99 Hilarious Airplane Puns to Soar Into Laughter

1. I put my plants in new plane-ters.

2. Do you know what to call an unusual tiny plane? A MIG-Jet.

3. I keep hanging car fresheners in my airplane. It really helps with descent.

4. I was just plane with you.

5. When a rubber plane lands, it goes, “Boeing. Boeing. Boeing.”

6. You can bring plane-ybody you want.

7. Airplanes take travel experiences to new heights.

8. I saw a policewoman wearing a pilot’s uniform. She was a plane clothes police officer.

9. What happens if you wear a watch on a plane? Time flies.

10. It was unex-plane-able.

11. There’s an ex-plane-ation.

12. You don’t need to give an airplane Red Bull. It already has wings.

13. An airplane that’s not working is a error-plane.

14. How do rabbits travel? By Hare-oplane.

15. What do you use to pack stuff for napping on a flight? A Nap-sack.

16. It happened jets-terday.

17. Why do Stormtroopers make the best pilots? They never hit anything.

18. What kind of chocolate do they sell at the airport? Plane chocolate.

19. We have plane-ty of time.

20. Ready to Fly

21. Why won’t airlines hire Peter Pan? Because he’ll never never land.

22. I wanted to build an airplane company, but it never took off.

23. A plane-y saved is a plane-y earned.

24. Airports only sell plane chocolate.

25. The passenger filed a com-plane-t.

26. What kind of shoes do aeroplanes wear? High heels.

27. What do you call Harry Potter in a plane? The flying sorcerer.

28. What’s Robin Hood’s favorite way of traveling? By an arrow-plane.

29. What did the football player say to the flight attendant? “Put me in coach.”

30. Walk the plane-k.

31. Meals during a flight are always plane and tasteless.

32. Stay in your plane.

33. It’s time to wing it

34. It’s the best on the plane-t.

35. They’re on the trans-plane-t waiting list.

36. May your heart soar high!

37. An airplane crashes onto an old cemetery. The police reports over 3.500 dead people.

38. Barbers only travel by hair-plane.

39. The airline offers a plane-sion.

40. I really wanted to build an airplane. But the idea never really took off.

41. My dad really wanted me to make paper planes with him. Eventually I folded.

42. My friend started a business selling airplanes. It’s really starting to take off.

43. There’s a new TV show about airplanes, but the pilot is terrible.

44. I had a plane bagel for breakfast.

45. Here Today Flying Tomorrow

46. Stick to the plane.

47. In the clouds and on my way to unknown things.

48. I don’t like in-flight meals because they’re plane.

49. One plane said to the other, “You’re so fly.”

50. Jets in case.

51. Where can you find Tom Cruise on a flight? In Risky Business.

52. Jet your things and let’s fly.

53. I threw my phone from the roof, and it broke. The airplane mode must’ve been switched off.

54. Things a pilot can’t say in a job interview: I’m down-to-earth.

55. The Sky is Calling and I Must Go

56. How do flat-earthers travel the world? On a plane.

57. I tried to sue the airport for misplacing my luggage. I lost my case.

58. To calm yourself during flights, just act like a No-mad.

59. What kind of bagel can fly? A plane bagel.

60. How often do planes crash? Only once.

61. You can make time fly by bringing a clock on an airplane.

62. Live and Let Fly

63. Why couldn’t the news reporter deliver her news? Because she went on-air.

64. Don’t be a plane in the butt.

65. Rabbits travel by hare-plane.

66. Space is plane-tiful.

67. We’re going to play plane-tball.

68. It’s Time To Wing It

69. It was a plane-ful experience.

70. Did you hear about the bad plane joke? It didn’t land.

71. The best is jet to come.

72. In court, there’s the plane-tiff and the defendant.

73. Fly-Hard.

74. What do you call an airplane full of bald people? Receding airlines.

75. I designed a rubber plane that is crash proof. It’s called the Boing 747.

76. Who was the first cat to fly in an airplane? Kitty-hawk.

77. No plane, no gain.

78. My son saw an airplane in the sky, and he asked me what it was doing. I said it was running air.

79. She’s a Plane Jane.

80. It’s Plane and Simple… I Love Flying

81. Take it with a plane of salt.

82. It was an ex-plane-sive trip.

83. This will help plane-t the picture.

84. A pilot should never be homeless…since he will look for a place to crash.

85. What’s a rimjob on an airplane called? Skyrim.

86. It’s Time To Change Your Altitude

87. It’s the plane of my existence.

88. Eat. Sleep. Fly. Repeat

89. The views from above are s-plane-did.

90. It’s plane and simple.

91. You’re plane awesome.

92. I have nothing to lose and a world to see.

93. What do you call a flying primate? A hot air baboon.

94. Why did the teenage airplane get sent to his room? For bad altitude.

95. I always bring a plane-ket on the airplane.

96. I was arrested for taking a photo of a landing airplane. I was charged with in descent exposure.

97. I’m snacking on plane-tain chips.

98. I live in the Great Planes.

99. How often do planes crash? Only once.

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