Top 10 Catchy Civil Rights Slogans With Taglines

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is considered one of the most important pieces of legislation in the United States as it addresses equality for all and bans segregation.

This Movement was one of the most significant movements in American history. It brought to light, extreme injustices and inequalities that existed in the United States. The Civil Rights Movement was an important event because it changed how people saw America and the world.

In this post, you will find Top 10 Catchy Civil Rights Slogans With Taglines.

Civil Rights Slogans

Stop lynching.

Refugees welcome, racist go home.

Say it loud – I’m black and d I’m proud.

There’s a change gonna come.

March on Washington for jobs and freedom.

I’m a white agitator.

Deeds not words.

Free Angela.

Free all political prisoners.

All power to the people.

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