90+ Call of Duty Pick Up Lines

The use of call of duty pick up lines is the best way to impress someone who shares their passion for the game. From creative lines to references from the game, these pick up lines show you humour and charm in a funny way.

Not only do these will lines help to break the ice, but they also provide an opportunity for meaningful conversation about the game and its various aspects.

Call of Duty Pick Up Lines

1. How many shots does it take to satisfy you? I got many reloads babe.

2. What class are you using? Because when I press select, you’re at the top of my list.

3. If you were a map pack, I’d download you.

4. Girl are you head glitching, because just your head makes me explode.

5. Baby, I just wanna place a tactical insertion in your bed so we could cuddle all day long.

6. You play call of Duty? ‘Cause I’m search and destroy that ass.

7. My dick is FFA, come get a piece of the action.

8. Hey, girl. Take off that ballistic vest, it’s covering up your two best attachments.

9. I know how to use my guns in any position.

10. Girl, do you have sleight of hand? Because I hear you give pretty fast hand jobs.

11. I am pro with both my game and my dick.

12. Are you a care package? Because you must’ve fallen from heaven.

13. Babe, I got wonderful aims with my barrel and I know how to use it.

14. All I have to do is press “X” to pick up a weapon. Does that work for picking you up as well?

15. Have you fallen from heaven? You must be a care package.

16. Wanna leave this lobby and go into a private match?

17. Sitcky going out. Sorry, you’re just that hot.

18. Can I Double Tap your bouncing bombs?

19. Be ready to be turned on baby. Call of duty pick up lines are coming.

20. Give me head after I land a headshot on you?

21. Even if you were wearing a ghillie suit, you’d still be the most beautiful girl here.

22. Darling, you are my true duty before Call of Duty.

23. Do you come here often? Or just because of bad spawns?

24. I’d catch a grenade for you… it’s ok, I’ve got FlakJacket pro.

25. Baby, I’ll hold all of the other girls off with my riot shield just so that I can be with you.

26. Girl, I got a hardpoint to show you.

27. Are you up for a little tactical insertion?

28. You are the only bomb that I don’t mind being blown up with.

29. So what do I need to do in order to spawn inside you?

30. Hey baby. You better have Tac Resist on. Because I’m about to give you a 9-Bang.

31. You might think it’s overkill, but I like to double tap.

32. My aimbot is strong for your pussy.

33. Hey, girl. I’m about to blast you from behind with my predator missile.

34. My favorite game or you? There is no way I’d be choosing that game over you.

35. Is your name Duty? Because I love to answer your calls.

36. You make me hard at first scope.

37. I am a straight shooter for your heart.

38. Are you a frag grenade, cause you just blew me away.

39. I am going to search and destroy your strike zone.

40. All map packs in COD lead me to you.

41. Call me a camper, because I will always surprise you from behind.

42. Let me know when you’re close, so I can use my blast shield. It was a mess last time.

43. Girl, you blast shield isn’t strong enough for millions of mini me.

44. Babe, I don’t need no scope to land some hits on you.

45. Darling, you are my number one duty followed by the call of duty.

46. I hope you have Blast Shield on because I’m getting Dangerously Close to KEMing inside of you.

47. How ’bout we meet at Underpass and I’ll Tactically insert you.

48. My love for you will never get nerfed.

49. Why don’t you come back to my place and get on my hardpoint?

50. I think something is wrong with my auto-aim. I can’t take my eyes off you.

51. Forget about CoD, let’s play my Game instead.

52. Baby, how about we go back to my place and I can drop a KEM in your Chasm.

53. As soon as you walk in the room, I got my LOS with you babe.

54. You sure know how to handle my grenades. I explode in seconds.

55. That’s not m60 nor Ak in my pants, I am just happy to see you.

56. Girl, I am going to search and destroy your strike zone.

57. Girl I want to capture your flag, made out of your undies.

58. That’s not an m60 in my pants, I’m just happy to see you.

59. How many COD points does it take to unlock you?

60. I must be a noob, because I want to use this tube.

61. Girl I’ll show you a Hardpoint.

62. You just made me shoot a MOAB in my pants.

63. Some thing is wrong with my auto-aim, I can’t take it off you.

64. You blow me so hard I am about to give you a headshot.

65. Full Metal Jacket is necessary for deeper penetration.

66. Girl, you are more addicting than my favorite game-Call of duty.

67. My favorite moment? Playing games like this with you. Never gets old.

68. I would run around the world for you… without lightweight.

69. Are you using hacks? Cause as soon as you joined this lobby I got a hardened perk.

70. Girl are you a flashbang? Because you are stunning.

71. Do you want to play with my grenades?

72. You blow me girl, like a C4.

73. Are you a weapon? Because I got my X to pick you up.

74. Girl, would you be interested to complete this Game Objective to unlock the new trophy?

75. Are you using hax? You made me hard.

76. I hope your head IRL is as soft as in game.

77. I’m emptying shells into you.. Let me pull out and reload.

78. You’re so hot, you warm my cold-blooded heart.

79. Do you believe at first sight? Or should I stop sniping you?

80. How about you join my party and I’ll show you my long barrel?

81. Girl, I want you bad no matter what your loadout is.

82. You must have the scavenger perk cause you’re pickin up my package.

83. Are you a newb in bed? I can train you to be pro.

84. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I rejoin this lobby?

85. Babe, I will always have enough ammo for you.

86. There is no way I am going to choose my favorite game over you.

87. You gave me hardened pro in just 6 seconds.

88. Oh babe you destroyed me in COD today? My turn to destroy you tonight in bed.

89. Bomb me with your boobs girl.

90. Babe, your hot body makes me wanna spray and pray.

91. Are you a flash grenade? Because you are stunning.

92. Is your Tac resist strong enough for my 9-bang? We better test it out.

93. Watch out girl, my predator missile is coming at you from behind.

94. I ain’t about KDR girl, the real deal is CDR, cum dick ratio.

95. If you were a grenade, you’d be a STUNNING grenade.

96. You so hot you are just a shiny blob of light in thermal scope.

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