Top 130 Latest & Catchy Food Safety Slogans

Have fast food, have fast diseases

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of

Food inspectors focus on acute contamination and ignore chronic internal food issues

Fast Food: Food 4 fools

Keep it cool is a golden rule

Eat food, not toys

Be food safe

You are the key for your food safety

Safety doesnít happen by accident

Risk Makes Sense

One of our favorite restaurants had pet mice for the children

Eat clean

Always check the expiry date

If it doesnít look tasty, it doesnít mean it isnít nutritious

A spill, a slip, a hospital trip

Always be careful

If you are going to eat it later, keep it in the refrigerator

Shortcuts cut life short

Make food simple and let things taste of what they are

Fast food = Junk food = Skunk food

The five second rule applies to all foods and all conditions

Safe food saves life

Chance takers are accident makers

Safety Smile Says ëEat Safelyí

Cook it with care, well done not rare

Because when it comes to accidents,

Nuke it or Puke it

Keep It Clean, If You Know What I mean

Refrigerate for safety

Fast food is the least safe of any foods

practice makes me perfect

Five times the flavor, at half the cost, is bad for anyone, but the boss

Your good health is your greatest wealth

To prevent a stomach ache, hygienic precautions you should take

Serving safe food it’s not an option it’s an obligation.

Donít touch the pot, it might be hot

Stay Alert ñ Donít Get Hurt

Guard himself as he may, every momentís an ambush

Avoid cross contamination in every state and nation

Take 5 and Stay Alive

Food safety first, forget the rest

Use that thermometer

Always wash your hands, pots and pans

When preparing foods keep it clean, a dirty area should not be seen

Food falls are one of the top accidents waiting to happen

Quality matters not Quantity

NO Junk Food: You have the Power not to Devour

Food is our common ground, a universal experience

Food safety first!

Donít eat it please

For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind

Junk food kills

Food safety, a responsibility to share

Wash your hands before you eat, whether its an apple or meat

You are the key to your safety

Stay away from junk food

I love fresh food

Celebrate what went right

Be careful not to eat too much of the food you inspect or you will incessantly get fat

Safety Is a Choice You Make

Fast food = fast death

Keep food safe

Plan ahead, always put safety first

Food safety involves everybody in the food chain

If you canít eat it ñ leave it!

Food response to our soulís dream as to our stomachís appetite

Prepare and prevent, donít repair and repent

The fly under the food may be a contaminant to some and an added protein to others

Get smart! Use safety from the start

Good food for Healthy Future

Fast food is fast-rotting food

Do your best

Food safety is the best policy

The Key To Safety Is in Your Hands

Your fast food can be your last food

Safety means first aid to the uninjured

But anyone can start today and make a new ending

Check the pizza dough for mop water contaminants where disgruntled workers are employed

Oral Safety ñ Itís up to you!

Better a thousand times careful than once dead

Junk food is INJURIOUS to health

Junk food can cause harm to health, which can washed out your wealth

Itís all about quality, not quantity

I eat to mostly put food out of my mind

Keep food safe from bacteria

No Safety, Know Pain

If u try to cook your food quick, you will get sick

Get serious about food safety

Precaution is better than cure

Eat whatís on your plant not whatís on the floor

Clean food, good life

Safety rules are your best tools

Not safe, donít eat

Food safety is gainful

Safety is our No. 1 Priority

Whether it’s peanuts or whether it’s cheese be aware of food allergies

Food safety and sanitation, for a healthier nation

Junk food, you must eat less, to prolong life and reduce stress

Be kind to ugly foods that offer great health benefits

High fructose corn syrup kills the liver, but who kills the people that approve its use

Safe food = Healthy food

Heat the food to the right degree, to make it healthy and germ free

When in doubt throw it out

Keep your eyes on safety

Food safety first

Safety is No Accident

Serving safe food itís not an option itís an obligation

Focus on food safety

Food quality not Food quantity

From Farm to plate, make food safe

The mice can live in the dough roller, the pizza oven, and even in the pantry

Keep food safe ñ clean, cook, cover, and chill

Safety starts with you

If you try to cook your food quick, you will get sick

Wash your hands before handling food

Great food for a healthy future

If you donít want to contaminate the meat, keep your kitchen counters neat

Whether its peanuts or whether its cheese be aware of food allergies

In the Fridge you should know, to always keep the meats below

The lower the fiber, the less safe the food

Food is the most primitive form of comfort

Give your children clean food

Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy

Eat it clean

No junk food if u want 2 preserve ur wealth bcoz health is wealth

You need determination to prevent food contamination

Safe food ñ be safe, be healthy, be well

All I ask of food is that it doesnít harm me

If you donít want to contaminate the meat, keep your kitchen counters neat!

Avoid future frustration, avoid cross contamination

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