395+ Catchy Funny Campaign Slogans For Student

Champion of the people

Achieve, succeed, prosper

Help me Fight

You’ve seen the best now choose the best, vote for _____

We like _____ yes we do! we’ll vote for her and so should you

Choose the best, choose _____

The people’s president

The people rule

Vote me or go home

Called to Greatness

If you want a secretary that is the best, vote for _____ to sort out the mess

I know I am a rookie but I am one smart cookie

A person that cares

It’s not YOUR fault it’s Your vote

Gifted Leader

Coming soon to a class room near you

Don’t flush your vote down the toilet! (with picture of toilet)

Popularity or brains… it’s a no-brainer… Vote _____

I’m kind and fair so vote for me and I will care

I wear my heart on my sleeve

Why wouldn’t you vote for _____?

You deserve better

Your Choice

Purpose driven leadership

Qualities of greatness

Don’t vote for them they don’t know what to do. Vote for me and I’ll make your dreams come true

Vote for (Opposing Name) (this is crossed out, but still readable) Vote for _____

I am one of you

Students Need Their Own Voice. So Make The Right Choice

Got _____? She does a student body good

Don’t gloat, put in your vote. Vote for _____

Justice for all

Unspeakable greatness

I will honestly enforce. Vote for _____

Vote _____ she is Hot!!

YOUR voice is MY voice. Vote for _____

Pay it forward

Turning ideas into reality

We need to respect the school rules

We like (your name) yes, we do! we’ll vote for her and so should you

Leadership with confidence Service with pride

Don’t Make her mad (next to a picture of an angry woman) Vote _____

Hi, I’m ___. Please vote me for _____

Vote for _____ she/he’s the one cause if you do we’ll all have fun

Proud of who we are

If you vote for me them you will see what a great Representative I’ll be

Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the best vote of them all? (put a picture of you in a mirror)

Counselor pick classes, Parents pick rules, thank goodness we pick who runs our school

VOTE _____ for freshman class PRESIDENT

Don’t pick your nose pick _____ for class president

Two, four, six, eight! Vote for _____ , don’t be late

Speak softly, carry big ideas

Make your vote for treasurer count. Vote for _____

She’s got the heart, she’s got style, vote for the girl with smile

Vote me or go to Hell

Make a note to vote for _____

Everyone says, _____ for Prez

Spread your time

I am not Good, I am not better, I am just the best, Vote me

Bringing back hope

You can count on _____

I pay attention so you dont have to

I will be helpful

Brighter days lie ahead

I promise that I will do something

Start the day with positive attitude

Have you wished for more ?

Dream big

When the going gets tough, I won’t have internal affairs

Cast your ballot, have you heard? _____ for student president, spread the word

Building a Road to Tomorrow

Don’t Be Hesitant. Vote _____ For President

Vote for _____ , the man with a plan

Getting things done

Speak out against racism, sexism, and other injustices

Oh, I just can’t wait to be King _____

Vote for _____ , I can talk the talk

Don’t be a fool, Vote for _____

Qualities of Greatness

Friends to all

You want something done _____ is the one

Keeping it real

You know where i stand

Heading in the right direction

The One Choice

I will do my best in every class

We need to stay in school

Vote for me, I’m not Obama either

We need to stay away from drugs

Vote for hope. Vote for _____

Vote 4 _____ I promise I’ll do my best I’ll never stop to take a rest

Trust GOD & Vote for _____

Vote with your heart

Join us

find out what’s poppin by chewsing (your name) for (position)

Open your mind, improve your school

You’ll flip for _____

Our destiny awaits

Free Drinks on me. (Hang over water fountain)

Vote for me vote like you mean it

Cast your ballot, have you heard? _____ for social secretary, spread the word

You mean you didn’t vote for _____

Everyone is someone

Hometown pride

Vote for Me, I’ll set you free

Together we win

Vote for me, otherwise I’ll lose again

Invest your vote with me and reap the rewards of leadership

Choose me to Rule

Don’t be shy give _____ a try

Good Choice

Open your mind, Improve your school

Vote 4 _____ . I promise I’ll do my best I’ll never stop to take a rest

Leaders tomorrow, student council today

I am nobody.. nobody id perfect.. therefore i am perfect.. vote for _____

Very good leadership

Vote for me to set you free

Vote me or only me

The time is NOW! the situation is here! Vote for _____

Vote for _____ she’s a smart cookie

The open door

Victory for the people

I respect your choice

Don’t be afraid to try something new

If you want the best, you gotta vote for the best -I’m _____ and I approve this message

Choose a leader for a change

I mustache you to vote for me! (with picture of mustache)

I am nobody. nobody is perfect. therefore, I am perfect. vote for _____

Do good things for others

We need to do our homework

Student Council Needs _____

Vote for _____ She/he will run for you! (put a stick figure with the persons face on it running)

Full of good ideas

Making the world a better place

Stranger to no one

Don’t throw your vote away, vote for _____ today

Vote for _____ , he’s the one, give him your votes, he’ll get things done

Make good choices

Take a stand! The results will be grand

I may be small but I can do it all. Vote for _____

Don’t repeat your mistake, Vote for _____

_____, one name, one legend

Be committed

Bank on me. Will treasure your vote

Stache our vote for _____ -add a picture of mustache

Like a good neighbor _____ is there

Don’t waste your Vote, Vote for _____

Don’t give up

We are the future

Peace through strength

Vote for me, a busy bee


Extra extra read all about it! _____ is running for _____ and we gotta shout it

Vote for _____ She won’t raise taxes

Vote for _____ or my father will hear of this

Many people agree, Vote _____ For VP

Failure is not an option

Change for the better

Go the extra mile vote _____ for (Position) and I guarantee he`ll/she`ll make you smile

Safety First

_____: Because you’re worth it

Like a good Friend, _____ is there

Vote for her, she’ll get things done the write way

Try it. You might like it

Don’t gloat, put in your vote, Vote for _____

Imagine something better,

Some people are worth voting for

Your mind says no, but your heart says yes

I may be small but i can do it all

Working hard for you

Dependable Leadership

Together everyone achieves more

Seeing the big picture

We dare to dream

Decisions you can trust

Its time for a change

Don’t be shy, Give _____ a try

Don’t do modesty unless you have earned it

I’ve got your back

I don’t hear voices…. I AM the voice. Vote _____ for (Position)

If you can dream it, we’ll achieve it

Your future awaits

I’d give you all cookies if I had any

We take care of our own

Want life to go your way? Vote _____ today

Take what you need and Vote _____

2-4-6-8 vote for _____ don’t hesitate

Fostering the people

Make no mistake, vote for _____

I know this might be cheesy but voting for _____ is really easy

Mom says avoid girls & Vote for _____

Always ready, always vice president

Just keep voting, just keep voting _____ for (position)

Don’t rock the boat. Vote for incumbent _____

Be proud

Markers: $5.99, Posters: $4.99, ( _____ ) on Student Council: Priceless

Your education, your life, your school, our time is now

We make a difference

Work together to make our voices heard

A vote works wonders. Vote for _____

We need to respect each other

I am good at looking busy

Don’t be a fake, vote for _____

Don’t be a loser, be a chooser

Before cry vote for _____

I’m the best thing that’s ever going to happen to this school damn it

Take a field trip to tomorrow

The write choice for secretary

You’ve Seen the Rest! Now Vote for The Best

The best, forget the rest

You never know till you try

(Hang up a small mirror) Look who’s voting for _____

Courage to act

Keep Calm and vote for (your name)

2,4,6,8 who do we designate?

I may be small, but I’ve got it all. I’ll fight without rest, put me to the test. Vote for _____

Don’t be shy, close your eyes and try

I will be honest

Go with the flow don’t be slow vote _____

Trusted by everyone

I don’t just speak the change I make the change

Vote for _____ to get things done

Going Farther

Shut up & Vote for _____

Honesty is my middle name

Giving you the choice

Service with a Smile

vote for _____ shes a smart cookie

If you vote for me, I’ll give you cookies. Well, I’ll give them to you either way, but you should still vote for me

Making a difference

Walk tall and Vote for _____

It takes a lot to lead another person

Learning to teach change

Don’t repeat your mistake

I pay attention so you don’t have to

Vote for me and you will see how great of a president I can be

The future is bright, the future is _____

You won’t be sorry you voted for _____

I’m small like a mouse, but I’m a power house

If girls want my kiss, vote for _____

No need to sweat, Vote for someone you won’t regret, vote _____

I’m thinking what you’re thinking

Vote me and get a free hug

Faster, Better, Stronger

Vote for the best so you won’t be stressed

New standard for excellence

Don’t be wrong, Be just right

Deep hugs for Vote

_____ says vote for me and changes you’ll see

Vote for me, I’m not Trump either

Vote for me I’m the right choice, vote for me I’ll be your voice

If you will vote for me within the hour I will turnover my power Vote for _____

Fix this school with

A promise made is a promise kept

Here to Serve you

Oh, I say! – invest in _____ today

Vote for the best, leave the rest

Take the plunge

Why not?

Vote for _____ Real deal!

Your voice on council

Helping the world since 20__

Use your Vote wisely

We need to participate in sports

Vote (Your name) for (what your running for), because life is too short to have a bad student government

Vote for HOPE, Vote for CHANGE

Night or day, secretary _____ is your way

I am Nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefor I am perfect

We like _____

Uncommon Leadership

Victoria’s real secret: she votes for _____

Share your knowledge

For Success Choose The Best

Vote for me, _____ and you”ll go WEE

You should vote for me because I have boobies

Students Need Their Own Voice. So, Make the Right Choice

Vote For _____ – Common Sense For An Uncommon Time

Discover the Possibilities

Love your girlfriend & Vote for _____

I’m the best thing since sliced bread

Be creative

Experienced Leadership

Strike Gold

Don’t settle for less. Vote for _____ , he/she’s the best

Mirror Mirror on the wall _____ is the best of all

Awesome people will Vote for _____

Great ideas

Leadership is intentional influence

Hey girls, I want you to Vote for _____

Bringing hope back

The dream lives on

Promote unity and acceptance in our school

Don’t be stressed! You’ve got the best

If you want the best, you gotta vote for the best -I’m (famous person) and I approve this message

_____ born for good deeds

The girl with the SMILE will go the extra MILE

Leadership you can trust

_____ The best, Forget the rest

Think locally

Your Education, Your Life, Your School, Our Time Is Now

A vote for me means success for us all

I will respect myself and others

My name is _____ and I’m here to serve you. Vote for me and I won’t desert you

Make Someone Happy. Vote for _____

_____ is the right choice, go ahead, raise your voice

If voting for me is Wrong, then you don’t want to be Right

Respect your parents

If you vote for me I promise that I will do something

Make a difference

Be happy

Count on someone who can count, _____ for treasurer

Don’t be shy, give _____ a try

Take responsibility for yourself and your actions

Keep on Keeping on

Giving the middle class their lunch money back

I’m very clever, but not scary. Vote for me for secretary

Make the right choice

Get fresh ideas from a freshman: _____

Today, the school, tomorrow – the world. Vote for _____

Change will come when you will Vote _____

Vote for _____ she’s yours today

Getting results

Hope, Change, and Progress

Vote for me, it’s my only plea

Catch of the day (Next to a picture of your face on a fish)

Infinite possibilities

Freshman dreams come true when you VOTE _____

Be a leader

Speaking with actions

A Vote for Me is a Vote for You, Vote _____ to Represent You

YOUR voice. YOUR choice. Vote _____ today

Chews _____ for student council president! (Put gum packages and bubbles on your poster)

Get your hands dirty

The power of ideas

Keeping your ideas in mind

She’s not popular so she has time for student council

Hey peeps, Vote for _____

Never fear _____ is here!

Be a pal, vote for this gal

Growing. Serving

Vote for _____ , the man with the plan

We need to be kind and helpful

Never tell everything you understand

Choosy people will Choose _____

Excellence personified

When put to the test, I will be the best

Improve yourself and help others to improve themselves as well

Making the world a better place since _____

Work hard, but play hard too

Show me the money! _____ for treasurer

My name is _____ and I’m here to serve you Vote for me and I won’t desert you

Mom says vote for _____

You want something done, _____ is the one

Vote for _____ , your Voice in Student Government

Respect others

Make your vote count because I know I can lead this class

_____ is the best, forget with the rest

Vote for me I’m the solution Don’t worry I won’t cause a revolution

Vote for the student for students

I will treat everyone with kindness and respect

Join the team

Learn from your mistakes

­­­­ _____ for Treasurer Honest. Fair. Everywhere

Never fear (your name) is here!

We love _____

We are not kids, we are our Future

Make thoughtful choices and stand up for what is right

Feel like you should have a say? Vote _____ today

Our girl is red hot, your girl/guy is doodly squat

Some decisions in life are just that easy. _____ for Vice Prez

The road to victory

If Voting for Me is WRONG, then You Don’t Want to be RIGHT

Will go the extra mile to make you smile

Vote for me if you want movies shown for every class

You need to vote for me at this time

It’s elementary, my dear voters, Vote For _____

Be the best that you can be

Building a road to tomorrow

Donuts, chocolate, pizza…. Now that I have your attention, Vote (your name)


Keep moving forward

Support your fellow students

Ready to Lead

Coming Soon to a class room near you

you want a guy that’s cool at the top of your school vote for _____

_____ The Best, Forget the Rest

Don’t trash your vote

We are taking over

If I won, I’ll give you a party

You’ve got the best, forget the rest

No homework!!!…oh, if only I had the power

Ideas to spare

Vote for _____ , he’s the man, if he can’t do it no one can

Vote for someone who cares about student rights and needs

Oh say can you see, that you should vote for me

Putting a plan in action to assure your satisfaction

Donut forget to vote for

Nothing to fear, Cause _____ here, to make this the best School Year

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