100 Egg Pick Up Lines

Everyone loves a good pick up line, and eggs make the perfect ingredient for a creative and funny one. Cheesy, or you can say dirty pick up lines related to eggs are the ideal way to make someone impress with your moves.

It will make the person you’re trying to impress laugh and show that you put some thought into your approach. We guarantee you’ll be sure to get your crush’s attention and leave them wanting more. So Enjoy.

Egg Pick Up Lines

1. “I’m an egg, and you’ve definitely scrambled my thoughts.”

2. “Is your name Souffle? Because my heart rises every time I see you.”

3. “You must be the egg to my breakfast cause you’ve brightened up my day.”

4. “Just like eggs are essential in cooking, you are essential to the happiness in my life.”

5. “You are the only egg I want to whisk to the dance floor.”

6. “You and I are like two eggs, inseparable in a pan.”

7. “Are we eggs? Because we’ve cracked the code of attraction.”

8. “I may be an egg carton, but with you, every moment is a unique and special egg.”

9. “If life were a breakfast menu, you would be the standout omelet.”

10. “Are you a boiled egg? Because you’ve got all the ingredients for a perfect date.”

11. “Our love story could be egg-squisite, let’s shell-ebrate it.”

12. “Do you believe in love that’s as enduring as the shelf life of a fresh egg?”

13. “With you, every smile is as sunny as the yolk in a perfectly fried egg.”

14. “Are you an egg, cause just the thought of you gets me all scrambled up.”

15. “Could you be the egg of wisdom that enlightens my heart’s understanding of love?”

16. “Can I offer you an egg in this trying time?”

17. “You’re my eggs-ample of perfect.”

18. “Is your name Omelette? Because you’ve got everything I want.”

19. “People say eggs are fragile, but our connection is as strong as a well-cooked egg.”

20. “You’re an egg, but not just any egg, a ‘spegg-tacular egg.’”

21. “I may be an egg cup, but with you, every moment feels elevated.”

22. “You and I are like scrambled eggs, better together.”

23. “I’m not yolking when I say I have strong feelings for you.”

24. “Can I be your egg cup? Because I want to hold you close in the soft embrace of love.”

25. “I may be an egg timer, but meeting you is the perfect moment of readiness.”

26. “I can’t ‘egg-spress’ how much I want to know you more.”

27. “I think you are the sunny-side-up to my mornings, making every day brighter.”

28. “Could you ‘egg’ me on in this game of love?”

29. “Your egg-sistence alone makes my day egg-ceptional.”

30. “Could you be the egg in my frying pan of love, sizzling with warmth?”

31. “Sharing eggs is great, but sharing a moment with you is even better.”

32. “I wish I could be the egg timer to your perfectly cooked moments together.”

33. “Just like an old-school egg timer, you’ve got me all wound up.”

34. “People say eggs are versatile, but your charm is the most adaptable thing I know.”

35. “Eating eggs is routine, but you are the delightful surprise in my day.”

36. “Could you be the egg of inspiration that hatches creativity in my heart?”

37. “I can’t help but crack a smile when I see you.”

38. “Are you an egg? Because I find you egg-straordinary.”

39. “If life were an egg hunt, you would be discovering the rarest gem.”

40. “I wish I could be the egg white to your soufflé, adding lightness and joy to our connection.”

41. “Can I be your egg carton? Because I want to keep you safe and close to my heart.”

42. “Let’s say we break out of our shells and have a crack at love.”

43. “Can I ‘shell’ you a secret? I’ve fallen for you.”

44. “I’m falling for you, and I just hope you catch me like an egg race.”

45. “Would you be my brunch date? Because every moment with you is a feast.”

46. “Guess what, we cracked the ‘eggs-amination’ of perfect match.”

47. “I may be an eggshell, but with you, every moment feels secure.”

48. “Just like eggs are a staple, your presence is a constant source of joy in my life.”

49. “Do you believe in love that’s as sunny-side-up as a morning with you?”

50. “Are you an omlette? Because you’re making my heart flip.”

51. “Are you a chef? Because you’ve mastered the art of cooking up love in my heart.”

52. “Our connection has been no ‘egg-cident.’”

53. “You’re the egg to my scrambled thoughts. Can we whisk together?”

54. “I feel like an egg without yolk, incomplete without you.”

55. “Would you be my breakfast buddy? Because I want to start each day with you.”

56. “If life were a breakfast menu, you would be the daily special.”

57. “Eating eggs for breakfast, but seeing you is the perfect start to my day.”

58. “If eggs represent potential, you are the realization of all my possibilities.”

59. “If egg yolks symbolize warmth, your smile is the sun that brightens my world.”

60. “Let’s beat the odds and whisk up some love.”

61. “I’m shell shocked by your beauty.”

62. “Our love could whisk away all the trouble, just like eggs in a cake batter.”

63. “May be our love is like an egg carton—filled with possibilities.”

64. “Are you a frying pan? Because I want to sizzle with you like an egg.”

65. “If I were a chef, you would be the secret ingredient in my recipe.”

66. “If life were an egg dish, you would be the perfect presentation.”

67. “This eggshell of mine is cracking with excitement whenever you’re near.”

68. “I’m ‘eggs-hausted’ thinking about you all the time!”

69. “I’m not ‘yolking’ when I say you’ve cracked my heart wide open.”

70. “My heart is like a nest, and you’re the egg I want to hatch with.”

71. “Are you a boiled egg? Because meeting you is a moment perfectly timed.”

72. “Let’s not ‘beat’ around the bush, our chemistry is egg-ceptional.”

73. “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you egg-gether.”

74. “Your egg-vibrance has me cracked up for you.”

75. “If you were an egg, you’d be an egg-quisite one.”

76. “Eggs can’t be beaten, but my heart skips a beat for you.”

77. “You crack me up, just like a perfect poached egg.”

78. “If I were an eggshell, you’d be the protective layer that shields my heart.”

79. “Are you a golden yolk? Because you brighten up my day.”

80. “Would you be my egg hunt partner? Because finding joy with you is my favorite game.”

81. “I’m the egg, you’re my yolk; we just complement each other.”

82. “If life were an omelette, you would be the most delightful ingredient.”

83. “My heart is like a scrambled puzzle, and you’re the missing piece.”

84. “I may be an egg in a basket, but with you, every day feels like Easter.”

85. “This egg is not hard-boiled when it comes to expressing my feelings for you.”

86. “This basket of life feels complete with you, the most precious egg.”

87. “Do you know the recipe for love? Because I think we’ve cooked up something special.”

88. “Did it hurt when you fell from the ‘egg’ tree?”

89. “Are you an egg? Because I’m ‘yolking’ around about how much I like you.”

90. “You are not just an egg. You are ‘eggs-traordinary’.”

91. “Excuse me, but can I egg-spress my feelings for you?”

92. “Do you know the secret ingredient to my heart? Spoiler: It’s you.”

93. “If life were an eggshell, you would be the gentle crack that adds character.”

94. “Do you believe in love that’s as versatile as an egg in a chef’s hands?”

95. “Are you an egg, because I like the way you ‘roll’.”

96. “If I were an egg farmer, you’d be the prized egg in my collection.”

97. “Eating eggs is routine, but you are the extraordinary surprise in my life.”

98. “You are the omelette of my dreams, filled with all the love and goodness I crave.”

99. “I would never ‘egg-nore’ you!”

100. “I’m egg-static to have met you!”

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