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Top 65 Latest & Catchy Flu Slogans With Taglines

Be like me, be free from flu

Get Your Flu Shot Today and Keep The Viruses Away

Don’t Give Bacteria a Free Ride

Wash Your Hands

Get Your Vaccine Today, Before The Flu Takes You Away

Don’t give a free ride to bacteria

Hold the HUG. Do the BUMP!

Don’t Be Blue And Get The Flu…Vaccinate Your Crew!

Wear a surgical mask if possible

Anything is better than the flu

Be a survivor for the flu

Go and pay your debt to the flu

Stop the Bug, stop the Flu

East or West, getting a flu shot is the best

Preventing the Flue, Starring You!

Get The Shot, Not The Flu

The flu is always injurious to health

Don’t let Flu BUG steal your personal days

Get the fact not the flu

Each Year We Face The Flu, Vaccinate So It Doesn’t Get You!

The Vaccine Isn’t Mean, It Will Keep Your Cells Clean!

You Don’t Want To Be Sick, So Get The Flu Shot Quick!

Don’t Sneeze on Me, Let me Be Flu Free

Beat the Flu bug. Get your shot!

Get Your Flu Vaccine, If you Want to be Clean

Cover Your Sneeze, It’s a Breeze

Who needs a Flu vaccine?

Get the Fact, Not the Flu

Man, Flu is real

Because with the flu shot, you will fight the flu

The Flu ends with U

A year of the flu shot holds the flu away

A Flu Shot A Year, Keeps The Flu Away

Be a Flu Fighter

Don’t be the Flu Virus Bait

Come Pay Your Due Against The Flu

I Got My Flu Shot, Did You?

Flu season ahead

Protect yourself, protect your loved once

A Little Pain For A Lot Of Gin

Don’t Let the Flu Sneak Up on You. Don’t Make me Squirm. Don’t Share Your Germ

Beat the shit out of the Flu

Don’t get cold, or the flu will possess you

Get a Clue, Fight the Flu

Don’t sneeze at me, let me be free from flu

Fight Flu

Cover Your Sneeze, With Your Hands

Don’t sneeze on me, let me be flu free

Don’t be blue and get the flu

Be Like Me, Be Flu Free

If You Knew About Flu, You’d Get It Too

When coughing or sneezing, use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth

Don’t be Bait for the Flu Virus

Cover your sneeze, it’s a breeze

Don’t Waste Fall By Being Sick. Get A Flu Shot! It’s Super Quick

Got A Shot? No Flu For You!

It’s a Breeze, cover your Sneeze

Keep calm and get your Flu shot

You Can’t Do What You Want To Do If You Have The Flu

Cover with your mouth, whenever you sneeze

Flu Vaccines Keep You From The Mean

Don’t Get Caught! Get The Shot!

Flu Season Ahead

For a lot of gin, a little pain is legit

Don’t give bacteria a free ride

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