55 Call of Duty Pick Up Lines

The use of call of duty pick up lines is the best way to impress someone who shares their passion for the game. From creative lines to references from the game, these pick up lines show you humour and charm in a funny way.

Not only do these will lines help to break the ice, but they also provide an opportunity for meaningful conversation about the game and its various aspects.

Call of Duty Pick Up Lines

1. “If life were a multiplayer lobby, I’d want you on my team every time.”

2. “Is your name Kill Confirmed? Because I’m ready to confirm my feelings for you.”

3. “Do you know how to dropshot? Because you’ve got me falling for you.”

4. “Excuse me, but are you a quickscope? Because you’ve caught me off guard.”

5. “My heart rate spikes like a killfeed whenever you’re around.”

6. “Do you know how to quickscope? Because you’ve caught my attention in an instant.”

7. “People say teamwork makes the dream work, so let’s make it happen.”

8. “Just like this game, you’ve got me hooked for life.”

9. “I heard you’re a sniper, wanna take aim at my heart?”

10. “This game feels like a victory lap every time you’re in my squad.”

11. “Someone told me you’re a pro gamer. Can I be your co-op partner?”

12. “I may be a lone wolf, but with you, I’d gladly join a squad.”

13. “Do you know what’s epic? Our victory dances after a hard-fought match.”

14. “You’re like a supply crate, always full of surprises.”

15. “I’ll be your teammate, always ready to revive you when you fall.”

16. “At this place, you’re not just a teammate, you’re my MVP.”

17. “Is your name Hardpoint? Because I can’t resist capturing you.”

18. “Are you a tactical insertion? Because I keep coming back to you.”

19. “Are we in Domination? ‘Cause I’m ready to capture your attention.”

20. “Playing with you feels like a campaign worth fighting for.”

21. “I think you are the kill streak I’ve been waiting for.”

22. “If life were a Call of Duty map, you’d be the objective I’d never abandon.”

23. “If I were a loadout, would you choose me every time?”

24. “I think you are the high score I’ve been aiming for.”

25. “Are you a care package? Because you’re dropping all the right signals.”

26. “If mission success depended on charm, we’d never fail.”

27. “I think you are the headshot that took me by surprise.”

28. “Did you just clutch that round? Because you’ve definitely won me over.”

29. “Could you be the host of this lobby? Because you’re definitely the center of attention.”

30. “My heart races faster than a sprinter in a gunfight whenever I see you.”

31. “This game feels like a victory lap every time you’re on my screen.”

32. “If life were a Call of Duty map, I’d want you by my side in every battle.”

33. “Do you know what’s tactical? Our chemistry on the battlefield.”

34. “With you, every match feels like a victory.”

35. “This game feels like a victory lap every time you’re around.”

36. “If life were a sniper rifle, you’d be my perfect shot.”

37. “Just like this game, you’ve got me hooked.”

38. “Are you a perk? Because being with you feels like I have an advantage.”

39. “People say you can’t win them all, but with you, I feel invincible.”

40. “Excuse me, but are you a care package? Because you’re dropping all the right items for me.”

41. “Someone told me you’re a headshot artist. Can I be your canvas?”

42. “Playing with you feels like I’ve found the ultimate cheat code.”

43. “You’re like a stealth bomber, dropping into my thoughts unexpectedly.”

44. “History will remember us as the ultimate duo.”

45. “I heard you’re a prestige player. Can I be your prestige emblem?”

46. “Just like this game, you’ve got me respawning for more.”

47. “Are you a supply drop? Because you’ve got everything I need.”

48. “This game just got a whole lot better with you on my team.”

49. “Someone told me you’re a quick reload. Can I be your ammo?”

50. “I may be a medic, but you’re the only healing I need.”

51. “Do you know how to no-scope? Because you’ve hit me right in the feels.”

52. “Do you know what’s legendary? Our potential as a duo.”

53. “Would you be interested in joining my squad and dominating the battlefield?”

54. “People say love is a battlefield, but with you, it’s a winning strategy.”

55. “Playing with you feels like I’ve activated a permanent double XP boost.”

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