Top 15 Catchy Slogans on Equality

Equality stands as a timeless and essential goal. And when it comes to its slogan, it rallies for change and inspires unity where every person is treated with dignity and respect.

From the powerful “Black Lives Matter” to the inclusive “Love is Love,”

we’ve compiled a list of the best and catchy slogans on equality that will empower you to contribute to a more just and inclusive world.

Scroll down and expand your knowledge on equality issues. Let’s see what we have here.

Slogans on Equality

Girls want to possess FUNdamental human rights.

March sort of a girl.Men of quality don’t fear equality.

Feminists are not anti-men. We are pro-human.

Ovaries before brovaries.

My body isn’t your business.

Normalize equality. Do not be afraid. Nothing trumps justice.

We cannot call anyone free when others are getting oppress.

I am a feminist. It is my superpower.

Just try dismissing half the earth.Let us take up more room.Love trumps hate. Remember Love = power.

Only weak men fear strong women.Our voice is the future.

Being a womanist is the fundamental notion that ladies are people.

No person is against the law.No mothers, no founding fathers.

If you narrow off, my reproductive choice am I able to stop yours?

My body is my right.My humanity shouldn’t be up for debate.

If you cannot trust me with choice, how are you able to trust me with a child?

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