Top 250+ Haunted House Names to Grab Attention

People enter a haunted house in search of thrills and entertainment. They may be looking for something scary or trying to experience something they cannot do in their everyday lives. People also enter haunted houses because they believe in ghosts and other supernatural beings and want to see them for themselves

Here are some cool and creepy haunted house names that you’ll like. Make sure to select a name that will stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Cool Haunted House Names

Cornerstone Mansion

Reclusive Creations

Haunted Manor

Terrifying Haunt

Queasy House

Night of The Living Dead

The Dark Abyss

Monster Mansion

VIP Ghoul’s House

The Ghost Within

A Ghostly Vision

Pumpkin Head Room

Nightmare Twist

The Ghost Stalkers

I Am Zombie

An Awaken Heaven

Tropical Screams

Abandon Mansion

Fear The Monster

Red Devil Manor

The Haunted Manor

House of Horrors

The Black Monk

The Crypt

The Devil’s Dungeon

The Creepy Castle

The Buried Temple

The Old Pumpkin Inn

The Old Witchhouse

House of The Devil

Horror Me Up

Fear n’ Mystery

Gilmour House of Horrors

Ghostly Mountain

The Beast of Bladenboro

Scary on The Go

The Bone Witches

The Haunted House

The Screaming Crow

The Bone Beast

The Old Gravy Co.

Mansion Outlook

The Evil Asylum

Pontefract Castle

The Bell Witch

Disturbed Graves

The Phantom Castle

Ghoul’s Finery

The Beast’s Lair

Ghostly Haunted House

Fear The Old Devil


Abandoned Asylum

Bloodcurdling Castle

The Screaming Bones

Ghosts of Halloween

Loveless Terror

The Haunting Grounds

Night Terror

The Old Haunt

Horror on Queen

Mystified Frights

Ghost Town

The Siren’s Call

Eclipse House of The Dead

The Spooky Mansion

Dead Man’s Bluff

Spooky Emporium

The Black Hall

Puzzles of Madness

Ghostly Presence

Dream Me Insane

Spooky Haunted House Names

The Screaming Rose

Aerie’s Edge

Backwoods Horror

The Black Box Ghost

Strange Midnight

The Ugh House

The Black Mass

Devious Delights

Spooky Hollows

The Haunt Factory

The Friendly Mum

The Bludgeoner

The Eek House

Fallen Gardens

Dungeon of Doom

Beating Heart

Theatre of Sin

Ghosts of Wonderland

The Bayou Plantation

Cursed House

House of Darkness

The Scare of Penny

Haunting Steam

Joyride Frights

Haunted Acres

The Horror League

The Bone Game

The Goblinverse

The Crypt of Fear

Scoops of Terror

The Nightmare Castle

The Shining House

The Boo House

The Blood Countess

The Bone Eatery

The Horror Den

Haunting Grounds

Scary Haunted House Names

Scary Skull Manor

LaJax Opera House

Witch’s Castle

The Fear Room

Horror City Decor

The Ghostly Lair


The Buried Door

The Broken Dollhouse

Deadbeat Productions

Tainted Souls Gardens

Legends of Horror

Nightmare House

Lantern Ghost

The Haunted Bunch

My Big Fat Hell

Tower of Terror

Insane Asylum

The Old Haunting

Gasp House

Creepy Ghoulery

Witch’s Basement

The Ghastly Castle

Old Mansion

Haunted Tiger

Whimper House

Just Earthen Baking

The Freak House

Happy Ghosts

The Screaming Bone

Scream Fortress

The Ghost Zone

Scream Park

Mystery Mortality

Horror on the Hill

The Biltmore Inn

Fantasy Bones

Crawlspace Ghost

Cthulhu’s Lair 2

Cthulhu’s Attic

Haunted Hoops

A Backward Glance

The Witching Hour

Spook House

Devil’s Castle

Spooky on the Loose

The Ghostly Manor

Creepy Haunted House Names

Haunting Opera

Haunt the Night

The Old Stone Cold

Scare Zone

Lucille’s Rest

In the Grip of Fear

The Scaries House

Mansion Accent

Horror on 26th St

The Buried Fear

Unmarked House

The Freak Party

The House of Horrors

Squeaky Cooze

Horror Squeak

Mystical Insights

La Grande Terre

Ongles Nightlife III

Deja Vu Haunted House

The Ghostly Chamber

Funhouse of Terror

The Ghoul House

Boo Mansion

Haunting in Progress

The Asylum

Chucky’s House

Phantasma Gardens

Terror Manor

Mansion Engineered

Ancient Curse Hotel

The Ghost Train

Shrieking Hills Asylum

Just a Ghost

Restless Ghoul

Majestic Mansion

Scary Place

Stitches Mansion

The House on Haunted Hill

Sleepy Ghosts

Strictly Ghosts

The Fallen Manse

Crowfoot Witches

Carnival of Terror

The Old Zombie

Phantom Manor

Halloween Magic

Good Haunted House Names

Ghost House Tours

The Old Haunted house

Haunted Favor

The Trickery House

Ghost House

eaming Wolf

Ghost House Craze

A True Escape

Raven’s Castle

The Haunting

The Big Cab

Screaming Skulls

A Ghostly Entrance

The Dark Tower

The Mummy Museum

Goblin Chase Co.

Mystery Manor

Ghoul Town Co.

The Twisted Woods

The Memory Demon

Scary’s Hideaway

The Grave Bearer

Hillside Manor

Stingers Ghost Tours

Devil’s Cottage

Terrifying House

Ghostly Manor

Spooky Face Castle

Netherworld Burial

The Old PGH


Stingers Terrors

Night of the Thirsty Dead


The Ghoul Emporium

Hauntington Hall

Sinful Church

The Screaming Skull

The Old Mill Escape

The Dreadful Hound

Curse of the Mummy

Enchanting the Night

The Ghoul Hideout

Old Manor House

Scariest Attractions

House of the Dead

The Old Slimy House

Tranquil Hell


Exterminator 20

Haunting Ouimbat

The Screaming Dead

Why You Need to Name Your Haunted House with a Spooky Name?

You might be wondering why you need to name your haunted house with a spooky name. The answer is simple – it’s all about marketing.

The most important thing to remember when naming your haunted house is that you want to create a unique and memorable name that will get people talking about your haunted house.

A creepy-sounding name will help draw in customers, which means more money for you, the owner of the haunted house. For example, if you want to scare people, a name like “House of Fear” or “Dreadful House” will do the trick. If you are looking for something more whimsical, names like “Spooky Nook” and “Boo Mansion” might be more appropriate.

How to Choose the Best Haunted House Name?

There are so many factors to consider when you are looking for a good name for your haunted house. You need to think about the name’s marketability, how it will be used, and what type of haunt it is going to be.

When choosing a good name for your next haunt, there are four main things that you should keep in mind. First, the name needs to have the potential for branding and marketing purposes. Second, the name needs to be memorable and easy to pronounce or spell so that you can attract new customers. Third, the name must have a certain level of shock value or intrigue that will draw people into your haunt. Finally, the name should not be too similar to other haunts around town or nationally so that it becomes difficult to establish yourself as an original.

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