30 Watermelon Pick Up Lines

Watermelon is a fruit usually eaten in the summer and has been used as a symbol of fertility and good luck in many cultures. Well, it is an iconic fruit with many uses, but one use that you may not have thought about is that it can be used to pick up girls or guys.

Yes, you can start a conversation with your crush with this hot and cheesy watermelon pick up lines that will help you to make your crush fall for you. They are fun and unique and show your personality that you are confident in yourself.

Watermelon Pick Up Lines

1. “With you, every smile is as refreshing as a bite of watermelon on a summer day.”

2. “Do you believe in love that’s as vibrant and colorful as a watermelon feast?”

3. “Are you a watermelon vendor? Because you’ve just made my day sweeter.”

4. “This moment feels as sweet and succulent as a ripe watermelon.”

5. “Could you be the watermelon seed that plants itself in the soil of my heart?”

6. “Are you a watermelon vendor? Because I’d buy into the sweetness of our connection.”

7. “If life were a fruit salad, you would be the watermelon centerpiece.”

8. “Excuse me, but you’re udderly adorable!”

9. “I may be a watermelon enthusiast, but your love is my favorite flavor.”

10. “If life were a fruit bowl, you’d be the watermelon that steals the spotlight.”

11. “This moment is as sweet and satisfying as a slice of watermelon in July.”

12. “Is your heart a watermelon patch? Because I want to harvest our love.”

13. “I may be a watermelon lover, but your love is the ultimate flavor.”

14. “Are you the sun? Because my love for you grows like a watermelon in its warmth.”

15. “People say laughter is the best medicine, but a funny cow like you is even better.”

16. “My heart is like a watermelon—full of sweetness, just waiting to be shared.”

17. “Would you be the cud to my chewing, making every moment sweeter?”

18. “You must be a special breed because you’ve captured my heart.”

19. “Seeing you is like finding the perfect clover in the field.”

20. “Are you a watermelon carver? Because you’ve sculpted a place in my heart.”

21. “If life were a fruit salad, you’d be the watermelon that steals the show.”

22. “Are you a watermelon farmer? Because you’ve cultivated a garden of love in my heart.”

23. “Are you a watermelon? Because you’ve got my seeds of interest.”

24. “Could you be the picnic basket to my watermelon-filled date?”

25. “If life were a fruit basket, you’d be the watermelon that completes it.”

26. “You are the moo-st wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.”

27. “You are the moo-st important part of my day.”

28. “I may be a seed, but your love is the soil that helps me grow.”

29. “My heart is like a watermelon garden—blooming with the seeds of our love.”

30. “Could you be the seeds of joy in the watermelon of my life?”

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