133+ Latest & Catchy Slogans On Malaria

Be a Survivor in The War Against Malaria

Make malaria Buzz Off!

Net Profit

Say no to Malaria, Say it to all

Bites can kill

Stop Malaria Now!

Every Net Count

Assured protection every night

Kills bugs dead. Protects your family

Global Malaria Walk, Walking With Friends

Malaria Protection Starts From You

keep calm say no to malaria

One Walk For a World Without Malaria

A Walk To End Malaria

Where No Mosquitoes, There No Malaria

Keep Calm and Roll Back Malaria

Mosquitoes Suck

When You Have Malaria… Keep the Fever Down

Fight with malaria

Naturally better than the alternative

Malaria: A disease without borders

Malaria is a Buzz Kill

Take Malaria Down

It Only Takes One Bite

No more Malaria

I Love Eradicating Malaria

Keep the bugs at bay

Malaria: it’s not just for breakfast anymore

Fund The Fund For Malaria

Kill mosquitoes, before they kill you

Taking Steps To Prevent Malaria

Goodbye Malaria

Together We Can Stop Malaria

invest in the future: defeat malaria

Beware of the Bite

bite back against malaria

Take Back Your Yard

Counting Malaria Out

Don’t give them the chance – Mosquitoes Mean Malaria!

Malaria Ends with Me

Stop Malaria. Act Now!

Kills bugs & germs dead

Stop mosquitoes now!

Stand Up For a Malaria-Free World

Spray to Kill

Patch that net hole today, It may save you from Malaria tonight

Keep calm & eradicating Malaria ON

Fighting Malaria, Saving Lives

Malaria knocks you flat

National Malaria control program starts with our home

Don’t let the tiny beings win

Keep Calm It’s Not Contagious

Don’t Guess, First Test

Keeps bugs away from you

Don’t Give Malaria a Biting Chance

Malaria – No More

Fight against Malaria

Join the Fight Against Malaria

I’m Looking for You. Fever. Malaria

Keep the mosquitoes away

Walk Against Malaria

Dear mosquitoes, Go away!

Let’s Close the Gap

Imagine No Malaria. Our Faith in Action

fight today live tommorrow

Spread the word

Live & let live

The Ultimate Mosquito Trap

Invest in The Future: Defeat Malaria

Spray for protection

We Keep You Outdoors

Black Flag. Let it fly

End Malaria For Good

Mosquitoes are fixed, life is at risk!

Keep Calm & Eradicating Malaria ON

Mosquitoes suck

Defeat Malaria

Keep Clean to Clean Malaria

Fight Today, Live Tomorrow

Control your world

Refuse to loose

If They Breed, You Will Bleed

Sustain Gains, Save Lives: Invest in Malaria

Don’t be a dummy, Avoid Malaria!

Put mosquitoes in their place

Let Us Control Mosquito Menace

Live free

Mosquito Nets Save Lives!

Let Us Not Have Even One Case Of Malaria

Let’s Beat Malaria

Ending Malaria One Step At a Time

Malaria Sucks

Get out there

Stand up for malaria-free world

Keep World Malaria Free

Bugg off Malaria

Malaria protection starts from you

Achieving Progress and Impact

Mosquitoes : the serious killer

Stop the Malicious Malaria

Don’t guess, first test

Raid. Kills Bugs Dead

Bug Off Malaria

Stop Mosquitoes, Stop Dengue, Stop Malaria

Small Bite. Big Threat

Fight today, live tomorrow

It’s all you’ll ever need…

Malaria is Not a Game

Say No To Malaria, Say It To All

beware of the bite

Have a Bite to Eat, Stop a Bite That Kills

Spread awareness

Lace Up For Malaria

Keep your surroundings mosquito free!

Say No To Mosquitoes, Say No To Malaria

Don’t Be a Dummy, Avoid Malaria!

Take precautions

Invest in the Future. Kick Malaria Out!

Fight Against Malaria

The Unwanted Visitor

Got Malaria?

Prevention is Better Than Cure

No Mosquitoes means no diseases

Clean and stay safe

Don’t Give Them The Chance – Mosquitoes Mean Malaria!

No More Malaria

Stop the Hysteria, Stop the Malaria!

Beware of the bite

Step Out – Walk To Stop Malaria

Spread The Word, Spread The Net

Keep Calm and Say No To Malaria

Don’t let the mosquitoes brood

Malaria Knocks You Flat

Come Together to Spread Awareness Against Malaria

Bite Back Against Malaria

Conquer Malaria, Get a Bed Net

No ticks. No mosquitoes. Simply better

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