145 Demon Hunter Names That Are Powerful and Strong

A Demon Hunter is a type of monster that can possess humans and use them as puppets.

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to have a unique Demon Hunter name. One of them is to have a name that is not commonly used so that your Demon Hunter name stands out. Also, the most popular reason for choosing a unique Demon Hunter name is because it fits the character you want to portray.

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool and powerful demon hunter names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Best Demon Hunter Names

The Whip

The Commute Murderer

The Stalker

The Mime

The Bruised Beast

The Cruel Gnoll

The Obsidian Doom Owl

The Babyface Slayer

The Streetlight Killer

The Sanguine Butcher

The Bedroom Murderer

The Tourist

The Naked Slayer

The Night Stalker

The Blood Painting Butcher

The Bomber

The Chaotic Nether Panther

The Whale

The Wanted-Ad Butcher

The Widow Butcher

The Baby-Sit Murderer

The Diabolical Shadow Buffalo

The Canvas Butcher

The Spectator

The Axe Butcher

The Awful Monstrosity

The Blood Spatter Butcher

The Sunday Murderer

The Dismal Deviation

The Scrapyard Murderer

The Tracker

The Pale

The Backpack Murderer

The Buzzard

The Claw

The Ripper

The Ragdoll Butcher

The Butler

The Highway Slayer

The Cold Tree

The Cannibal

The Monster

The Hospital Killer

The Man Eater

Catchy Demon Hunter Names

The Scissors

The Slayer

The Witchcraft Killer

Alonguard Sulthax

Ravenguard Ssaedax

The Hacker


The Mad Dog

The Savage

Cool Names

The Cyber Killer

The Strawberry Killer

The Terminator

The Bleak Ooze

The Shaver

Dark Seer Sseltyx

Elder Darkweaver Ssarzax

The Screeching Army Alligator

The Werewolf

The Primitive

The Brick Slayer

Sun-Caller Ahex

The Surgeon

The Nylon Slayer

The Weirdo

Arcanist Arlaz

The Sanguine Killer

Dawn-Seeker Nilsrigaf

The Habit Butcher

The Blood Painting Slayer

The Creature

The Backstab Butcher

The Baker

The Glutton

Creative Names

The Needy Presence

The Demon Eyes Murderer

Badass Demon Hunter Names

Dark Seer Ku’Kkix

The Phonecall Murderer

The Doctor

Sorcereress-Lady Ssekhef

The Sniper

The Enraged Mongrel

The Giant Horror

The Scalpel



The Aquatic Dire Spider

The Vampire Butcher

Dartalon Zorzah

The Pied Piper

Serpent Tender Kokla

The Fist

Cool Demon Hunter Names

The Angel Wings Murderer

The Dusk Butcher

The Whisper

Defender Ulsryzza

Estedum The Abominable

Cloudgazer Krelteva

Driothum The Decrepit

The Weasel

The Insane

Awesome Names

Chrautic The Plaguebringer

Fate-Twister Fraevax

Ozacular Payne

The Hospital Slayer

Darkweaver Iven

Talon Lord Alzex


Dusk-Seer Vo’Kke

The Knock Knock Butcher

The Canvas Slayer

The Harlequin Butcher

Amazing Demon Hunter Names

The Scientist

The Furry Razorback Tiger

Wind Guard Othez

The Corrupt Demon

The Basher

Innovative Names

Grauzar Malicius

Waxir The Constructor

The Hook Butcher

The Chameleon Slayer

The Mountain Butcher

The Hillside Butcher

The Servant

Talonite Lalsex

Waqur The Experi-Mentor

The Freeway Slayer

Shadow-Sage Lorix

The Rubberneck Butcher

Cloudgazer Zuklix

The Alligator Slayer

The Bandit

Cloudgazer Foveth

High Ravenspeaker Frarni

The Marionette Murderer

Gacular Metus

The Odd Job Slayer

The Nutcase

The Ghost Murderer

How to Choose the Best Name for Your Demon Hunter?

If you want to be a popular player, one of the ways to get there is by choosing the best name for your character. However, this can be tricky as many factors play into what makes a good or bad name.

Demon Hunter is a popular character in World of Warcraft. This name has been used by many players who are now looking for the best name for their Demon Hunter.

The first step in choosing your new name is to identify any important keywords that you would like your character to represent. For example, if you have an assassin-type character, then it would make sense for them to have a keyword like “death”. If you were creating an animal-themed hunter, then it would make sense for them to have keywords like “wolf” or ” something else.

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