150+ Latest & Helpful Slogans Of Water Pollution

1. Say no to water pollution

2. Water is the source of life to keep it alive fight day and night

3. We all agree, save the sea!

4. Prevent excess flow to save H2O

5. Stop polluting water

6. Be the Solution of Water Pollution

7. One will live while not love however not water

8. To avoid diseases like diarrhoea , epidemic cholera etc , stop polluting water

9. Treat water right, it is your life

10. Don’t pollute water & stay healthy

11. Say no to sipping sewage!

12. Love your wife & don’t pollute water

13. Unite to search solution for water pollution

14. Stop polluting and rethink, do we have water to drink?

15. Join The Revolution And Stop The Pollution

16. Be the solution to the water pollution

17. Stand up against water pollution

18. Polluted water causes diarrhea to your kids

19. Keep our H2O good to go

20. Gloomy or Gay, Save Water Every day

21. Don’t pollute water; it will put you on bed

22. Be fair or the water will become rare

23. Stopping pollution is the only solution

24. Water is life, to keep it alive, fight day and night!

25. Love water, Hate pollution

26. Be aware and handle water with care

27. Its time to Think Blue

28. Polluted water = H 2 Oh No!

29. Fish don’t wish to be on your dish

30. Clean up your mess and keep the world healthy

31. Care for water, polluting is not smarter

32. Save the sea, save yourself!

33. No more water pollution

34. Stop pollution or the water will be as clear as mud

35. Care for water, polluting isn’t smarter

36. Go green & drink clean

37. Stop pollution which is that the resolution

38. Don’t drink the brown water

39. Water is to drink not pollute and waste

40. Clean water starts with you

41. Wait, stop and think

42. Water is life, take care of it

43. No pollution is the only solution

44. Pollute our water, kill our children

45. Cleaner water, cleaner tomorrow

46. One out of four in this world doesn’t have access to clean water

47. Without water life is rotter

48. Keeping Water Pure is our Duty

49. Keep calm & stop water pollution

50. Go green and drink clean

51. Don’t let the future die; keep the water clean

52. Industries must treat wastewater before releasing it

53. Don’t pollute the water

54. keep our lakes and oceans clean man!

55. Change your water, change your life

56. Be kind to our friends that dwell in the ocean

57. Make water resources freed from contamination

58. Consider the ocean your living room, and prevent it from reaching doom

59. Water: Not a Drop to Spare

60. I love clean water

61. Clean water = Healthy life

62. To prevent water pollution, we must try. So in future, we don’t cry

63. Water prevention should be your intention

64. Live long & don’t pollute water

65. Don’t waste clean water

66. Preventing water pollution is the only solution

67. Save the river and keep healthy your liver

68. Treat riparian right, it’s your life

69. Preventing pollution is that the solely resolution

70. Pollution free, what the planet needs to be

71. Love Water, Pure It Water

72. Lets find a solution and stop this Water pollution!

73. Pure water = better life. Don’t ruin it

74. Forming Pollution Is Easy, But Resolving The Impact Of It Is Difficult

75. Make a notion, save the ocean!

76. Keep Calm and Stop Water Pollution

77. Keep our oceans fairly blue

78. Water conservation is our mission

79. Kill pollution or it’ll kill you

80. Save water before it’s too late

81. Stop Pollution Quick, Don’t Make The Water Sick

82. Mission Pure Water, Its Today Need

83. Don’t let the future blow, don’t pollute the H2O

84. You destroy life when you destroy water

85. Water sustains life don’t kill it, or you will die too

86. Fight water pollution at right time before being late

87. The property method is however one ought to work everyday

88. It is the pollution, making the nature dead

89. No pollution is the clear solution

90. You are what you drink

91. Water has life, our life don’t pollute it

92. Poor quality water means decline of your health

93. Soil the water and spoil the earth

94. One can live without love but not water

95. Pollution free is the way to be

96. Don’t Sink The Drink

97. Water pollution is the worst solution

98. Keep Calm and Stop pollution

99. Save water before you see it finish

100. Let’s find the solution and stop this water pollution

101. Don’t be mean, keep it clean

102. Reuse the past, Recycle the present, Save the future

103. Conserve Water. Preserve Life

104. Prevent excess flow to save lots of binary compound

105. Stop water pollution and live a healthy life

106. Blood in the sea, caused by you, caused by me

107. Stop water pollution

108. Clean water is blessing from God, don’t pollute it

109. Kill water pollution or it will kill you

110. Remove the trash. Let the sea-water splash

111. Keep the water crystal clear or your kids will shed a tear

112. Say no to water pollution and lead a healthy life

113. Stop pollution, be quick; Don’t make the earth sick

114. Polluted our water, kill our children

115. Save water as each drop of water counts

116. The water you pollute will find its way back to you

117. Better Soil. Cleaner Water. Greater Profits. Brighter Future

118. Think Blue and go Green!

119. Take care of Me, I promise I will never be dry

120. Don’t let anyone to pollute the water

121. Water isn’t a unlimited resource , stop polluting and use cautiously

122. Remove the trash, let the water splash

123. Save water before you see it end

124. Water + Toxic = Trouble

125. Water: Don’t waste it

126. Destroy water , you destroy life

127. Let’s make Water cleaner for your childs

128. Don’t litter, Save Water

129. Make “No Water Pollution”, your new resolution

130. Don’t blow it – good planets are hard to find

131. Water degradation or Water Prevention?

132. Be apart of the solution, not the water pollution

133. Don’t be mean, keep water clean

134. Keep the water clean; don’t be mean

135. Pollution of water is worse than a slaughter

136. Want life or death, you choose! Stop water pollution!

137. If you pollute water you pollute life

138. To prevent yourself from being sick, stop water pollution quick

139. Don’t make the water sick, stop pollution quick

140. Wait and think, save water to drink

141. Stop the pollution quick don’t make the water sick

142. Polluted water prices a lot of to you each year

143. Lend a hand to save lots of water

144. Pollution free, what the world wants to be

145. When not in use, keep the faucet out of use

146. The sustainable way is how one should work everyday

147. Water Pollution is not just harmful. It’s deadly

148. No matter what’s your size, saving water is sensible

149. Destroy water- destroy life

150. Save water , the planet is in your hands

151. Four million people die each year due to water-borne disease

152. A clean water is fair

153. Save the fishes!, don’t pollute!

154. Save water as every drop of water counts

155. Stop evolution because it is inflicting pollution

156. Go green, drink clean

157. It is not fair for 25% to pollute 75%

158. When the Well’s dry, we know the Worth of Water

159. It’s time to realize, save water and be wise

160. Think outside the sink

161. Pollution- If You Don’t Kill It , It Will Kill You

162. Welcome to Pure Water Army

163. The solution to water pollution is dilution

164. Never make your water bodies a dustbin

165. If You Harm Today’s It’Ll Harm Your Tomorrow

166. Water pollution is a bad solution

167. No matter what is your size, saving water is wise

168. Lend a hand to save water

169. Cleaner water, even better

170. Water is the mater of all living things

171. Think Blue and go Green!

172. Water should not be green and slimy

173. It’s time to comprehend, save water and be wise

174. Be Blue, Be Pure

175. Make a notion of saving the ocean

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