265+ Catchy Car Rental Company Name Ideas

A car rental business name is the name of the rental car company that you can rent a car from. A business name is usually short and easy to remember. A business name needs to be unique and easy to spell.

Here we’ve compiled the list of cool and attractive car rental names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Car Rental Company Names

Suman Car Rentals

Rent It, Ace It

Trendy Cars

Drive Like a Pro

Street Cars

Free Run

Rent a Wreck

Ride And Explore

Ace Car Rental

Active Cars

Cliff Car Rentals

Purple Car Rental

Elite Car Company

The Coach Host

Husky Rental Services

Vroom Zoom

Basingstoke Car Hire

Cheap Rental cars

Maximal car rentals

Aristocar Car Rentals

Car On Track


ACME Rent a Car

Axe Car Services

Car Designers

Professional Rentals

Joy Wheel

Ace Car Services

Bon Voyage Car Rental

Supreme Car Services

Hero Rentals

Book Your Ride

Rent Originals

Fast Rent a car

Your Car, Your Way

Enterprise Rent A Car

Fast Track

Gotta Rent a Car

Rent And Travel

Actual Car Services

A-1 Auto Rental

Riding Wheel

Deluxe Motors

Ride Safe, Be Safe

Car On Road

Interstate Drives

Hire The Best

Speedy Motors

Adventure On The Way

Anoki Car Rental

Luxury Car Services

Dixie Cars Inc

National Car Rental

Hire And Travel

Get Far Cars

Thrifty Car Rental

Elite Rental

Rent Your Car

Rent a Ride

Insta Drive

Happy Journey

Polygon Rentals

Go Drive Car Rentals

Blue Motors

Allrounder Rentals

Warehouse Rental

Car Tales

A-2-Z Rent-A-Car

Memorable Journey

Catchy Car Rental Company Names

Sense And Rent

Safety And Comfort

Rent a Go-Cart

Union Auto Rental

Impressive Drive

Exotic Car Services

Car Zest

Back Seat Driver Rentals

All Set Rentals

Ride Reasonably

Rent It Now!

Wave Cars

Instant Car Rental

Red Car Service

Need a Ride?

Max Car Rentals

Exclusive Car Rentals

Your Local Ride Share!

Station Wagon Rental

Ready to Go!

National Car Rents

Limo Bus and Party

Global Rentals

Simply Some Transport

Car Hub

Beta Car Hire

Alley Car Rentals

Uber Car Services

Car Reef

Insert Cars

Gone for a While

Eagle Rent-A-Car

Urban Car Rent

Car On Demand

Bold Arrivals

Red Carrot Car Rental

Speed And Time

Green Road Rentals

Speed Services

Pilot Car Services

Car Share

Shuttle Service

Car Shack

Frequent Traveller

Car Duck

Travel With Ease

Drive With Comfort

The Wheel Deal

Wheelchair Friendly Cars

Car Embassy

Fleet car Rental

Hexagon Originals

Easy Car Rentals

All Around Town Inc.

Motor Car Rentals

Easy Online Car Rental

Car Pro Rent

Car Web

Alamo Rental Cars

Wheels And Keys

Subway Rentals

Cars Today And Tomorrow

Airport Taxi Service

Car It

Helium Rentals

Spirit Car Rentals

Cool Names for Car Rental Companies

Able Car Rental

Alternative Mobility

Quick and Precise

Car Point

Self-Drive Car Rental

Drive It

Rental Central

Rent And Explore

Speed Up

Be Sporty, Rent a Car

Book Your Choice

Fly Car Renting

The One Hour Rentals

Trip A Long Inc.

Temporary Car Services

Rental Car Family

Space Car Rentals

Cherry Rentals

Sony Car Rentals

Universal Car Services

Vroom Originals

Tour And Travel

Easy Rental

Cheap Rides

Coyote Car Rental

New Car Rentals

Dream Cars

Come on Get a Rental

Jacob Car Rentals

Car And Care

Highway Car Rentals

Car Rental Centre

Travel Car Rentals

Your Travel Solution

Car On Rent

Rent The Best

Go Rent a Car

Pulse Car Services

Anytime Roadtrips

Aura Car Rentals

Luxury Car Rental Company Names

Star Car Services

Drive In

Drift Drive Car

Brook Rentals

Road Trip

Smart Renting

First Renting Services

Peach Rentals

Safety And Security

Prodrive Car Rental

Eagle Car Rentals

Drive Down The Lane

Hertz On the Go

Hillview Car Rental

Happy Drive

Take A Hike Drive

Happy Renting

Drive Mindfully

Ride Now

GoGet CarShare Pod

Foremost Cars

Pistons Car Rental

Wheels And Arms

Expert Car Services

Redspot Car Rentals

Zing Rent a Car

The Prestige

Spring Renting

Drive Buddy

Smooth Ride Rentals

Riders Rent A Car

5 Star Cars

Ace Car

Whitehat Car Rentals

All Star Rentals

Miles Car

Car Movers

Advised Renting

Focus Rentals

Lion City Rentals


Sunset Sky Cars

King Go Drive Cabins

Silver Car Rental

Elite Drive-In

Rent Line

Elites Rental

Unique Car Rental Business Names

Get there fast

Easy Drive Auto Rental

Affordable Leasing

SUV Rental

Beach Rush

Drive To The Peak

Carx Rentals

Arrival Car Rentals

Rent Everything

Eagle Rent a Car

Get Somewhere Faster

Car Fixer Upper

Innovation By You

Regal Auto

Alamo Car Rental

Zoom Car Services

Ride Slide

Where to Go?

Let’s Go Now

Going Places

Go Car

Rent Adventure

Ado Car Rental

Ace Rent-A-Car

Speed Up And Rent

Aspire Auto Rental

Spent With Ease

Rent Automobiles

Indigo Renting Services

Budget Car Rentals

King of the Road

The Road Ahead

My Car for Yours

Just for the Weekend

Get It

Arrival Plus Cars

Cars Now

Primary Car Services

Partial Car

Derby Car Rental

Drive Plus

Rent a Quarter

Enterprise Europcar

A-lister Rentals

Rent a Car and Go

Car Edge

No Hassle Car Rental

The Importance of Branding in Your Car Rental Business

It is important to keep in mind that your brand is more than just the logo and colors you use. It’s also the way you interact with customers, the services you offer, and how you present yourself online.

When it comes to your car rental business, branding is the key to success. It’s what you stand for and it’s the first impression people have of you.

Tips to Create a Killer Car Rental Name

Naming your car rental company is an important decision that needs to be considered carefully. There are many factors to consider, such as the location where you are planning on renting a car, the type of customer you want to attract, and what type of name will best suit your business.

It is important to think about these factors and research names before settling on one. The name should also be unique so that it doesn’t confuse customers and make them question what they are paying for.

When it comes to finding a good name for your car rental, you need to think about what the customer will say when they hear it. For example, “Car Rental in India” sounds a lot more appealing than “Car Rental in India Airport”.

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