50+ Cuddle Pick Up Lines

Cuddling is one of the most intimate and romantic gestures you share with someone special. That’s why with the right pick up lines, you can make sure that your loved one will be more than happy to spend time in bed cuddling with you. 

Whether it’s a cheesy line or something more heartfelt, these pick up lines on cuddle will break the ice and make memories together. So now, if you are willing to make your special one blush, it’s time to make it happen. Go ahead and impress with your smooth moves.

Cuddle Pick Up Lines

1. Did you know cuddling helps you sleep? We should try it sometime.

2. All I’m missing is the little spoon for my cuddle buddy.

3. I really like your hands. They would complement my shirt when we cuddle.

4. I lost my teddy bear, Can I cuddle with you tonight instead

5. My favorite place in the world is cuddled next to you nibbling something sweet.

6. Cuddling creates the strongest emotional connection with those you like.

7. I wanna boldly go into your bed to cuddle because I think you’re cute and don’t want to rush things.

8. Girl, I really want to go cuddling but I’m drowned in your eyes.

9. Baby, I just wanna place a tactical insertion in your bed so we could cuddle all day long.

10. Are you a good cuddler? I might let you join my gang.

11. Hug and cuddle won’t be the same, without U.

12. I heard you like teddy bears. You can give me a cuddle.

13. I just want to c_ddle, but I can’t because I am missing U.

14. Do you want to cuddle, with me in my bed?

15. Romantic comedies and cuddling? No, thanks. I’d rather ride in your truck and have sex.

16. Are you a cuddle? Because you are already making me feel good and loved.

17. I’m looking for a no-strings-attached cuddle buddy.

18. Roses are red, Violets are blue, I lost my teddy, can I cuddle with you?

19. I am so good at cuddle that I could make you come to my place every day just to cuddle.

20. Can I borrow a cuddle? I promise to give it back.

21. I am dying, I have only 2 minutes left so be quick and cuddle with me now.

22. Babe, did you lose your stuffed animal? You can always cuddle with me.

23. Girl, I want to go cuddling but I’m drowned in your eyes.

24. They say cuddling is the most romantic thing in life. Do you wanna try with me?

25. Do you know that cuddling with me would be the best thing in your life?

26. Are you unemployed? Cause I’ve got a position for permanent cuddle buddy open in my heart.

27. Would you want to try an Australian cuddle? It is like a French kiss.

28. Let’s cuddle and wake up in 10 months when September ends.

29. Hey girl you look sad. Wanna cuddle?

30. Did you know cuddling reduces pollution by 30%?

31. On the flip side, your clothes look so cuddily and soft that we should cuddle.

32. I’m getting cold just thinking about Canada. Let’s Cuddle.

33. Do you like cuddling? Me, too. We should do it together sometime.

34. Roses are red. You’re cute as a duck. Let’s go on a date. And then we can cuddle.

35. I lost my Teddy, can I cuddle with you?

36. Did you know cuddling reduces pollution by 25%?

37. So get your tiny butt over here and let’s watch Netflix and cuddle, eh.

38. Are you a cat? Cause I’d love to cuddle.

39. I will keep you warmer than any Starbucks ever has. Seriously though, would you like to cuddle?

40. Hey girl, that smile comes with a cuddle. Will we?

41. Damn, you have a dog. Does that mean I’ll never win the ‘best ever cuddle’ title?

42. I see you cuddle your pillow at night. Would you rather have me come over and be your pillow?

43. Are you my cute pillow? Because I want to wipe my tears on you and cuddle with you.

44. Hey girl are you a teddy bear? Cause I wanna cuddle all day long.

45. On a lazy Sunday: Netflix all day, getting lost in a museum, or cuddling with me?

46. Sunday mornings are for: a) cuddles in bed b) champagne breakfast c) as many pancakes as you can eat.

47. Which type of relationship do you want? Where we cuddle and kiss type or where we fuck type?

48. My magic watch says you want to cuddle in five minutes. Do you?

49. I had a bad day, it won’t be anymore if I got to cuddle you.

50. I’m not feeling well today. Can we cuddle?

51. Love is hard, so is writing. And so will you when we’re cuddling.

52. Hey girl, I can cuddle you like I cuddle dogs.

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