350+ Catchy Travel Company Names Ideas

A good travel company name is important because it is the first impression that a potential customer will get about your company. It is the first thing that they see. And it should be catchy and memorable, but also professional and unique.

The importance of a good travel company name cannot be underestimated. A good name can help the business stand out from its competitors. It should be short, easy to spell and pronounce, and should contain keywords that are related to the industry such as ‘travel agency’.

A good travel company name can help in branding your business in the market. It is also essential for SEO purposes as it helps in getting higher search engine rankings on Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

On this page, we’ve compiled a list of cool and catchy travel company name ideas to consider for your business that will stand you out from other travel agencies in the marketplace.

Travel Business Names

Madison Travel Agent

Exploration Travel

Trendy Travellers


Mid-Life Journeys



Just Travel

Whisked Away Travel

West voyage Travel

Modern tourism

The World Of Travel

Triponly Tours

Star Business & Travel

Dream fliters Travel


ActionPack Travel

DayGlaze Travel Co.

High Tower Travel


Howard Commercial Travel

Dream casters



Solo Season

The Traveled Road

Dreamland Travel


Journey Avenue

SecretFly Travel Co.

Wanderlust Crooks

On Demand Adventure

Easy Go Ventures

Escotten Travel Co.


JostJerry Travel Co.


Fancy vacay

Travel Team

Travel zoom Tours

Campbell’s Travels


Vacay plans

Travel Glider Tours

Eastern Ethics


Passports Travel Planners

Happy Hooray Tours

Neon Fly Tours

Surofly Adventures

Elite 5 Star Travel


Hey!Buddy Travel Co.

Global Connect


Elite Vibe Tours

Quantum Sky

Incredible Vacations

DreamRate Flings

Travelite Tours

Get Up and Go!

Paradise Palm

Destiny Travel International

White Myth

NeonCurves Travel Co.

Corner Voyage

Outstanding Ocean

Ace Affinity Travel

Welcome Travel Agents

Adam street

Travel capital

BeOwn Adventure

First-Rate Flings

Travel To Go

Mayflower Travel Agency



Terra Travel

Earth Tracks Travel

Travel Company Names

Westshore Travel Corp.

Action-Adventure Travel

Speedy Travel

Travellopedia Travel

Trip It Travels

Groffon Tours

Travel Tree

JazzBungy Travel Co.


CityMiddle Travel Co.



Everything Under One Sun

Travel Corner Cruises

Lido Travel & Cruise

Open Road RV Rental


Travel Tours

WideWengy parlor

Joy Crew Tours

Happy Trails Travel

Hop In!

Flight Aware

The Traveler’S Lifestyle

Captivating Journeys

Journey ahead

Celebreya Travel

Push Button Paradise

Way Q Tours

Travel sense


Fantasy tours

Luxus Traveler


Homeward Holidays


Travels’ begin

Dream spirit

White Oak



BlueJake Travel Co.

Voyage Ventures



Breath taking Getaways

MadMoist Travel Co.


National Joy Travel

Eighth Wonder Travel

Hodophile’s home

One Click Travel

The Road Less Traveled

Wander lust Travel

Cityparade parlor

All Around Seattle

Flying Feet

BlissSky Travel Co.

EquiGood Travel Co.

Uptown Travel Co.

UrbanCrest Travel Co.

Travel Beat

Eastern Engage



Travel Easy

Best Travel Agency Names

Miami Air Agency

Flying floyyd

Scrutt Tours

Travelers’ Choice

White Pegion

Signix Tours

White Venus

On the Go Tours

Paladium Awatis

Travello Ten

Go See!

Explore Your World

FeelFly Travel

On Demand Vacations

Mountain Top Travel Co.

Travel Nest

Safe Travels Vacations

Lightwaves Travels

Good Trails

Travel fellow

New Global Travel Service

Travel Warrior

Wizz it Worldwide

Penta Travel

Upstring Tours

Tricton Travel

Urban Aero Tours

Fantastic Journeys

Sky Blu Air & Sea

Times Adventures

Fusion Flights

Angel Fly Tours

Speedy Getaways

Dream Big Travel

All American Vacation

Weekend Getaways

Dream Destinations Getaways

Off the beaten track

Right Flight Travel Co.

Holiday Hype

Ellence Travel

Instant Itinerary

Beyond Blue

Royalty Travel Systems

Endless Summer Holidays

Adventure Travels

Seaquid Travel & Tours

The Wandering Wayfarer

Fabu Flights

Unique Travel Agency Names

Big City Sightseeing Tours

Time Travel Organizers

Island Hoppers

Cossta Bay Tours

Global Getaways

Tremendous Trips

Travel Your Way

Spring Bing Tours

Travel Tube

Get Out There

Jet Setter

Travel Render

Life Of A Traveler

Up And Away

Charming Holidays

Hope Stone Travel

The Traveler

Travel Haus

Martin Mist Travel



RoadFeel Traveled


Out And Up

Life Changing Travels

Unpack And Relax

Thirst For Travel

Jumbo Space Travel

Triumph Travel Agency

Pegasus Private Travel Services

Capricorn Travel

Coastline Corporate Travel Co.

Flenzy Tours

Sunset Vacations

Temporary Travel

Travel Blogger’S Paradise

Travel To Live

World Wonders Travel Co.

International Adventures Travel

New Wave Travel

Travel Mate

Great Vacations Travel Co.

4 Seasons Travel Company

Safari Travel Services

Trizent Tours


Elite Exposures

The Travel People

Take A Trip

West Eagle Tours

Follow The Road

Traveler’S Envy

Catchy Travel Agency Names

Point B Travel Company

Travel Again

Travel Inc.

Be Boundless

Divine Travels

Travel Wnaderlust

Terrific Travels

Good Travel

Travel and Tours

America RV Services

Adventurous Travelers

Planet Vibe

Look American Tours


Eagle Tours

West Voyage Travels

CallonUS Business Travel

Eastern Travels

Travel Zoom Tours

Destinytion Travels

Time For Travel

Rustic Woods Wilderness

Make My Trip

Dream Casters

White Darlin

Carefree Caravanning

Now Boarding Flight Organizers

Elite East Tours

The Society of Travel Agents

Thorough Travel

North Curves

Born To Travel

Stellar Travel

On The Runway


Liberty Travels

The Vacation Connection

The Travel Shoppe

Elite Explorers

Star Travels

Happy Hour Travels

Blue Cloud

The Flavor Of Holidays

Give Me Wings

Dream Spirit

Wanderlust Travel Company

Great Escapes Travel

Nexxon Tours

The Urban Travelers

Creative Travel Agency Names

Route 66 RVs

Vacation Awaits

Guided Travel

Happy Jack’s

Fabu Nest

Travel Village

Memory Travels

Total Trip

Merlin Cloud

Great Axis

Where to Go

White Pigeon

New Realm Travel

Wetland Travels

Gloryday Travels

Where To Travel?

Destination Vacation

Smart Family Vacations

Yellow Wood Tours

Happy Tours

Tiny Hues

Start To Finish

First Elite

Totally Tropical

Magma Marine

Travel Matter

Relax Travel

Breath taking Vacations

Honeymoon Helpers

Travel Tricks

Takeoff To Landing


Scarlet Travel and Co

First Fly

Top Ten Travels

Jet Set Travel Services

Columbus Business Travel Inc.

Stepping Stone


Wise Trips

Where To?

Young Sky


Hope Stone Travels

Tempting Trips

Sunbelle Travels and Tours

River Land

Travel Leaders

Travel Rhythm

Getaways Gateway

Sites & Sounds Tourism

Pride Connect

Happy Quest

Shadow Travelers

Travel Series

Fairy Thread

Martin Mist Travels


Star Edge

Waters Travel Agency

Prestige Travel

What You Should Consider When Choosing a Travel Company Name?

A company name is one of the most important decisions a new business will make. This decision will set the tone for your business and help you establish an identity.

When choosing a travel company name, you should consider the following things:

  1. Is it easy to pronounce?
  2. Does it have any negative connotations?
  3. Can it be shortened or abbreviated?
  4. Does it sound professional or too informal?
  5. Is there any trademark or copyright infringement risk?

How To Choose The Perfect Travel Company Name?

Choosing the perfect name for your business is not easy. It requires a lot of brainstorming, research, and creativity. The name should be catchy, memorable, and unique.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect travel company name:

(1) Choose a name that communicates what your company does.

A name is a significant part of a company’s identity, and it is important for companies to have a name that communicates what they do. If a company’s name does not reflect what they do, it can lead to confusion among consumers.

(2) Consider using a geographic location in your business’s name for added authenticity and to make it more memorable.

Your business is based in a location that is known for something. This can be the culture of the people, a specific industry, or other features of the location.

(3) Avoid using personal names or words that are too common in other businesses’ names for protection against trademark infringement and brand dilution.

A trademark is a word, symbol, or design that identifies the source of goods or services. It can also be a slogan, sound effect, or other identifiers that assist in the advertising and marketing of goods and services. When a trademark becomes famous, it is called “incontestable.”

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