97 Funny Beaver Puns That Are Hilarious to Read

1. If you cross a cow with a beaver, you get a beef-er.

2. A baby beaver is also known as a ba-beaver.

3. What did the sign for the party for beavers say? Beaver or be square.

4. It must beaver away by now.

5. Beaver-ly Hills – Where rich beavers live.

6. Knock knock! Whose there? Beaver! Beaver who? Be-very-quite, I’m hiding.

7. What did the beaver say when it saw it’s home on fire? Dam.

8. The beaver insists on eating all-gnaw-tural foods.

9. The beaver ate healthy foods to gnaw-rish its body.

10. What is a beaver’s favorite snack? Wood chips.

11. After spinning around, the beaver felt gnaw-seous.

12. A famous beaver is well-gnaw-n.

13. I stayed home sick with a high beaver.

14. The entrepreneurial beaver was known for in-gnaw-vation.

15. You must be a beaver because dam.

16. Beavers keep their money in the riverbank.

17. The claims must beaver-ifiable.

18. This is going to beaver-well.

19. A beaver calls its home ma-dam.

20. It fits the gnaw-rrative.

21. A beaver’s favorite singer is Justin Beaver.

22. I saw a beaver movie last night it was the best dam movie I’ve ever seen.

23. The beaver will only eat one type of noodle. It must beaver-micelli.

24. I’m only going to college if I can study one thing. It must beaver-ology.

25. What did the ocean say to the beaver? Nothing, it just waved.

26. I didn’t get a gnaw-tification.

27. He’s just a wanna-beaver.

28. A judge must beaver and just.

29. If you cross a bee with a beaver, you get a bumble beaver.

30. What did the beaver say to the tree? It’s been nice gnawing you.

31. If you repeat the quote, it must beaver-batim.

32. What do you call a lazy beaver? A beaver that doesn’t give a dam.

33. The beaver got a new car with gnaw-vigation.

34. I’m taking a gnaw-n-stop flight.

35. There was a domi-gnaw effect.

36. What did the beaver mention to a tree? It has been nice gnawing you.

37. Grab a gnaw-tepad and write this down.

38. Beavers are so chill. They just go with the flow.

39. A motivational beaver said, “Don’t listen to the gnaw-sayers.”

40. I couldn’t help but gnaw-tice.

41. The next door beaver couple got arrested for illegal streaming.

42. Beaver (Be there) or be square.

43. It was hard for the beaver to accept the loss of his newly built dam in the river. He was in de’Nile.

44. Beaver-y careful.

45. I’ll beaver in a minute.

46. Where did the hamsters invade the beaver colony? Hamsterdam.

47. It won’t beaver a long time.

48. Where do beavers sleep? They sleep on a river bed.

49. Why did the beaver need an alarm clock? It was too dam early.

50. I watched a documentary about beavers. It was the best dam one I’ve seen.

51. That’s not authentic. It’s a gnaw-ck-off.

52. Should it beaver-ticle or horizontal?

53. Do you know what a beavers’ favorite snack is? Wood chips.

54. I’m shopping for new clothes. They need to beaver-satile.

55. Beavers enjoys being in the company of a river because they go with the flow.

56. E-gnaw-gh is e-gnaw-gh.

57. The beaver got in trouble for illegal streaming.

58. A beaver’s favorite snack is wood chips.

59. What did the beaver say when he slipped in water? Damn it.

60. A musical beaver plays the pia-gnaw.

61. The beaver started boxing and gnaw-cked out the opponent.

62. The beaver said to the tree, “It’s been nice gnawing you.”

63. Why was the beaver mad? because no one came to his damn party

64. There are beavers across the gnaw-tion.

65. Beavers always get in trouble for illegal streaming.

66. It’s true to the best of my gnaw-ledge.

67. He’s gnaw-torious for his crimes.

68. She’s on beaver-ge of greatness.

69. What does a French beaver call his dam? Ma’dame.

70. Saturday night beaver.

71. Hey girl, are you a beaver? Cause damn.

72. What’s the worst part about being a beaver? It’s a lot of dam work.

73. The rich beaver bought a house in Beaver-ly Hills.

74. Be afraid… beaver-y afraid.

75. Santa asked the beaver, “Were you gnaw-ty or nice?”

76. I have a high beaver (fever).

77. Where do beavers sleep? On a river bed.

78. That beaver is a gnaw-it-all.

79. It was gnaw-nexistent.

80. Why are beavers so good at maths? They love log-arithms.

81. The beaver was gnaw-minated for an award.

82. The baby beaver sang a song about the river in a video for his friends. He had a good flow.

83. The hipster beaver denied swimming in the river. He said it was too main-stream.

84. Your best characteristic would beaver-tue.

85. Beavers can’t grab the door-gnaw-b.

86. Beaver fever.

87. That beaver gnaws something we don’t.

88. Where do beavers keep their money? They keep it in the riverbank.

89. Someone broke into the beavers home. Gnaw-body gnaws who did it.

90. Beavers are gnaw-tive to the Northern Hemisphere.

91. During the holiday season, beavers drink egg gnaw-g.

92. Giving someone flower could beaver-y romantic.

93. Did you watch that Beaver Documentary? It was the Best Dam Show!

94. Why are beavers always happy? They don’t give a dam.

95. What did the beaver say to the river? You can run but can’t tide.

96. Maybe tomorrow, but gnaw-t today.

97. The beaver’s writing a gnaw-vel.

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