25+ Gas Station Pick Up Lines

Whether you’re trying to flirt with that cute girl at the pump or want to spice up your relationship with your loved ones, these gas stations pick up lines will help you do that. From cheesy one-liners to puns and jokes, these lines will bring out smiles and laughter and show your romantic side. Enjoy.

Gas Station Pick Up Lines

1. Do you work at the gas station? Cause you have ignited the engine inside me.

2. I got a full tank of gas, now I just need a companion to go with me.

3. Girl I work at the gas station, and I am ready to pump some fuel into you.

4. If I pay for your gas, would you grab my pump?

5. You’re probably banned from gas stations, Cause you’re too hot to handle.

6. Are you an international space station? Because I want to refill you with my space shuttle.

7. Babe, you are the fuel that keeps my heart pumping.

8. Girl, I want to fuel you up tonight.

9. Babe, you are the only one fuel-filling my life.

10. Are you Tesla? Because instead of pumping you gas, I’ll pump you with some electricity.

11. Girl, this isn’t a beer belly, it’s a fuel tank that can power you all night long.

12. Girl are you a gas station? Because you keep me going on my journey.

13. Babe, you are not just 94, you are rated 100 in my book.

14. Girl, I could work you all night long on my crafting stations.

15. How much more gasoline fuel do you need? Cuz I got some wood for you right here.

16. Would you like a full service gas station tonight where I pump your gas?

17. Are you a gas station? Because you look QT.

18. Do you want self-service or full-service from my pumps?

19. If you were a space station, I would call you Deep Space Fine.

20. Girl, you inflate me good and get me pumped up.

21. Can I park my rocket in your space station?

22. You know I’ll never take you inside a Gas Station. Cause there is a warning “Smoking hot things are not allowed”

23. Girl you are so hot, you must be burning with octane 100.

24. Babe, you could grab my pump any time.

25. If I was a gas station if you were I car, would you let me fill you up?

26. Are you out of gas? Cuz I will fill you up tonight.

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