you cross a mole with an insect, you get a mole-squito.

23. How do you stop a mole from digging? Take his shovel away.

24. Moles are made of molecules.

25. Mole-ch your soil.

26. Mole-ars are the biggest of all teeth.

27. Holey Mole-y – a mole with lots of holes.

28. A mole that changes colors is a cha-mole-eon.

29. A sad mole is dis-mole.

30. There are mole-tiple options.

31. What is a moles favorite type of music? Rock ‘n’ mole.

32. The mole, the merrier.

33. Why is it bad to tell mole jokes? It’s mole-itically incorrect.

34. A mole’s favorite composer is Mole-zart.

35. Once you’ve told one mole joke, have you told them mole?

36. I prefer having mole-tiple choices.

37. My garden has been totally destroyed by moles. It looks like a de-mole-ition site.

38. The mole went to the dentist to remove its mole-ars.

39. Guacamole – what moles dip their chips into.

40. There’s mole where that came from.

41. Why do moles like Cindy Crawford? They are her favorite super-mole-dle.

42. The results are abys-mole.

43. Ace in the mole.

44. What are moles made of? Mole-cules.

45. My favorite summer fruit is watermole-on.

46. A mole’s favorite board game is Mole-opoly.

47. Who was moles favorite composer? Moles-art.

48. Moles exercise by running on the tread-mole.

49. Why did the mole doctor lose his job? Medical mole-practice.

50. Lawyers can be sued for mole-practice.

51. What do you call a miserable mole? Dis-mole.

52. We are fa-mole-y.

53. Moles are burrowing mam-moles.

54. I’m going to the shopping mole.

55. What kind of entertainment do moles like? Mole-some.

56. I love to eat mole-berries.

57. There was a mole-function in the system.

58. They had an mole-terior motive.

59. After high school, they joined the mole-itary.

60. I enjoy eating cara-mole ice cream.

61. E-mole – how moles send messages via computer.

62. What do you get if you cross a mole with an avocado? Guacamole.

63. Water-mole-on – a mole’s favourite melon.

64. The rich mole is a mole-ti-mole-ionaire.

65. A mole that goes to the desert becomes a ca-mole.

66. Moles love to listen to rock and mole.

67. When you put a mole and avocado together, you get guacamole.

68. We had an infor-mole meeting.

69. I’m fa-mole-iar with the subject.

70. I’ll send you an e-mole reminder.

71. Slow as mole-asses.

72. The event’s dress code is for-mole.

73. We have si-mole-ar interests.

74. Moles communicate in Mole-se code.

75. A mole’s favorite haircut is the mole-let.

76. Holy Moley – a religious mole.

77. Truth be mole-d.

78. A mole’s favorite field of study in math is mole-tiplication.

79. What did mole teach her students in math class? Mole-tiplication.

80. A mole’s favorite baseball team is the Mole-waukee Brewers.

81. What do you get if you cross a mole with a painkiller? Paraceta-mole.

82. I had to go and get a mole removed from my shoulder today. I’ve no idea how he got up there.

83. I’m having a mole-ten chocolate cake for dessert.

84. Moles are my favorite ani-moles.

85. Mole-cule – A mole’s favourite particle.

86. There was paranor-mole activity going on.

87. The mole said to the dirt, “I dig you.”

88. Everything’s back to nor-mole.

89. What kind of fruit do moles eat in the summer? Water-mole-ns.

90. What TV show do moles like best? Molerose place.

91. Mole money. Mole problems.

92. I love roasting marsh-mole-lows.

93. You’re one in a mole-lion.

94. It’s a s-mole world.

95. Santa lives in the North Mole.

96. There was a sense of mole-ncholy in the air.

97. A mole that keeps things simple is a mini-mole-ist.

98. I’m traveling to Mole-bourne, Australia.

99. Mole money. Mole problems.

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