117 Funny Ant Puns to Make You Ant-icipate the Next Laugh

1. I love going on adv-ant-ures.

2. Ant-er at your own risk.

3. What do you call a 100 year old ant? An antique.

4. Ants use Ant-droid phones.

5. My b-ant is performing this weekend.

6. What do you call an ant that skips school? A truant.

7. Anthony was a young independ-ant insect.

8. We’re watching rom-ants movies.

9. We have an agreem-ant.

10. Dang! Why are you dressed so f-ant-cy?

11. It filled the ant-ire room.

12. I made dinner reservations at the restaur-ant.

13. Fake ants don’t bunk off school. Only truants.

14. There are ten-ants in the apartm-ant.

15. Young ants are obedi-ant.

16. What do you call an ant from overseas? Important.

17. I stopped an ant while he was walking. He got antsy.

18. It’s a sentim-ant-al item.

19. The business is exp-ant-ing.

20. You did an excell-ant job.

21. I want to be flu-ant in several languages.

22. Girl ants sink, because male ants are bouy-ant.

23. An ant’s favorite vacation destination is Fr-ants.

24. This ant that.

25. Bugs Bunny – An ant’s favorite cartoon.

26. Nest to meet you.

27. I got you a pres-ant.

28. We give out c-ant-y on Halloween.

29. What do you call it when ants run away together? Antelope.

30. He went to hill and back just to get that sugar cube.

31. The ant that’s a theoretical physicist is Albert Ant-stein.

32. I have the ant-ire collection of Antman comics in my room.

33. I enjoy c-ant-lelit dinners.

34. She had to run some err-ants in town.

35. You’re a confid-ant person.

36. I’ve got to h-ant it to you.

37. Dem-ant is increasing.

38. We finally have mom-ant-um.

39. The company has an excellent br-ant.

40. I me-ant to tell you the other day.

41. They b-ant the rules.

42. Pitch your t-ant.

43. A rich ant is afflu-ant.

44. I’m having a s-ant-wich for lunch.

45. A group of ants is an ant-ourage.

46. You meet all the requirem-ants.

47. Draw a line in the s-ant.

48. A good-looking ant is h-ant-some.

49. What do you call a poor ant? A peasant.

50. Business ants love to start ant-terprises.

51. What do you call an ant who likes to be alone? An independant.

52. It left a d-ant.

53. I’m waiting for an ant-swer.

54. We’re celebrating your achievem-ants.

55. I can’t h-ant-le it.

56. There’s a differ-ants.

57. Ants eat croiss-ants for breakfast.

58. Anteaters don’t get sick because they have ant-ibodies.

59. What do you get when you mix ants with ticks? Antics.

60. An ant that likes finance works as an account-ant.

61. It’s a perman-ant change.

62. An ant that does everything on its own is independ-ant.

63. Drop whatever you’re doing! This is super import-ant

64. I’m shredding docum-ants.

65. Ant-il next time.

66. You may not ant-er the premises.

67. Robotics is an incredible inv-ant-ion.

68. The company made major investm-ants.

69. After an injury, the ant needed a b-ant-aid.

70. What do you call an elegant ant? Fantsy.

71. It’s the little mom-ants that matter.

72. At school, you’ll find stud-ants.

73. Who is the most famous ant scientist? Albert Antstein.

74. You look so f-ant-sy.

75. We just moved in next door to an ant family. They were tenants.

76. An ant from overseas is import-ant.

77. We have a few r-ant-als.

78. Call Ant (Aunt) Judy, and tell her to bring the flowers.

79. What do you call an ant that won’t go away Permanant.

80. I’m shopping at the ant-ique store.

81. We sp-ant a lot of money on gifts.

82. There’s never any ants at Church. They’re in sects.

83. I’m going to school to become a d-ant-ist.

84. What is the biggest ant in the world? An elephant.

85. How many ants does it take to fill an apartment? Tenants

86. Where do ants go on vacation? Frants.

87. Why don’t anteaters get sick? Because they are full of antibodies.

88. An ant’s favorite type of shoes is s-ant-als.

89. Where do ants go to eat? At a restaurant.

90. It was an emerg-ants-y.

91. Ants have high st-ant-dards.

92. Plants get excited when they’re about to get watered. So much ant-icipation.

93. Ants follow the queen’s dem-ants.

94. We’re going to see an ab-ant-doned house.

95. I love relaxing on a s-ant-y beach.

96. The fragrance has a nice sc-ant.

97. A well-dressed ant is d-ant-y.

98. Ants smell good because they wear deodor-ant.

99. St-ant up for yourself.

100. I’m running err-ants today.

101. There was a sc-ant-alous event.

102. What do you call a fancy ant? Elegant.

103. Why do ants smell so good? Because they wear deodorant.

104. He has an acc-ant.

105. An ant’s favorite bear is the p-ant-a.

106. What do you call an ant with frog legs? An antphibian.

107. It’s a h-ant-ful.

108. What kind of ant likes math? An accountant.

109. They filed for a pat-ant.

110. Old ants are anci-ant.

111. She is lactose intoler-ant.

112. I knew two ants that ran away to get married. They anteloped.

113. I s-ant you a message.

114. It’s the gr-ant finale.

115. The food needs more flavor. It’s a little bl-ant.

116. When you cross an ant with a frog, you get an ant-phibian..

117. You’re a confid-ant person.

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