47 Insurance Pick Up Lines

Trying to impress someone can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re trying to score a date with the cute insurance girl. But don’t worry. Here we have the best Insurance pick up lines that you can use as your secret weapon. These lines are funny, clever and witty that play an effective role to show your interest in her without coming off as too aggressive or creepy.

So if you want your conversation started while breaking the ice, these pick-up lines on Insurance will make a connection, and hopefully, you will get your date. Enjoy.

Insurance Pick Up Lines

1. Hey girl, your eyes are beautiful. Are they insured?

2. Be my Beneficiary.

3. Hey baby, I can put you on my health insurance policy.

4. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but you don’t need disability insurance, right?

5. Let’s go to my office and go over some claims.

6. Girl do you have pet insurance because I’m about to smash that pussy.

7. I’m sure you get this all the time, but you look a lot like my next client.

8. Does your father sell diamonds? Because your script check was flawless.

9. Maybe we should talk about life insurance before it’s too late.

10. Do you like cats? Because your medical history is puurrrrfect.

11. I will be held liable for all bodily injury or property damage.

12. Excuse me, I think I dropped something. Oh, wait. Nope, that’s just your premium.

13. Is your last name Gillette? Because you’re the best an agent can get.

14. Does your insurance cover substance abuse? Because your not gonna be able to quit me.

15. On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you to meet this week?

16. I like Legos. You like Legos. Let’s build a relationship.

17. Does your insurance cover mental health? Because you’re driving me crazy.

18. Are you insured for sex?

19. I was blinded by your beauty so I’m going to need your name and number for insurance reasons.

20. I might have to ask you to leave my office. You’re making my other clients look bad.

21. Do you have car insurance? Because I never take it slow and I’d totally wreck you.

22. I’ll need to do some field investigation.

23. If you fall for me, this DI will support you.

24. Life without DI would be like a broken pencil: pointless.

25. I promise full coverage.

26. Hey girl, Can I protect you…for life?

27. I’m not trying to impress you or anything, but I sell disability insurance for a living.

28. Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do you want to see that quote again?

29. Movie stars give thousands of signatures a day. All I’m asking for is just one from you.

30. Can I take your picture to prove to my coworkers that perfection does exist?

31. Good thing I bought term life insurance, because I just saw you and my heart stopped.

32. I’ll need to do some field investigation onsite.

33. Do you have pet insurance? because i’m about to smash your pussy.

34. Don’t lie on your personal history interview. You wouldn’t want to mess with perfection.

35. Is your last name Campbell? Because this medical history is mmm…mmm good.

36. Your disability insurance policy is like pizza: Even when it’s bad, it’s good.

37. I may not be a genie, but I can make your insurance dreams come true.

38. I’m not trying to impress you or anything, but I sell disability insurance for a living.

39. Girl, you’re so expensive, my insurance is requiring a prior authorization before our first date.

40. You are all assets and no liabilities.

41. You probably are not under my premium coverage, but I am willing to take the risk.

42. Did you list “boxer” as your occupation? Because you’re a knockout client.

43. You have the cutest little deductible I’ve ever seen.

44. Are you a campfire? Because your quotes are hot and I want s’more.

45. I like the size of your benefits package.

46. I’m sure you get this all the time, but you look a lot like my next client.

47. Are you going to schedule a meeting with me, or do I have to lie to my diary?

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