67 Painting Puns That Are Hilarious to Read

Paintings express the artist’s feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. They can be abstract or realistic. Some people paint to express themselves, while others paint to relieve stress. It’s an art form that has been around for centuries.

Painting can help you stay healthy, improve your mood and make you more creative. Also, the benefits of painting are many; it encourages creativity and imagination, helps you relieve stress, and even gets rid of bad habits such as smoking or drinking too much alcohol. Therefore here we’ve compiled a list of the best and funny paint puns that are a better way to improve your social media feed.

Painting Puns

1. Time to face the mosaic!

2. I’m a trapped peas artist.

3. After all is said and tone.

4. It contains his inheritance from the estate: A violin and a painting.

5. You are one art cookie.

6. All I’m left with now is a clawed Monet.

7. A rolling tone gathers no moss.

8. Eco-blendly.

9. Tomorrow is another clay.

10. Do you know what a painter draws before he goes to bed? Curtains.

11. Did you hear about the artist who just died? Guess he had too many strokes.

12. Blend the rules.

13. How do you make a paint can feel better? Give it a paint set!

14. So you know how a painter fights? He challenges his rival to a doodle.

15. Count to pen.

16. A clay in the life.

17. Which painter had the most bubbly personality? Philippe de Champaigne.

18. Why did the paint can go to the paint store? To get more paint.

19. Like mosaic to my ears.

20. Did you hear about the artist who took things too far? Guess he didn’t know where to draw the line.

21. Don’t chalk it till you’ve tried it.

22. And clay live happily ever after.

23. When does an artist put his paint away? When he paint-s the town red!

24. Why did the paintbrush go to the hospital? It had paint poisoning!

25. Get off to a bad art.

26. Which art by Da Vinci is never happy? The Moaning-Lisa.

27. Off to a flying art.

28. I don’t mind, you can tell me anyway.”

29. What’s a painter’s favourite drink? A paint-chai.

30. Why was the artist convicted of false murder charges? Guess he was framed!

31. Paint you glad to see me?

32. Eco-blendly

33. Why did the paint go on strike? They wanted more money for their job.

34. I got paint all over my pet snake once. I had to use Serpentine to get it off.

35. What do you tell a painter who just had a breakup? Brush it off.

36. Goin, going, drawn!

37. He has no idea what to do with them.

38. No-one understands me when I say I like to paint peas in a cage.

39. By no etch of the imagination.

40. Have you ever seen two artist cowboys having a dual? All they say is “Draw…”

41. A good beginning makes a good blending.

42. What does an artist do when he’s really cold? He puts on another coat.

43. How does an artist get inspired? By painting outside the lines!

44. What was the first thing the artist said on calling up his best friend? Yellow? W

45. What do you call a painter with a mustache? A paint-stache.

46. What’s a painter’s favourite fruit? A Canvas-berry.

47. I dated an artist once. They said I made their art grow fonder.

48. Let’s clay in touch.

49. You are one art cookie.Blended by the light.

50. He’s a little sad, but only a little, for they barely knew each other.

51. hat did Cobain say when he got too close to painting? Smells like White Spirit.

52. In print condition.

53. Why did Claude quit painting? Cause he was not getting any ‘Monet’

54. What do you call something painted by a tiger? A paw-trait.

55. Where do you hang a painting by a cow? In a moooo-seum!

56. Then, a few days later, a package arrives.

57. I don’t know what’s so hard about it.

58. Kick-art your day.

59. What’s blue and smells like yellow paint? Blue paint.

60. How do you make a paintbrush sick? Give it too much paint!

61. Keep chalking.

62. Mythical creatures are great artists. Their specialty is elf portraits.

63. What do you call a pig that paints? Pig-casso.

64. It’s pretty much worthless.”

65. That was draw-dropping.

66. Working around the chalk.

67. What do you call it when an artist messes up his work? A paint-take.

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