77 Doctor Pick Up Lines

If you want to spark laughter with wit, humor, and clever wordplay, then below, we’ve compiled the best doctor pick up lines that will make the person laugh, blush, and maybe even fall head over heels. So dont wait and scroll down to take your pick up game to a whole new level.

Doctor Pick Up Lines

1. Are you a pathologist? Because I can’t seem to figure you out, but I’m dying to know more.

2. Eating an apple every day won’t keep me away from you.

3. Is your name CPR? Because you just took my breath away.

4. Do you have an inhaler? You took my breath away.

5. Are you my appendix? Cause I have a gut feeling I should take you out.

6. You make me go from simple squamous to stratified columnar.

7. Are you Broca’s Aphasia? Because you leave me speechless.

8. Is your name Plastic Surgery? Because you’ve perfected the art of love.

9. Maybe you need a little Vitamin ME in your life.

10. Am I interested in you, or is it just blood sugar?

11. My love for you is so strong it can’t be dialyzed.

12. Is your name Rheumatology? Because you’re easing all my joint pain.

13. I hope that one day I will be your emergency person.

14. Are you a paramedic? Because you’ve got the keys to my heart, and I need a rescue.

15. Do you breathe oxygen? We have so much in common.

16. Is your name Radiology? Because you light up my world.

17. I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away.

18. Are you a phlebotomist? Because my blood pressure rises whenever I see you.

19. Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re Cu-Te.

20. Are you a chiropractor? Because you’ve aligned my heart just right.

21. Did you damage my cerebellum? Because I’m falling all over the place for you.

22. Is your name Dentistry? Because you’re filling the cavities of my heart.

23. I don’t plan on specializing, but you seem pretty special to me.

24. Are you a C-reactive protein? Because you have a-cute phase.

25. Are you a dental hygienist? Because you’ve got my heart flossed and clean.

26. Is your name Dermatology? Because you’re making my heart glow.

27. Doctor, my heart is broken and I am absolutely sure you can fix this.

28. Are you a dermatologist? Because you’re giving me goosebumps.

29. You can fill my caudate nucleus with dopamine anytime.

30. Is your name Appendicitis? Because I have a feeling I should take you seriously.

31. Is your name Gynecology? Because you’ve given birth to new feelings in my heart.

32. Are you a cardiologist? Because I wanted you to take care of my heart.

33. Are you a nurse? Because you just took my heart rate to a whole new level.

34. Are you a radiographer? Because you’ve exposed my heart’s deepest desires.

35. Honey, do you like water? That means you already like 80% of me.

36. Hey girl, you’re like a car accident, because I can’t look away.

37. Are you a pharmacist? Because you’re the remedy to my loneliness.

38. Is your name Anesthesiology? Because you take my breath away.

39. You make my heartbeat like a drop of epinephrine.

40. The way you talk to me leaves me aphasic.

41. I wish I was your coronary artery so that I could be wrapped around your heart.

42. Hey girl, are you a defibrillator? Cause you’re sending shocks straight to my heart.

43. This isn’t heaven Ma’am. Oops, I thought you are an angel.

44. Is your name Optometry? Because you’re the apple of my eye.

45. My heart beats only for one person…You and you alone.

46. Are you a dentist? Because you make me smile brighter.

47. Can I take your temperature? Because you’re looking hot today.

48. I hope someday to be your emergency contact.

49. Are you a pharmacist? Because I’ve got a prescription for love, and I think you’re the cure.

50. Are you COPD? Because you take my breath away.

51. Babe I want to dissect your brain to see if you’re thinking of me too.

52. Is your name Podiatry? Because you’ve got my heart toe-tally hooked.

53. Can you clearly hear what my heart is telling you? Your name.

54. Are you a urologist? Because you’re the answer to all my plumbing problems.

55. Did you alter my vestibular apparatus?! Because I keep falling over for you.

56. Girl, your chromosomes have combined beautifully.

57. I don’t want an apple a day because I don’t want you to go away.

58. Are you a chiropractor? Because you’ve cracked the code to my heart.

59. Is your name Orthopedics? Because you’ve straightened out my love life.

60. We should exchange our genetic information.

61. Is your name Nitrous Oxide? Because you’re making me feel high on life.

62. Can I be your ophthalmologist? ‘Cause I can’t stop looking into your eyes.

63. Are you an EMT? Because when I saw you, my heart needed immediate attention.

64. Can I take your temperature? You’re looking hot today.

65. Do you have SARS? Because I’d like to check you out.

66. Are you a psychiatrist? Because you’re driving me crazy (in a good way).

67. If you need a love doctor, I have like a medicated degree.

68. Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.

69. Are you a paramedic? Because you’ve got my heart racing.

70. Are you a surgeon? Because you’ve cut right through to my heart.

71. Are you a radiologist? Because you’ve got the X-factor.

72. Do you have protein? Because you have a good role.

73. Are you a cardiologist? Because when I’m with you, my heart beats irregularly.

74. Are you a veterinarian? Because you make my heart purr.

75. Call a code blue, cause my heart stopped when I saw you.

76. Excuse me, I think you dropped something: My jaw.

77. Are you a pediatrician? Because you’ve got the key to my inner child.

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