170+ Workout Affirmations for Your Daily Fitness

Here we’ve compiled the best and most positive affirmations on a workout that will remind you why you are doing the workout and boost your confidence when times get tough so you achieve greater success.

Workout Affirmations

1. Working hard increases my metabolism.

2. I’ve got this.

3. I give myself permission to rest.

4. I can achieve anything I want.

5. I can succeed. I will succeed.

6. I will not give up until I reach my goal.

7. The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.

8. I will not give in to weakness.

9. My have a fit and strong body.

10. I have to keep exercising to keep my body fit and sexy.

11. I am grateful to my body for working hard today.

12. I love the independence that comes with being strong.

13. Working out regularly makes me an excellent role model.

14. I will not stand in my own way while working out.

15. My body never lets me down.

16. This exercise is helping my body.

17. I am more than capable of doing this workout.

18. I am proud of not giving up.

19. I am excited and can`t wait to hit the gym today.

20. I will have an excellent workout today.

21. Strong is who I am.

22. My body will repay me for my hard work.

23. I am proud of my progress.

24. I feel better mentally when I work out.

25. I am not too busy to workout.

26. My body deserves to be taken care of.

27. My body grows stronger with every workout.

28. I’m guaranteed a great mood today thanks to working out.

29. Being strong makes me self-sufficient.

30. My physical and mental health is improving.

31. I am becoming the best version of myself at the gym.

32. I am crushing my fitness goals.

33. I am finding fun new ways to enjoy my new fit body.

34. Working out supports my mental health.

35. I enjoy going to the gym everyday and working out.

36. I can and will do this.

37. I am proud of myself for exercising regularly.

38. Sore today, strong and fit tomorrow.

39. I work hard to achieve my fitness goals, but at my own pace.

40. I am fully committed to each workout session.

41. My gym is a great place to be.

42. I am capable of achieving any goal I set for myself.

43. Working out sets me up for a fantastic day ahead.

44. My body is a temple, and I look after it every day.

45. Working out is worth it.

46. I love my new flexible and toned body.

47. I am committed to working out and eating healthy.

48. Making excuses burns 0 calories.

49. I am motivated and ready to lose weight.

50. My hard work in the gym is paying off.

51. I believe in my body’s strength and resilience.

52. I feel healthy and fit.

53. I am dedicated to reaching my fitness goals.

54. I am motivated to work hard in the gym today.

55. I’m improving each time I visit the gym.

56. My body wants better from me.

57. You don’t get the ass you want by just sitting on it.

58. The harder the exercise, the greater the victory.

59. I am determined to never give up until I reach my goals.

60. My mind is focused and ready to get in shape.

61. I feel blessed to be able to exercise.

62. Working out invigorates me.

63. I love leading an active life.

64. The gym has become one of my favorite places.

65. A little bit of pain while working out can lead to big gains.

66. I had an excellent workout today.

67. I deserve to be healthy and in shape.

68. I love how I feel after completing a workout session.

69. I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in.

70. Exercise reenergises my mind, body, and spirit.

71. I am filled with vitality and take pride in my body.

72. My body is changing and I love what I see.

73. I can go the extra mile.

74. When I show up, magic happens.

75. I am excited to exercise right now.

76. I feel motivated to keep an active life.

77. I will sweat now so that I can celebrate later.

78. I’m a powerful being and I can do anything I want.

79. My body achieves what my mind believes.

80. I am worth it.

81. My body is firm and lithe.

82. I am losing weight quickly but healthily.

83. I am only one workout away from a good mood.

84. I walk instead of drive when it’s feasible.

85. I am passionate about exercise.

86. I am stronger than how I feel.

87. I can and I will.

88. Keeping the weight off comes easily to me.

89. My fitness goals won’t work out unless I do.

90. I enjoy my body in every possible way.

91. I am strong in mind, body, and spirit.

92. Negative thoughts do not control my body.

93. Each day I am moving closer to achieving my goals.

94. I can do hard things.

95. Today I’m going to treat my body to a killer workout session.

96. I am not defined by laziness, self-doubt, or numbers.

97. I feel so exhilarated after my workout class.

98. I am proud of what my body can do.

99. Thanks to my daily workouts, I have a fit and sexy body.

100. My body is capable of the demands I place on it.

101. Today my body will become stronger.

102. I continue to stay motivated to take care of myself.

103. Getting in shape is something I can accomplish.

104. I can do anything I put my mind to.

105. I am determined to overcome any setbacks.

106. Having a strong, fit, and healthy body is one of my top priorities.

107. Going to the gym is today’s self-care.

108. I am powerful.

109. I feel energized and confident when I work out.

110. I am excited for my next workout session.

111. Good workout sessions will continue to happen.

112. My workouts are super fun and revitalising.

113. I can do anything.

114. I am building muscles every day.

115. I might fail from time to time, but I will never quit.

116. Exercising makes me happy and strong.

117. I adore what I see when I look in the mirror.

118. I fall asleep easily after working out.

119. I am enjoying this exercise.

120. I can do any exercise I set my mind to.

121. I am proud of my workout progress.

122. Every day I am becoming stronger and fitter.

123. When an exercise gets harder, I get stronger.

124. My body is transforming every day.

125. I am incredible.

126. I am going to give 100% to my workout.

127. I have never been healthier.

128. I lose weight every day.

129. The only bad workout is the workout that didn’t happen.

130. Every day my muscles are growing more resilient.

131. I give my body the rest and recovery it needs.

132. I am a healthy person and in great physical shape.

133. I feel energetic and motivated to start working out.

134. I deserve to feel healthy and content with myself.

135. Every day, I get stronger.

136. I am getting stronger with every workout.

137. My body is ready to exercise.

138. I will stop when I’m done, not when I am tired.

139. Working out relieves my stress and anxieties.

140. Yes, I can.

141. I feel fantastic in my body.

142. I am so grateful that I showed up for myself today.

143. I am confident about my health and fitness goals.

144. I am determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

145. I am pure magic.

146. My body is loving the challenge of a tough workout.

147. Hard doesn’t mean I will give up.

148. I have faith in my strength.

149. Being at the gym is fun and exciting.

150. Working out has improved my health.

151. I love what fitness does for my mind and body.

152. I feel energised and ready to face the day.

153. My stamina is improving every day.

154. I am determined to stop making excuses.

155. I am beautiful. I am incredible. I am whole.

156. I radiate joy and energy after exercise.

157. Exercise is rejuvenating for my body and mind.

158. After I’ve been to the gym I feel so exhilarated.

159. I am always motivated to exercise.

160. I am patient, and I know seeing results takes time.

161. I refuse to let my emotions stop me from working out.

162. I enjoy a variety of gym classes.

163. I love feeling healthy.

164. I love my body and myself.

165. There is nothing I can’t achieve.

166. I am passionate about all things fitness.

167. I look great in and out of my clothes.

168. I love working out every day.

169. I will transcend any laziness and self-doubt.

170. Even if it wasn’t perfect, it was enough.

171. My body is strong and powerful.

172. I am resilient.

173. I love trying out new fitness activities.

174. Losing weight comes easily to me.

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