390+ Catchy Cosmetic Brand Names Ideas

A cosmetic brand name is a name given to a product that is used to identify the brand of the product. It is usually a combination of words, such as “Revlon” or “L’Oreal,” and it can be used in advertising, on the packaging, and in other marketing materials.

Cosmetic brands are designed to make consumers feel like they are investing in luxury products. However, the specific names often have little meaning beyond their association with a particular company or product. For example, “Crest” has nothing directly to do with dental care but many people still associate it with toothpaste because it was one of the first brands marketed specifically for children.

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool and creative cosmetic brand name ideas that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd.

Cosmetic Company Name

Crushy Cosmetics Inc

So-Fine Cosmetics

Absolute Glam

Knockout Make Over

The Beauty Guru

Cleopatras’s Makeover

Radiant Skin

Dolled Up Cosmetics

Confidence Make-Up

Excellent Eyes Makeover

Replenish Beussa

Well jade Makeup

Stay Pretty

Beauty Studio

Flawless Cosmetics

Such Enhancive

Natural By Nature

Pretty Cool Girl

Fast Fashion Cosmetic

Cosmoline Cosmetics

Glam Goddess

Boutique Drip

Marshmallow Beauty Inc.

Cosmetic Nick

Dream Shades Cosmetics

Plant-derived cosmetics

Fluerence Cosmetics

Excellent Decorative

Rainbow Colours Beauty

Gorgeous Acceleration

Subtley Cosmetics

Vibe Blitz

Stylish Consideration

Glamour Gateways

Skin Glow Co

Ultimate Make Overs

Blooming Beauty

Anatomy cosmetics

Clear Matics Cosmetics

The More Esthetic


Cosmetics Queen

Objected Cosmetic

Plumped Cosmetics

Unique Cosmetics Brand Names

Elle’s Beauties

Corrective Face

Rave Cosmetics Inc

Glamour youth

Cultural Paint Trading Co

Bee Cosmetics

Playback Zero Cosmetics

Blushes Of Red

Berry Cosmetics

Astonishing Cosmetics

Ching Chirp Cosmetics

Full Coverage

Fine Esthetical

Layered Liva Cosmetics

Glitter Glaze Cosmetics

Makeup Marvel

Penta crew Makeup

Marigold Makeup

Ever love Cosmetics

Whims And Craze

Cosmetic Cavern

Cosmetic Queens

Mantry Mascara

Little Angel Cosmetics

Pink Spirit Cosmetics

Good Better Best Beauty

Backlash Bong

Black Beware

Beauty Touch

Fresh Inside

Cultural Cosmetic

The Greatest Aesthetic

Cosmetic Lightning

Eccentric Eyeliner

Care berry Cast

Glow Girl Blush

Mind Cosmetics

Makeup Master

Face First

Scaly Suture Cosmetics

Pore less Beauty

Greenish Glimpse

Crazy Crave

Cosmetic Picnic

Angle Angels Cosmetics

Cosmetics Warehouse

El Edge Studio

Paradise Cosmetics

Lip Time

Makeup Me Callous

Applied Assurance

Beauty Glow

Before Beauty

Cosmic Cosmetics

It Happens!

Allure Beauty Cruise

The Socio economic

Fresh Bottom

Crush Cosmetics Inc


Hashtag World

All Natural Makeups

Everything Nice

Makeup Bomb

Refined Reveal

Eyeshadow Excellence

Full face Cosmetics

Beauty That Works

Astonishing Beauty

Glow It All

Second Skin Cosmetics

One With Nature

Cool Cosmetics Store Names

Colossal Beauty

Lavishing Makeup Studio

Lippy Lover Cosmetics

Expensive Decorative

Symmetryn Cosmetics

Become Aesthetic

Stunning Operation

Agonize Yours Cosmetics

Styli Stretch

The Fine Aesthetic

Magic Makeup

Grace And Elegance

Mega Cosmetics

Cosmo Cosmetics

Minimal Make-Up

Ethereal Enhancement Cosmetics

Backlash Beauty

Glamourholic Mom

Radiate Cosmetics

Italy Muss Cosmetics

Crimson Cosmetics

Guiding Guru

Princess Face

Containing Aesthetical

Ortunate Face

Certain cosmetic

Unique Secrets

System Salon

Delight Destiny

Shine Pretty

Perfect Make Overs

Eccentric Eyes

Vanillicious cosmetics

Magnificent Makeup Cosmetics

Naturally Stunn

Cosmetic Shop Name list

Fairy first Cosmetics

Moderation Magic

Beauty Lifestyle

Maven Look

Beauty Blossom

Painted Face

Insteno Makeup

Pearl ville Cosmetics

Face Of Queens

Stylist Screener

Find Your Angles

Lippy Lover

24hour Secret

Mirror Magic

War Paint Pro

Theatrical Make-Up

Eyelashes Of Love

Impression Beauty

Magic drop

Miss Messa Cosmetics

The Makeup People

Eye Kings

Queen Bee Beauty

Lux Station Cosmetics

Beauty Remedies

Miss Leury Cosmetics

Boost Blow Cosmetics

Fashion Edge Cosmetics

New mood Cosmetics

Perfect Touch Solution

Dazzy New Cosmetics

Spoil yourself with Cosmetics

Arena Assurance

Partisan War Paint Trading Co

The Roseate Beam

Scrotal Scrape

Worldly Beauty

Splash Touch

The Glabrous Cosmetics

Aesthetic Storm

Cosmetic line Name Ideas

Eyeshadow Perfection

Lovely Priority

Excellent Eyeliner

Beauty Selection Center

Layered Luxury

Glistening Nail Lilly

The Beauty Rules

The Face Shop

Perfect Mascara

Fresh Vibe

The Peculiar

Face The Music

Nutrient Feel

Cosmetics Den

Cosmox Face Beauty

Glow Away Cosmetics

Confidently Yours

Face Bay Cosmetics

Luscious Lips Salon

Passport To Beauty

Cherish Life Society

Mastering Makeup

Right zox Makeup


Urban Decay Cosmetics

Queen Of Beauty

Budget Cosmetics

Mascara And Lipstick

Auburn Beauties

Extravagant Bodyworks

Pretty Eyes Cosmetics

New Toiletry

Discount Cosmetics

Miss berry Cosmetics

Nature Raser Cosmetics

Face Artistry

Natural You Cosmetics

Champagne Hues

Catchy Cosmetic Brand Name Ideas

Blossom Deeply

Beautiful Pundit

Demographic Face

Beauty Businesses Inc

Blush Touch Solution

Cosmetology Cosmetics

Makeover Masters


The Healthy Lambency

Makeup Wiggle

Master Of The Curl

Nexus Natures

Queens Beauty Cosmetics

less Face Beat

Animal Peel Co

Easy Beauty

Forest Essentials Cosmetics

The Nail Lamp

Cosmetics Corner

Best Selection

Maple Sugar Beauty

Gorgeous Angle

Unique Makeup

Natural Beauty

A Touch Of Sugar Cosmetics

Positive Charm

Catchy Cosmetics Business Names

Cosmetics Game Up

Salon Stew

Invigorate Cosmetics Store

Lovers Selection

Smooth Skin Solutions

Stunning Suite

Beautiful Vouchers

Desire Face Makeover

Paint Trading Co

Confident Cosmetics

Beyond Heaven

Twirl Glamour

Frosted Cosmetics


Careful Cosmetics


Cosmetic And Cosmetics

Stylist Stress

Coolest Culture


The Golden

Lovely Organic

The Thick Mascara

Smiley Salon

The Scrotal Cutis

Satin Makeup

Fuchsia Fashion

Gorgeous Gurus

Facial Fantasy

Glow And Go

Perfection Fabulous

Layered Cosmetics Store

Spotlight Cosmetics

Southern Beauty

Love My Makeup

Cute Cosmetics Company Names

Beauty Full

Be Lovely Cosmetics

Makeup lous Shop

Goddess Glam

Fox Cosmetics

Top Beauty

Age Defying Beauty

Gorgeous Trident

Tropical Gorgeous

The Facial Mascara

Ageless Cosmetics

Mascara Maniacs

Pure Precision

Unspoken Beautiful

Bee Pretty Cosmetics

The Biochemical

Delight Cosmetics

Magic Drop Store

Honey Skin Clear Cosmetics

Certain Cursory

Beautiful Time

Full makeup

Applicable Art Cosmetics

Fortunate Face

Natural Makeup

Like Bark Cosmetics

Lip Gloss Veneer Inc.

Darwin’s Research

Clear Water Cosmetics

Fabulous Baby!

Perfect Eyeliner

Zestful Queen

Ruby Aesthetics

Phoenix Cosmetics

Eccentric Cosmetic

The Cosmetics Shoppe

Prospector Stylist

Supple Symmetry

Attraction Palace

Fresh Faced

Containing Cold Cream

Supplein Cosmetics

Clean Cosmetics

Elite Cosmetics

Revive Aesthetics

Face Fix Cosmetics

Squeaky Clean

Your Beauty Concierge

The Taut Shinny

Blush Cosmetics Boutique

Glamour Gazelle

Blushed And Beautiful

Lip Ray Cosmetics

Eyeshadow Time

Dew Drop Cosmetics

Headlight Highlights

Beauty Base Cosmetics

Simple Beauty Makeover

Pink Peony

Beauty Company Names Ideas

Awe Countenance

Stylist Tonic

Physical Mascara

The Powerful



Natural You

Crownjewel Spa

Pink And Spunky

The Cosmetics Corner

Lip Ray

Rightzox Makeup


Grey Trendy

Gleaming Glow Makeup

Where Beauty Rhymes

Detected Cosmetic

Beauty Kits

Beautiful Radiant


Magnificence Joy

Royalty Face

Organic Glow

Addicted To Makeup

The Offending

Flavor My Lip Gloss

Sliver Bullet Beauty

Creating Admirers

Elegant Eyeshadow

Salon Seating

Truespirit Makeup

Effortless Beauty

Oran Salon

Forest Essentials


Beautification Station

Purity Cleaners

Zen Appearance

Superb Makeover

Mother Earth Beauty

Scaly Suture


The Dry Scrape

Like Bark

The Greatest Esthetic

Probiotic Pulp

Bright White


Clear Matics

How to Generate a Compelling & Memorable Cosmetic Brand Name?

The key to a good brand name is to make it memorable while also being simple. You want your customers to remember the name of your product and be able to recall it when they need it. So, you should start with a short, catchy word or short phrase that describes what your product does in one or two words. The word should be easy for customers to remember and spell. It should also have an interesting sound so that when people hear the word, they can picture what the product looks like or what it does in their mind’s eye.

How to Choose the Best Beauty Product Names for Your Company’s Success?

A good name is a golden nugget that can make or break your company. Your brand’s name is the first thing that people will think of when they hear your company. It should be memorable, easy to say and understand, and it should convey the essence of your product.

When creating a new product, it’s important to come up with a good name for it so that you can establish your brand identity as well as increase sales. This process can be difficult because there are many different factors that go into creating a good product name such as how easy it is to remember, how unique it sounds, and how easily consumers will be able to find the product on store shelves.

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