197 Best Softball Team Name Ideas to Win the Game

A softball team name can be an important part of the team’s identity. It’s a part of the culture of a team, and a good way to build a sense of team spirit that helps players feel more connected to each other.

There are many ways that people choose names for their softball teams. One popular way is to use the name of the company or business that sponsors the team, such as Pepsi or Nike. Another popular way is to use a word or phrase that reflects something about the players, such as “The Big Red Machine” or “The Mighty Ducks”.

Here we’ve compiled a list of 197 cool Softball team names to inspire your winning goals and come up with a unique name. Scroll down and select the best one. Let’s see what we have here.

Best Softball Team Names

Chimps With Sticks

Orlando Wahoos

Diamond Cutters

Home Run Hitters

The Soft Serves

Diamond Thieves

Bunt Cakes

Bat Intentions

Sweaty Balls

Grey Hounds

Silver Streak

Popup Weasels

Last Pick

Dirt Devils

Just A Bit Outsiders


The Grass Stains

The Tailgaters

Buffalo Breskis


Balk the Casbah


Silent Assassins



Viscous and Delicious


Cuties from the Block

Beerly Legal

Grim Reapers


Caught Looking

Queen Bees

Real Speedy Cats.

Red Hots

Hot Sparks

Inglorious Batters

The Man Buns

The Breaking Balls

Droppy Balls


Black Spiders

Angry Chicks

Rockstar Lifestyle

Game Changers

One Hit Wonders

Cool Softball Team Names

She Devils

Free Agents

We Got Beer

Ally Oops

Pitch Perfect

The Fury

The Prodigies

No Sympathy

Durham Dragons

Farmer’s Daughters

Scorpion Ducks

One Spirit

Multiple Scoregasms

Hit For Brains


The Lethal Pitchers

I’d Hit That

Pitch Slaps

The Screams

Balk Dirty To Me

The Drillers

Itchy Balls

Base Odyssey

Know Nothings

Cleats and Cleavage

Balk Stars

The He-She’s

The Tidal Waves

The Cereal Killers

Battering Rams

Walk-Off Warriors

Pitch Slap

The Loud Sirens

Adrenaline Rush

Trigger Happy Bunnies

The Guardians


Thunder Bunnies

Brokebat Mountain

The Swingers

Badass Softball Team Names

Hoochie Mamas

Brokebat Mountains

Wonder Women

Great Teams

Ultimate Invaders.

We Bruise Easily

Creative Choices

Saved By the Balls

Dirt Diamonds


Breaking Ballers

Black Panthers

Wild Stallions.

Batters Up!

Balk Choy


Dirt Bags

The Softies

Master Minds



Balls to the Wall


Mind Bogglers


Scared Hitless

Slapnut Magoos

Aces of Bases

The Ballbarians

Pink Panthers

Team No Glove, No Love

Sons of Pitches

Bat Guys

Power Outage

Beast Mode

We Got The Runs

Base Invaders

Balk Paper Scissors


Creative Softball Team Names

Aces of Diamonds

The Cyclones

White Wolves

Hammer Time

Basic Pitches

Dirty Divas

Cereal Killers

Good Names

Balls Out

Bambino’s Bombers

Silver Hawks

Just Bros

Batting Divas

Edmonton Snowbirds

We Got Swag.

Base-ic Pitches

Bullpen Busters

The Unknown Entity

Iron Spartans


Lady Panthers

Wii Not Fit

The Ball Hogs

Major Stampede.

Bunt Force Trauma

Wrecking Crew

Barbed Wire Baseball Bats

The DirtDogs

Heavy Hitters


Help Wanted.

Pitches Be Trippin’

Bakersfield Aggies

Off Base Ballers

End of the Bench

Silver Surfers


Balk and Key


Unique Softball Team Names


Bat News

Green Flashes

Balk of Ages

Breaking Balls

The Leftovers

The Elite

Akron Racers

Mad Monsters

Full Counts

Balkturnal Animals

Violent Storms

Bunt Monkeys



All Balls, No Chains

The Lionesses

Farting Ferrets

Real Speedy Cats

Abusement Park

The Untouchables

Mean Girls



Happy Dugouts


Smokin’ Bases



Ultimate Invaders

Those Guys

Bat Rage

Base Stealers

Tips on Choosing A Catchy Softball Team Name

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a team name. You need to find something that is unique, creative, and relevant to your team’s identity.

The following are some tips on choosing a catchy softball team name:

  • Brainstorm: Start by brainstorming all of your ideas with the rest of the team members. You may be surprised at what they come up with!
  • Think of an idea that is easy to remember and pronounce.
  • Think about what makes your team unique: What do you want people to remember about your team? Are there any inside jokes or funny moments that make sense?
  • Avoid references to alcohol, drugs, or politics.
  • Make sure it doesn’t conflict with any other team in the league.
  • Consider the audience and think of something that would be funny or make them laugh.
  • Make sure it’s not offensive to anyone in any way shape or form.

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