400+ Latest & Catchy Insurance Company Slogans

My Goodness, My Insurance!

Give your child an advantage for life

We are Farmers

Long live, feel better

We are charging the future

letís You Life make Happy

Get to a better State

Your Life Fully Covered

a Bridge to of value

The ìNo Problemî People

The power to live moreLetís Drive, Donít be High

Conseco. Step up

Aviva. Taking care of whatís important

We serving your life better

Take care of whatís important

Let disaster strike your today and nit tomorrow

Donít crash without us better than the rest auto insurance

You Know Us

We want you to know

Itís time to think about insurance

Protecting our Future Dreams

Ask about it at work

Be covered

The power to help you succeed

Life is good with an insured plan

Have you insured today?

Add a joy in your Life journey

Step up

Service leader in commercial insurance

Insurance is our Business

Insurance against regret

Protect your loved ones with well-crafted care

Relax. Youíre insured with Chubb

Together weíre stronger

Weíre here to help

Car is more than just Vehicle

We make our customersí problems our problems

We Go Where You Go

Weíre for P.P. (protecting people)

You are in safe hands

We keep your promise

Life can be limp, but weíll help you to take shape

Imagine the Secure Future

Enjoy the Life at Every stage

Take away the risk and you can do anything

The ideal life insurance

Caring You because your Life is important

Saving Money on Insurance is Great

Securing best for the rest of life

High Standard insurance for all

Got the power to protect your future

Live confident

Values that bind

Be responsible enough for your tomorrow

Better health, better life

Enjoy your drive

Cash if you die. Cash if you donít

Together we are powerful

We insure your life, because you never know

Insurance solutions from A to Z

No worries, weíve got you covered

Insurance for Everybody

Weíre Big, Safe and Friendly

Life can be limp, but weíll help you take shape

Insuring progress

Enhancing your today and tomorrow

Final exit can wait

We care, YOu know that

Weíve got you under our wing

Tension, while you drive, can get over. Because we give you an interesting insurance cover

Youíre In Good Hands With Allstate

A Better value of Better Protection

Guidance when you need it most

Did Somebody Say Insurance?

Strength, Protection, and Vigilance

You trust us, we care

A policy that protects

insuring your Joy Riding

We Care, You live

Insured love is true love

A moment of protecting the future

Caring you for better Journey

We know Money

With a life ahead of you, the road isnít always clear

Insurance Creates Sense

Buy or Die

A better way of life

Health, life, and wealth

We know you trust, so we care

A Business of Caring

More than protection

Fulfil your Childís Dream with Your life

Be Confident Enough

What matters to you

Get a new life, to your Ride

Have you met life today? The ideal life insurance

not Predict, Protect it

You are our priority

You are a human, and not policy, leave that on us

Securing your Family for better Future

I have good Brakes. do you have good insurance?

A policy that is made for you

For all the nevers in life, State Farm is there

Nonstop Protection

Our Motto is your better tomorrow

Think Future. Think Insurance

Your life is more important

The Company To Remember for Life

Making you forget the word NEVER

The Future Is Safe

For all thatís ahead

Amica. We keep our promises to you

Protection well Crafted as per your Need

Expect more, Care more

Insurance for the peaceful life

Youíre in good hands

Your health, your wealth!

The Future is COnfident

Fulfill your dream

Your health, Our promise

For lifeís little dramas

Selling a Security of Living

24/7 Online on Life

Life secured in our hands

Solving your Insurance Problems

Weíre big, safe, and friendly

We stand together in your thick and thins

Crystal is a crystal; clear and sharp!

Our Plans Are Based on Yours

Are you the ìno tensionî person

Farmers. Gets you back where you belong

protect you For better Futures

Quality is our policy

A Day Without Insurance is Like a Day Without Sunshine

Step up and meet life today

Protecting the unpredictable future

Live a Long Life with Protection

Protection is just Click Away

Weíll give you an edge

The No Problem People

Relax, we are with you

We are for everybody

Good hands that Care you

Things Happen After an Insurance

Just enjoy, leaving uncertainty on us

You can trust

Getting better all the time

The handmade care and protection

New York Life. The Company You Keep

We want you to live safe

Just Enjoy your Drive

Letís thrive

Let Prudential be your rock

No Options, just Security

Live your way

Insurance, to feel free

A perfect of your dream

Security is a priority, not an option

Everything counts. Everyone matters

The quiet company

Aflac. Ask about it at work

Insurance for everything right here

Our Priority is to Care you

Never Falls in the life

Your Journey, our Care

Ensuring every state of mind

Bottom line, a better value

Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance

After you die itís too late for life insurance!

Giving life to your vehicle

Keeping the promise

The Insurance that Keeping you ahead

Go Ahead. You Can Rely on Us

Helping people live healthier lives

Even if itís beautiful today, donít forget any no good stay forever

Take a new Positive Step Today

its your Goodness, That you Insured

Its Early To Think about Your life

We insure your life. Because you never know

Made just for you

We make everything simple

Taking care of whatís important

Insurance is not a business itís a responsibility

Be insured and drive safe

Life insurance is like a parachute

The policy that gives you strength

The moments full of care

Let not speed breakers make you fall

Enjoy your life journey

For all the Nevers in life, State Farm is there

We insure the Quality

Fly as high as you can. We have the lifeguards

Feel free and secure

Royal Insurance, Cheaper Rate

Get a new life today

Donít gamble with your Ideas

Always listening, always understanding

Save a life with us

Insurance Just Made for you

We only work for your future

Our business is healthcare but our customer is humanity

The Company You Keep

love them a little more and buy our policy

Get a Life, Well Insured

Without it, no insurance is complete

Itís time to expect more

Insuring Your FutureÖ Today

Giving your Peace of Mind

Disaster Strikes, Insurance Works

Keep your love protected

Caring is just a Click Away

Nothing is Certain, Except Insurance

Affordable rates, great services

A little Bit Better Then Others

Get Benefits, Get a new Life

Giving you happiness at best Rate

Stronger with secured family

taking care of Important Things

Cover your life Journey

Stop dating insecure, start dating insurance

You donít need a license to live, but a way to protect it

We protect not predict

Fulfill your future dream with us

Giving parachute to your life

Leave the Insurance to Us

Working for you

Live better, live ensured

Our service is on Highway Track

Make sense of it

Donít worry; your future is our priority

Life Insurance is like a parachute ñ If you donít have it when you need it, you will never need it again!

Thing Happens, Be Alert

Be prepared cause the future isnít always crystal clear

Be prepared because the future isnít always crystal clear

Sometimes, bad Stuff happens! Be Aware

The best at what we do

Good hands for the good life

Redefining standards

You know, we care

We are responsible

We need only your trust

Quoting your future

Life is not predictable, but insurance can be

Join us for a better tomorrow

Better Benefits at Work

The power to Care you

I can do this

Be Sure of better Life

The policies of care

For every offense you encounter, you need someone to defend your life

A parachute to your wingless fly

Want a new life?

Add joy to your life

increasing velocity of security

Youíre in good hands with Allstate

Trust us, We Care you

True love is an insured one

Itís fast, free, and secure

A Moments of Caring Future

We Do it just a little bit better

More care, less cost

Unlimited protection

Feel happy and secure

We donít predict, we protect

Metropolitan service is as local as Main StreetÖas close as your phoneÖ

Get A Life

We care Your Life MOments

We are your allies

Higher Standards!

Get a life

Go ahead. Go ahead with AXA

Protected future

Make sure you wonít regret in hell

We are here to save

A life full of Care

No one can surely predict the future. But we can protect it

Guardian. Enriching the lives of people we touch

the î no Problemî insurance

Charging the future

Every Car Insured

Peace of mind

A Finger of Insurance is Just Enough to Give Your Kids a Treat

Weíre responsible enough

Protecction for lifeís downs

the ideal Insurance Partner

ACE. Take away the risk and you can do anything

Be life confident

A better journey is yet to experience

Responsibility is our Policy

A safeguard to your drown

Insuring Over Fourty Million People Worldwide

Donít be that ëoneí who made the mistakes and wasnít prepared

We can save you

Bringing Protections to Life

We Touch you Insured

Get your life insured before it makes you unsure

We just care for you

Do not get beat up by lifeís uncertainty

Guaranteed Cover for all Driver

Your bridge to premier healthcare

Take a positive step

We have got a better plan for better tomorrow

peace of Mind. peaceful Life

Trust us with your life

The Insurance for All Ages

More of protection

Fly, we give parachute

be prepared For Future

Insurance for assurance

Allied On your side

Driven to be the best

The relationship company

ìItís at times like this that Metlife sets itself apart.î

Helping your plan for tomorrowÖ today

The Insurance Company to Remember for Life

Insuring your Future Dreams

Taking the risk out of your home, farm or business

A power that Protects you

We insure quality

Keep good going

We keep our promises to you

We live where you live

Weíre here for your Caring

Driven by the Best

Lucky , Your Crash is Protected

Live freedom

Insurance that is Perfect Fit

AXA. Be life confident

Your health. Your choice

We follow you for better upcoming

Weíll chase the recession together!

Royal Insurance, affordable rates

Live with peace of mind

BUPA. Feel better

Good hands for Good life

Do not adjust with your life

Joy of Well Covered

Our rates and service are tough to beat

Ensure your dream with us

Ready for tomorrow? Make sense of it with Norwich Union

First for you

A better decision

Life Elevated Well

The power of the Pyramid

You are the First

For better health

Who we are

Transform tomorrow

If there is Health, There is LIfe

A secured bridge for the secured journey

Be prepared

Get Met. It Pays

The home of life insurance

Beating the Ifs of life

A finger of insurance is just enough to give your kids a treat

We are here for you

Security is a priority. Not an option

Your caring is our Motto

The Company which Loves your Life

An insurance Policy that Cares

A better policy for Best protection

All your protection under one roof

Weíre here when you need us

The insurance for all ages

Together We are Strong Enough

Money is just a click away

Our services provide a secure future

For better Journey

A healthier you, a healthier community

The Last Coverage Youíll Ever Need

We cover your life

We care for your important kinds of stuff

We are for a healthier life

Your Life is in Our hands

Your Love is now Protected

We protect your journey

We have a policy of caring

Protecting Values through Insurance

If there is health, it should be insured

The only policy of not breaking trust

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there

Giving a life to your car

We Giving Insurance not Surprises

Your health, your choice

Gets you back where you belong

Live life without worries

Above all in service

Donít worry, drive happy

With the Help of insurance, you are Stronger

The home of home insurance

AFLAC. Without it, no insurance is complete

Insurance, peace of Mind

We have a mutual interest ñ you

Guarantees for the if in life

Your Future Protected

insurance is now more SImple

Be one of the ìNo Worriesî people

Do not compromise with the security of your loved ones

Our Business is to Care you

You can trust us

Feel secure

Be sure, not just insured

We build your dreams

Enriching the lives of people we touch

The future of life insurance

We protect the unpredicted

We go with you go

Weíre a cushion to your fall

Save money on insurance for better tomorrow

Youíre In Good Hands

Helpfulness insured

Have you met life today?

Feel better ,Live Better

Trust us for the rest of your life

We serve you

We have thought of Crystal clear

Enjoy life, we care about you

Enjoy the Freedom of life

Drive your car of life with our petrol

We do it just a little bit better

Let us quote you happy

Enjoy an independent life

A power that gives courage

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