350+ Catchy Life Insurance Slogans

Making health care cheap

Get to a better State

Fulfill your Childís Dream with Your life

The Last Coverage Youíll Ever Need

You are the First

The Future Is Safe

Things Happen After an Insurance

letís You Life make Happy

Payout in 10 years or up to 120 years, depending on the plan

Give your family more Importance

Life Elevated Well

For all the ways you care

Securing the life of your loved ones after your life

A data-driven approach to improve understanding of life insurance policies

protect you For better Futures

The company to remember for life

Driven to be the best

We Go Where You Go

24/7 Online on Life

After you die itís too late for life insurance!

Hold our hands for better tomorrow

The power to live more

Behind every great life is a great policy

We farm your hard work for better tomorrow

Keep good going

Weíve got you under our wing

I can do this

Your health, our wealth

Change in your life is inevitable, plan for it accordingly

Get a life you can rely on

Insurance Creates Sense

Peace of mind

We are following you

Covering you in bad times

From every perspective, life insurance is the right kind of protection

We love being your life insurance partner

Family is worth protecting

Blessed to have a life, now insure it

Give your child an advantage for life

Insurance that Cares you

Iím sure in the future, the past would be called B.C (Before Insurance) and U.S.(Until Something sad happens) .

Weíre here to make sure youíre covered whenever and for whatever the future may bring

You canít leave and you canít stay, sounds like life insurance

Donít be that ëoneí who made the mistakes and wasnít prepared

Go ahead. Go ahead with______ (Company Name)

Feel secure

The world is growing and changing, the opportunities are endless

Life insurance is your way

Letís talk about life insurance

Your future, your health matters to us

Good hands for the good life

Helpfulness insured

Your family is worth it

At least be clear with your Insurance because the future is not

Your Life is in Our hands

Donít leave your family in a quandary,

Your choice, your health, our plan

The power to Care you

When itís past, itís done. Protect yourself

Your Future Protected

Peace of mind guaranteed

We take the stress out of mortality

Life elevated

Caring You because your Life is important

Providing a helping hand to your future

Do not regret in hell

Giving Promise to Care you

Between 50-60% of Americans donít have life insurance, donít be one of them

Beat the unfortunate with our policy

We enhance the lives of people

Take a closer look at your life insurance options

A good friend is always nearby

Think better, insure better

Leave your future on us

Nonstop Protection

What happens when the unexpected happens?

A promise to remember forever

A new way of choosing and comparing life insurance policies

Life insurance isnít the most exciting thing in the world. Itís a tough pill to swallow. But when something happens, it will be there for youójust as you would do for those you care about

Life insurance that never quits

Because life can change at any moment

Like a Good Neighbor. State Farm is there

Nonstop life insurance

Whatever tomorrow brings, Iím ready

Go for a medical aid plan

Life insurance is the best way to provide financial protection

The best policy is a happy client ñ youíre covered on that

If you died today, what would take care of your family?

Buy or Die

Protection what you want

All Protection Under one

Life comes with lots of surprises

Beating the final exit

We keep our promises to you

A power that gives Freedom

Protecting your all life Downs under one roof

You has been Covered by __

A better way to plan for your familyís future performance

Protect what matters

Weíre here to help

Letís take a Life insurance

Life Insurance is like a parachute ñ If you donít have it when you need it, you will never need it again!

We are Farmers

Think Future. Think Insurance

Leave the Insurance to Us

Protect your legacy with life insurance

Better to be safe than sorry

Get a life insurance policy with (your company), a company built by people who believe that people have more to gain from life insurance than just financial protection

taking care of Important Things

Life Insurance: One less thing to worry about, one more thing to sleep well at night

With a life ahead of you, the road isnít always clear

When you have life insurance, you ensure your family can continue their lives without interruption, no matter what

Made just for you

We serving your life better

We fix a meeting between you and your tomorrow

Get a life and insure it as well

Weíve got a diploma in caring

Security without stress

We care Your Life MOments

Driven by the Best

Trust in life Insurance for when life truly matters

Discover a better way to plan for your family

Weíre a cushion to your fall

Security made a priority

Not only Insurance but you are also In protection

Get free quotes for life insurance from the top life insurance company in (your region)

The Insurance for All Ages

Continue the Good Going

Securing your Family for better Future

You donít need a license to live, but a way to protect it

Isnít it time you had more?

Because your health is too important to leave to chanceÖ

Life insurance is an important part of financial planning

The ideal life insurance

If you are without any protection, you donít have any protection

Get a Life, Well Insured

Responsibility is our Policy

Itís time to care

Beat the race of life

Get your loved ones covered, now

Protecting people is our nature

Life insurance can be confusing. That is why we made it a little easier with our easy to buy policies

Life insurance that truly fits you

My Goodness, My Insurance!

we wonít let you drown

For all your life insurance needs

We are the father of your kids after you

Enriching the lives of people, we touch

Enriching lives, Enriching Futures

Gets you back where you belong

Life insurance is more than money in the bank

Transforming tomorrow for better

Take a new Positive Step Today

We all have a future. Make sure itís secure

Weíre responsible enough

Think Future. Think Life

Why wait while there is time to act

Protecting your future

Insuring your Future Dreams

Transform Your life Today

If youíre paying more in life insurance than you need to, itís time to compare quotes

With the Help of insurance, you are Stronger

We canít put a price on peace of mind

Purchase life insurance as soon as possible

Add a joy in your Life journey

Guarantees for the if in life

Not having life insurance is equivalent to gambling with your loved onesí financial future

The Insurance that Keeping you ahead

The only policy we have is caring with responsibility

Donít gamble with your Ideas

Take away the risk and you can do anything

The best fit for every misfit of life

Let us help you see whatís possible

Life is uncertain. People are not. Our life insurance will always be there for you

Insurance for Everybody

Give your future in a friendly hand

A better way of caring

Pay Online for when you finally go OFFLINE

Itís good to be alive

Your health is our responsibility

Work in the present, think for future

Thereís nothing that can reduce the terrible fear of death except for life insurance

Life insurance is not about how much money will be paid out when a policyholder dies. Itís about knowing that you will be taking care of your family and loved ones if tragedy strikes

Weíre here when you need us

Protecting the ìNever knowî situation

Have you met life today?

For a better life

An insurance Policy that Cares

Donít crash without us better than the rest auto insurance

Trust us for the rest of your life

People are dying for Insurance

The best way to go is to plan for the worst and hope for the best

Its Early To Think about Your life

Our experienced agents are ready to help you and your family with a quote

Protect the things that matter

Itís time to expect more

Caring is just a click Away

Our rates and service are tough to beat

Letís start the day with life insurance

Get life insurance before life get you down

New York Life. The company you keep

Donít worry about your familyís future. Get a life insurance policy

Life insurance is not just for the rich

Never wish youíd saved

For the Happy coming

The future of life insurance

Try life insurance, the one financial product you need to protect all your other financial products

We insure the Quality

Caring your Family financially

Death is final, so plan ahead

If you have a job, then life insurance is a buy, not a gamble

Donít wait for the perfect moment

Make your assets safe

A friend in your unfortunate

Saving lives one claim at a time

Protects what matters most

Be prepared

I have good Brakes. do you have good insurance?

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there

Stop worrying and get securing

Protecting your family comes first

Being ëyoungí should not stop you from getting life cover

Passing the gift of life

Because life matters

Almost too good to be true

For a secure life

Expect a lot from life insurance

A day late and a buck short

Iím not done yet ñ you?

For every offense you encounter, you need someone to defend your life

We have thought of Crystal clear

Make your change for good

Providing a better view of tomorrow

Well Insured, Well Lived

We can save you

Because lifeís too short

Floating your future with an assurance

Partners after life too

Always be prepared for the IF situation

The joy of Insurance

Be prepared cause the future isnít always crystal clear

Arenít you dying to buy life insurance

Have you insured today?

Uncovering something special in insurance

Money is just a click away

Your support system

You work hard for your money, make sure youíll have it

Embrace life insurance protection

Have you met life today? The ideal life insurance

Be safe

Responsibility is our job

Life insurance you can afford

Life insurance is a low-cost service that protects you financially, emotionally, and legally

Protect your greatest asset

Building the bridge between good today and better tomorrow

Heaven can wait for you

Helping you to reach the edge

Your family deserves to be protected against unexpected events

Get a new life today

Your health, Your Wealth

Life insurance is especially important when your dependents are young

The need to protect loved ones against lifeís uncertainties is a preoccupation

The last thing you need to worry about

Fulfill your child every dream

Need Life Insurance?

A Finger of Insurance is Just Enough to Give Your Kids a Treat

Youíre in good hands with Allstate

Get A Life

The power to help you succeed

Nno one can protect your family better than you

Youíre in good hands

Get a new life

Take life by the reins and make it work

Keep your personal liability protection

How is your tomorrow?

We care. You just have to be here

We Do it just a little bit better

For lifeís little dramas

Forget the Nevers of your life

Life gives you more money for your money

A Day Without Insurance is Like a Day Without Sunshine

Life is uncertain

Taking control of your healthy life

For all the Nevers in life, State Farm is there

You have worked hard for what you have. Donít put it all at risk

Take a secure step

Stop gambling your life

Protect your income, not just your job

Lifeís long journey is happier with someone you know

If youíre not protected, nothing else matters

the ideal Insurance Partner

Did you know that 70% of the people who buy life insurance have general misconceptions about the product, leading them to regret their decision? Our solution helps you make an informed decision, plan for the future, and give peace of mind to your family

Itís at times like this

It does not get any better than thisÖ

Protect your family, put it first

Taking care is also a business

life matters

Tension, while you drive, can get over. Because we give you an interesting insurance cover

Less cost, more trust

We make getting life insurance a breeze

No one can surely predict the future. But we can protect it

Get umbrella coverage

The best things in life are those that can not be stolen or taken away

For a tension-free time

Did Somebody Say Insurance?

Without it, no insurance is complete

The cheap and effective insurance policy

Hire us as the lifeguard of your tomorrow

Assurance for the Ifs

Live your life and allow payment to protect those you love

Your priority is our policy

peace of Mind. peaceful Life

Helps people live healthy lives

Money makes the world go round. Donít spin in circles without it by being under-insured or uninsured

Find yourself better off in the long run

Life insurance may seem complicated. We feel it shouldnít be

We Touch you Insured

Life insurance for everybody

Feels good to be secured

We Plan because you plan

A Moments of Freedoms

keep good Going

Life insurance is the best protection from unforeseen events

Everyone dies

Good hands for Good life

We Care, You live

Weíre for P.P. (protecting people)

If itís okay now, it might not be tomorrow

a life full of celebration

We farm your future better

Safety and peace of mind with (your company)

Selling a Security of Living

Stop worrying and enjoy life

Our Business is to Care you

Protecting what you love is inherent

Security is a priority, not an option

life is Full of Drama, Insure it

Getting better all the time

The Company which Loves your Life

Prepare for the unexpected

Providing a mattress to your fall

Be life confident

Protection with a purpose

Taking care of whatís important

Assume nothing, expect everything

Other forms of insurance protect assets, life insurance protects people

We all have a future. Weíre just not sure how long it is. FamilyProtected

be Sure Enough

Life can be limp, but weíll help you take shape

We insure your life. Because you never know

Protection for all

Equally good for everyone

Protect your family so they have the things you wonít

Taking charge of your future

Donít just say that you care, prove it as well

We Serve You Dead are Alive

Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance

Consider us as your good neighbors

Protects everything you love

Weíre in the business of protecting lifeÖ

Be insured and assured

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