65+ Surfing Pick Up Lines to Make Your Romantic Tide Rise

Surfing is one of the most popular hobbies in the world; as its unique combination of physical and mental challenges, this hobby has become a trendy pastime for many. As a result, it’s no surprise that pick up lines are becoming increasingly popular as a way to express love interests.

We know expressing your love interest can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. You can easily make your crush swoon with the right surf pick up lines. From using surfer slang to talking about surfboards and techniques, there are plenty of ways to show your love through surfing-related themes.

Surfing Pick Up Lines

1. As smooth as your surf, so smooth our journey could be.

2. Did it hurt when you fell from the top of the wave into my heart?

3. Is your name Summer? Because you just brought the heat to the beach.

4. With you, every day feels like a day on the beach.

5. Do you have a name or can I call you mine?

6. Are you a beached whale? Because my heart has washed up at your feet.

7. Are you a surfboard fin? Because you’ve given direction to my heart.

8. Hey, can I be the surf wax to your heart’s smooth ride?

9. Do you believe in love at first surf, or should I paddle past again?

10. If love were a surf spot, you’d be the one I’d always choose.

11. Are we lost at sea? Because I feel adrift in your eyes.

12. When I look at you, my mind goes blank and my heart beats faster.

13. Are you a coral reef? Because I am finding in you a world full of wonders.

14. You must be the ocean’s riptide because I can’t resist your pull.

15. Can I follow you home? Cause my coach always told me to follow my dreams.

16. Are you a surf spot? Because you’ve become my favorite destination.

17. My love for you is like a wave, it would just keep coming.

18. Are you a wave? Because I’m totally crushing over you.

19. Is your name Ariel? Because we mermaid for each other!

20. Just like the sea, my love for you is vast and full of mysteries.

21. Just like the crest of a wave, you caught my attention.

22. Are you a shark? Because I feel something electric between us.

23. Damn, If love were a surf spot, you’d be the one I’d surf with all my heart.

24. The way you handle your surfboard says you could handle my heart pretty well too.

25. Damn, If I were a surfboard, you’d be the one I’d choose for the ride of a lifetime.

26. Are you a surfboard rack? Because you’ve held my attention from the start.

27. If love were a surf session, I’d ride it with you until the last wave.

28. Can I swim in your eyes on a hot summer day?

29. Are you a surf shop? Because I want to be your favorite customer.

30. My love for you is deeper than the ocean.

31. Are you a mermaid? Because I’m hooked on you.

32. You got me tied down like an anchor.

33. Is this one of those rare blue moons? Because tonight just feels right with you.

34. Damn, If love were a surf report, you’d be the perfect conditions for happiness.

35. Hey, can I be the shorebreak to your heart’s endless tide?

36. Shall we exchange surfing tricks over coffee?

37. Let’s take off on a wave and ride straight into a date.

38. Is your name Dolphin? Because I’m flipping for you.

39. Are you a wave? Because I sea a future with you.

40. Is your heart a surfboard? Because I’m swept away.

41. Your smile must be a black hole, it just sucked me right in.

42. Are you sunscreen? Because I want to smear you all over me.

43. Are you a wave? Because I can’t seem to quit chasing after you.

44. If I were a surfboard, you’d be the ocean, and I’d ride you all the way to love.

45. Are you the ocean? Because I’m lost at sea.

46. Hey, can I be the surfboard to your ocean of dreams?

47. Are you the tide? Because I’m swept away by your love.

48. Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare. I thought I saw a dolphin, but it was just your beauty diving in the sea.

49. Like the ocean, I can’t help but get pulled into your tide.

50. Do you surf? Because you’ve just swept me off my feet.

51. I must be a sailor lost at sea because I’m drowning in your eyes.

52. Are you a surf break? Because you’ve created the perfect wave of emotion in my heart.

53. If you were a surfboard, I’d never leave the ocean.

54. Are you a surfer’s dream wave? Because you’re the ride I never want to end.

55. Did the ocean make you salty when they named you queen of the sea?

56. Are you a sea turtle? Because I’d cross the entire ocean for you.

57. You must be a riptide because I’m drawn to your pull.

58. If love were an ocean, you’d be my favorite wave.

59. Are you a big wave? Because you’ve swept me off my feet.

60. Do you have a map? I just keep getting lost in your sea blue eyes.

61. Are you the sun? Because you’re lighting up my world.

62. Can I be the board to your surf?

63. Are you a swim fin? Because I can’t go on without you.

64. You must be a surfboard, because I can’t wait to fall for you.

65. My board seems to like you, it gravitates in your direction.

66. Is your name Wave? Because my heart is swelling up.

67. Scaling these giant waves is quite easy, it’s your ocean blue eyes where I’m lost.

68. Are you a surf session playlist? Because I want to set the soundtrack to our love.

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