400+ Most Catchy Beauty Business Names Ideas

A good beauty business name is something that is memorable, catchy, and has a strong brand identity. It should also be short, easy to pronounce, and easy to spell. It should also have a positive connotation or say something about the company’s service or product. For example, “Beauty by Lola” would work well as a name for a hair salon whereas “Bite Beauty” works well for a cosmetics company.

In this post, we’ll share with you many different beauty business name ideas. We hope you’ll find plenty of new inspiration to spark your imagination and give you some fresh new ideas for your next venture.

Beauty Business Names

Beauty Galore

lady moments

Beauty Techniques

Smiles Beauty

Blessed Hair Salon

Face Shop

A Blissfull

Nature lush

Mirror Image Salon

Serene Say

The Body Fashion

Bright View

April fresh

Corner Beauty Club

Fountain Creations Beauty

Untamed Salon & Spa

Haniel Hair Salon

Top Rose Beauty


Glow Health And Beauty

Delight Beauty Shop


Grassroots Cosmetics

Savvy Cosmetics

Sharp Impressions

Glomorr Dot Fusion

Cheap, Quality and Affordable

Gemini Salon & Spa

Ambiance Spalon

Diamond Beauty Cosmetics

Curious Lily

Salon Nuriche

Beauty Workshop

GlamSpot Beauty Lounge

Instyle Fashion

Classy Beauty Trends

lady Bird

Day’s Hair Salon

Pretty Strings

Ulta Beauty

First Impression beauty Hub

Unique Image

Little Bee

Mirror Image

For You Beauty Supply

Fresh Loves

Beauty Center

The Fashion Boutique

Hair Station

Fashion pie

Glamour Beauty Centre

Studio One Salon

Beauty Quest Spa

Best Lady Cosmetics

Shine and Shadows

All About U Salon

Face and Figure Beauty Solutions

Retro Froley

Too kissy

Glorious Lady Beauty

Pink pretty

True Cosmetics


Envision Salon Inc

The Sunkist

From My Hands

Vision Beauty Shop

Lush Cosmetics

SmartStyle Salon

Delight Beauty Place

Tender Touch

Dimensions Studio

Maggie Extreme Beauty Shop

Makeup Business Names


Pretty In Gold

Purity Cleaners

Sweet Cheeks Cosmetics

Beauty Bounty

Blushful Beauties

Smile and Sparkle

Unreal Beauty

Allure Beauty

More Gorgeous Cosmetics

Majestic Glittering Glee

Maple Sugar Beauty

Water Lily Makeup

Mellow Yellow Nudges

Glistening Nail Lilly

Makeup Plus

Glamorous Beauty Paint


Hidden Beauty

Bossy Beauties

Luv To Lips

Ombré That

Retro Glamour

Appealing Eyes Cosmetics

Vogue Styles

Bella Beauty

Cosmetic and Cosmetics

Goldie & Me

MakeUp Emporium

Royal Rose

Beautification Station

Beauty Basics


Cheeky Colors

Generous Glam

The New Black

Fuchsia Fashion

Golden Halo


Angels Kiss

Makeupolous Shop

Makeup Maven

Eye Loverz

Bloom and Glow

Storm Blossom

Apricot Beauty

Beauty Fusion

Gleaming Glow Makeup

Fierce & Flawless Cosmetics

Glitter Queen Cosmetics

Angel Star

Stay Pretty


Beauty Base

Beaucoup Beauty

Glam Goddess

Becoming Beautiful

Where Beauty Rhymes

Rosy Passion

Get Makeup And Go

Cleopatra’s Beauty Store

Snow White Lilac

Beauty Queen

Day Beauty

Golden Swan Cosmetics

Flawless Appeal

Luscious Lips Salon

Perfectly Pretty

Supreme Sparkle


The Bellas

Makeup Galaxy

Bold And Beautiful

Cosmetic Line Name Ideas


The Magic Touch

Beauty Essentials

Awareness Beauty Hub

Confidence Make Up

Stunners Hub

Gilded Guidance


Product Paradise

Midas Brushes

Midas Touch

Pearlville Salon

Go, Go Guru,

Diamond Colours

Renewed Appearance

Guiding Guru

Helpful Highlights

The Transformation

Perfect Finish

The Assurance

Total Transformation


Make-up Masters

Creative Beauty Business Names

Gotta Glow

Powder Puff Girl

Two Chicks

Makeup in a Jar

Book Lover Beauty

Soft Shine Cosmetics

Delightful Cosmetic Co

Addicted to Makeup

Pink My Gloss

My Cosmetics

Cutie Cosmetics

Glamour Girl’s Salon

High Gloss Beauty and Nails

Perfect Match

Color Filled Cosmetics

Cosmetics Pop Boutique

Makeup Rules

Unique Makeup Business Names

Soothe Vibes

Beautiful Excited

Stylist Sight

Perfection Spud

Stylist Tonic

Makeup Glove

Salon Mite

Beautiful Spigot


Perfection Mania

Epic Magnificence

Quality Cosmetics

Beautiful Terrace

Beautiful Lettuce

Cosmetics Instinct

Stylist Smarter

Zig Stylist

Cosmetic Amp

Cosmetic Squid

Heaven Perfection

Makeup Stallion

Makeup Shark

Oceanic Aesthetic

Magnificence Joy

Gorgeous Feminist

Dhaka Makeup

Loveliness Dice

Perm Spay

Cosmetics Giving

Amazing Flourish

Fuel Glamour

Glamour Month

Anything Aesthetic

Aesthetic Favorites

Gorgeous Signals

Tropical Gorgeous

Salon Silent

Beautiful Radiant

Stylist Sent

Stylist Strategy

System Salon

Violet Substance

Stunning Lift

Natures Verve

Prospector Stylist

Stunning Squeak

Perfection Fabulous

Lux Plentiful

Excellence Beat

Horn Glamour

Healthy Glow

Sunlight Salon

Minden Perfection

Dazzling Pipeline

View Excellence

Drawing on Beauty

Fatal Gorgeous

Oran Salon

Wish Upon A Star

Beautiful Starved


Glamour Sleeper

Flirty Flourish

Cosmetic Picnic

Marigold Makeup

Nautical Beautiful

Lux Edge

Stylish Shrewd

Salon Strike

Flavor Glamour

Gorgeous Acceleration

Gorgeous Devotion

Like The Looks

Beautiful Corpus

Lesson Nature

Happiest Gorgeous

Gorgeous Pegasus

Encompassing You

Komi Cosmetics

Stylist Stripe

Salon Caviar

Unspoken Beautiful

Perfection Thesis

Solon Hair

Dazzling Mina

Gen Perfection

Cyclone Makeup

Beautiful Basin

Backbone Makeup

Lavender Aesthetics

Cosmetic Respite

Salon Seating

Stylist Keeping

Stunning Suite

Stylist Bliss

Beautiful Pundit

Smiley Salon

Nature Quarters

Particle Glitz

Sponsor Glamour

Stylist Screener

Cosmetics Column

Gorgeous Gum

Squirrel Stylist

Nature Whirl

Confident Gorgeous

Lovely Litmus

Moose Salon

Stylist Storm

Gorgeous Orange

Beauty Page Name Ideas

Say serene

Love Makeup


Royal Beauty







Natural is Better



Face Values

Funky Bells



Fancy Pharmacy

Cherry blossom

Pretty face

Forest Fossils

It’s all in the brand

Beauty Concept

The beauty

Polish Me

Beauty Outlet


Nature Collection


Wonder lap



Tinny Beauty

Beauty Kitchen

Beauty Planet

Union Skin Care




Five dots makeup

Essential Beauty

Sizzling you


Beauty Secrets


Beauty Shop Name Ideas

Forest cover

Luxe Beauty Agency

Pretty Girl Beauty Shop

Curious Cutey


Naturals Beauty Brands

Beauty Décor


Master Beauties

Beautify your imperfection

Changer for all


Surprise yourself

One point

Total Perfection

Gold Petals Shop

Box it right

Ireland special

It’s beautiful

Six Figure Cosmetics

Joy Joy Beauty Products



Roots Beauty World

Joyline Cosmetics

It’s all there

Slim Solutions Store

Central Wigs & Beauty

Perfect Beauty

Beauty Paradise Products

Natural Divinity Shop


The organic cosmetic

The beauty within

Charming Beauty Depot

Beauty Genious

Body Attitude

Natural Affair Beauty

Beauty Parlor Name Suggestions

Blue Hills Beauty

Beyond Seasons

Uniquetech Salon

African Beauty

The Secret Fat Burner

Lasting Impressions

Elegant Styles

Dream Nails

Cool Place

Phure Skincare Parlour

Style on Cue

Heartfelt Salon

The Retreat

Body Talk Beauty

Body Relaxation

Stylish Names for Beauty Parlor

Little Blossom

Main Style

Wildflower Beauty

Grooming Lounge

Rush Hair

Glow Touch

Eyelashes Extension

The Luxe Salon

Grace Beauty Parlour

Limelight Salon

Blu Make-up

Touch of Beauty Parlour

Glamour Days

The Spa Room

Crystal Nails

Fancy Names for Beauty Parlor

Pamper Room

Be Beautiful

Flair Cosmetics

The Rose Room

Affable Treatments

Morning Star

Smoothies Beauty Clinic

Options Beauty

Glamour Fingers

Shiny Nails & Face

Red Apple Look

Beautiful Colour

Cute Beauty Parlour

Top to Toe Beauty

Beaches and Cream

Tips for Choosing a Beauty Business Name

First, you should think about how your brand is different from other similar brands. If you want to be unique, then it might be a good idea to choose a name that is not already in use. It’s also important to consider the demographics of your target audience and what they like or dislike when it comes to beauty products and beauty names.

When choosing a name for your business, do not forget about the keywords that will help people find you online. Consider using keywords in the title of your website and social media profiles as well as your email address and physical location.

What Makes Your Beauty Business Name Stand Out From the Crowd?

There are many factors that go into making a successful beauty business name. There are some things that you can do to make your name stand out from the rest. You should start by checking what other businesses in your industry have done and then use these ideas as inspiration for your own business.

Tips For Choosing A Quality & Unique Beauty Company Name

When it comes to choosing a company name for your beauty business, it’s important to consider a few things. First, the name must be unique and catchy. Second, the name should convey the key benefits of your product or service. And third, it should be easy to pronounce and spell.

Here are some tips that you can use when choosing a quality and unique beauty company name:

  • Consider what emotions your brand will evoke in customers
  • Use an existing word or phrase that has meaning
  • Use words that are associated with beauty (e.g., “beauty”, “beautiful”)
  • Consider how well the name will resonate with your target audience

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