65+ Funny Clam Puns That Will Make You Hy-pearl

Clams are one of the most popular animals on earth. They are found in the ocean, and they are filter feeders.

They are most commonly found in their shells, but when they’re not, they can be seen swimming around or even crawling on the ocean floor. Clams have a fully developed digestive system, which means that they can eat plankton and other small organisms that they filter out of the water.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Clam puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Funny Clam Puns

1. Don’t panic and stay clam.

2. The event led to clam-ity.

3. Let’s go clam-ping.

4. Clam-entines are a variety of mandarin oranges.

5. If I don’t get enough sleep, I can be clam-sy.

6. What do you call a clam taking a picture of itself? A shellfie.

7. Clams bury themselves into the sand for shell-ter.

8. What happened to the clam after his divorce? He had to pay abalone.

9. I can’t even begin to clam-prehend.

10. What did the clam do on his birthday? Shellebrated.

11. We clam-bed to the top of the mountain.

12. Ask the guy to clam up please.

13. He was so scared his hands were clammy.

14. Why do clams struggle to win court cases? They don’t have a leg to stand on.

15. Keep clam and carry on.

16. She clam-bered out of the boat seasick.

17. Did you hear about the clam that can play the violin? He has excellent mussel memory.

18. What happens when a mollusk gets afraid? They start to clam up.

19. What did the clam say to his wife? You make me feel so spe-shell.

20. One of the most popular mobile video games is Clash of Clams.

21. What should you tell seafood during an emergency? Don’t panic! Keep clam.

22. On a clam’s birthday, all the creatures shell-ebrate.

23. There’s nothing like s’mores and a clam-pfire.

24. Don’t clam the door behind you.

25. I’m as happy as clam be.

26. The most intense point in a movie or book is the clam-ax.

27. Greenhouse gas emissions cause clam-ate change.

28. Where do clams do most of their shopping? At the local mall-usk.

29. What does a mollusk do if they lose its luggage? Visit the clams department.

30. You need evidence to support a clam.

31. If you cross a dog and a clam, you get a Clam-ber Spaniel.

32. A clam’s favorite hip-hop group is the Wu-Tang Clam.

33. The sad shellfish was clam-enting about his fate.

34. Clam it.

35. If you cross a flower with a clam, you get a clam-atis.

36. We’re making a clam-back.

37. What is a clam’s favorite game to play? Hide and sea-k.

38. A clam-atologist studies weather patterns.

39. That’s an excellent clam-bination.

40. The pieces are clam-ping together.

41. Shellfish take photos with clam-eras.

42. We have clam-istry.

43. Just remain clam.

44. What did the clam yell when he was attacked? Kelp me.

45. The clam before the storm.

46. Wu Tang clam is a really good hip-hop group.

47. Why do clams never share their pearls? They are really shellfish.

48. It takes time to ac-clam-ate.

49. The clam went unnoticed because it wore clam-oflauge.

50. What type of beach do clams love to visit? Mussel beach.

51. I’m reading a new clam-ic book.

52. She was clam-oring for attention.

53. They hung the poster on the clam-post.

54. What is a clam’s favorite musical artist? Pearl Jam.

55. What song do clams play at their birthday party? Shell-ebrate good times.

56. A funny clam is a clam-edian.

57. The house has clam-inate flooring.

58. Why did the clam get divorced? He was too shellfish.

59. I bought a new clam-pshade for my bedside tables.

60. Use a clam-p to hold it together.

61. How did the clam travel across the ocean? A taxi crab.

62. We have a lot in clam-mon.

63. The clam always comes before the storm.

64. Why do clams struggle to make friends? It takes a lot for them to open up.

65. Be prepared for in-clam-ent weather.

66. Clam-ari is a popular squid dish.

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