181 Cycling Team Names to Inspire Others

A cycling team is a group of cyclists who work together to achieve a common goal. So having a good team name is important because it can be used to create a sense of identity and unity among the members. It can also be used to attract new recruits and sponsors.

With a good name, it is easier to get sponsorships and support from fans. It also helps to make cycling more accessible for newcomers who might not know much about the sport. So, when people hear the name, they can associate it with the team’s spirit and personality.

A good cycling team name will also help your team stand out from the rest by creating a sense of identity and belonging. They also help to build the team’s reputation.

Here we’ve compiled the list of 181 best and cool Cycling team names to inspire your goals and come up with a unique name. Scroll down and select the best one. Let’s see what we have here.

Cycling Team Names

Cyco Tribe

Pedal Party

Crank Masters

Phoenix Warriors

Fit Cyco Clan

Bike Palace

Sugar Cycles

Squirrels & Turkeys

The Free Wheelers

Peloton Riders

Pedal For Fitness

Far From Home

The Wheel Deal

Racing Cyclist

Just Riding Along

Going À Bloc

One Hit Wonders


Pedal Dancers

In the Saddle

Tuckers & Rollers

Cycoholic Tribe

The Slow Movers

Magically Bikelicious

The Cyclopedia

Slow Speed Demons


Mud Flaps Forever

Gear to Gear

Brain Bucket Bunch


Wheels of Steel

Unexpected Swerves

The Squirrels

Slow Momentum

Raw Speed County


The Freehub Ratchets

I Be Pro Fun

The Pedal Pride

Chainring Tattoos

The Spoke Herd

Look Ma No Hands!

Pedal Crunch

Reliable Bicycle

Crankset Contingent

Door Prize Posse

Rough Creed

The Spoke Patrol

Eco Wheelers

Pedal Power Gonzos

Running It Out

Pedal Pushers

Amazing Wheels


Vicious Cycle

The Slow Move

Biking Group Names

Slow Wheel

Beater Battalion

Pedal Velocity Simplicity

Eco Cyclopedia

But Why

Surrey Raiders

Q-Factor Corps

Cyc Bliss Beat

Power Patrol

The Cyc O Club

Raw Doggers

Sit and Spin

Your Pace or Mine?

The Cyclomaniacs

Pleasure Bikers

Chain Gang

Geared Up

Pogo Platoon

Power Peddling Pixies

Minute Men

Diesel Division

Sprocket Society

Slow Speed Wizards

Chain Reaction

Road Captain Tactics

The Old Path

Panache Patrol

Cyc Mind Gremlins

Cyclone Cycles

Large Wheels


Grind My Gears

Jaunts Gone Wrong

United Riders


Biking Team Names Ideas

Master Wheels

Opposing Forces

Fit Cyco life

Pedal Demons


Out on a Jaunt

Pesky Peddlers

Team All Terrain

A Constant Cadence

The Roadie Corps

The Slow Freedom

Iron Black


Velocity on Wheels

Pedal Power

Aero Alliance

Weakened Warriors

Kicking Asphault

Saddled & Addled

Rotating Paceline

The Chaingang

Wheels on Fire

Saddle Tramps

Wheelie Warriors

Catchy Biking Team Names

Coasting Cohorts


Forward Movement

Slow Wheel Countdown

The Chasers

Cyclocross Obstacles

Full Circle


Gossip Wheel Gang

Tour de Friends


Bike Heaven

The Slow Mojo

The Bonk Brigade

Gravity Drops


Effortless Spinning

Old Crank Army

Eco Pedal Warriors

Breaking Wind

Cool Cycling Team Names

In the Zone

Cyc Strike

Tortoise Guts

Barrel Bikers

The Wheel Pack

Team Fark en Tired

Wheel Club

Spin Doctors

Spoke Patrol

Slow Gear Thrill

Pedal Beyond

Slow Ride Gremlins

The Laidback Peddlers

Going the Distance

Slow Down Clan

Derailleur Dudes

The Cyclo Style

Spider Patrol

Goal Diggers

Wheels of Freedom

Flaming Wheels

Tour de Farce

Tour Be Here

Impressive Bicycle Team Names

Imperfect Peddlers

Slow Speed Zombies

Dead Meeats

The Spinerettes

Two-Wheel Thrills

Wreckin’ Crew

The Whispering Spinerettes

Cadence Revolutions

Road Warriors

Kicking Asphalt

The Jaunters

Cassette Set

Bat Attitudes

Speed Scrubbers

Old Cranks

Granny Gear Group

Wheelie Awesome

Road Mom Fury

The Cyclepaths

Slow Off Road

Two Wheel Thrill

Pedal Storm Bringers

How to Choose the Best Cycling Team Name?

Cycling is a sport that has been around for a long time. It has evolved over the years with new technologies and innovations in the industry.

However, In cycling, the team name is usually the first thing that people identify with. It is a way to show off the team’s personality and style. Also, it can be used to help get more fans or even sponsorships. So it’s important to choose a good cycling team name that is catchy, descriptive, and easy to remember.

While there are many factors to consider when picking out a cycling team name, these are some of the best practices:

  • Make sure it is short and sweet so people can easily say it out loud or write it down.
  • Consider your audience – what would be most appealing to them?
  • Make sure it is descriptive

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