Top 163 Best Cat Instagram Captions

Looking for the best cat captions for Instagram?

We all love cats. They are cute, adorable and playful. But it is not because they have an undeniable charm that they become famous worldwide. There is something we call social media. Yes, you guessed right, because we all love to share our stories through Instagram, our love for cats increased hugely, making this cute animal popular.

We know it’s hard to find the perfect caption when you want to post a cute picture with your little friend, but not now, yeah in this post, you will get the best cat captions for Instagram that will help you to make your furry friend an internet sensation.

Scroll down, select the best caption you like, and be ready to see your post apart from the rest. Enjoy.

Cat Instagram Captions

1. Boys? Whatever. Cats? Forever.

2. “I have too many cats,” said no one ever.

3. Happiness is just a whisker away.

4. This home is filled with love and cat hair.

5. This kitty’s got a bad cattitude.

6. You could say my whole house is a catwalk.

7. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady. What’s your point?

8. Good morning and remember to STAY PAW.

9. cats are a mysterious kind of folk”

10. A house isn’t a home without a cat.

11. Dry food? Are you fur real?

12. Cat hair, don’t care.

13. Folks of the mysterious kind (a.k.a. cats) are my kind of folks.

14. Love has four paws and a twitchy tail.

15. Hooked on a feline.

16. There’s no greater gift than the love of a cat.

17. All you need is love and a cat.

18. A cat will be your furever friend.

19. All about that pawsitive attitude.

20. Spotted: a wild floofen in their natural habitat.

21. Kittens and kisses.

22. Yes, I really do need all these cats.

23. How can something so small take up so much room??

24. A cat sleeping on my lap is my definition of heaven.

25. I’ve got purr-sonality!

26. Do you like my self-pawtrait?

27. Beware of irresistible fluffiness.

28. I cat even right now

29. Life happens, cats help.

30. Sorry, I can’t make it. I have a cat on my lap.

31. Living in a fairytale with this pretty kitty by my side.

32. All you need is love. And a kitten. Or two or a dozen.

33. I love black cats. They match my mood.

34. True happiness is a cat curled up on your lap.

35. Did you know that “meow” means “woof” in cat?

36. You had me at “meow.”

37. Her/his/their purr melts my heart.

38. Cuteness overload.

39. A home without a cat is just a house.

40. Purrfect.

41. Don’t stress moewt.

42. Felines are connoisseurs of comfort.

43. Anything is possible with a cat by your side.

44. We’re just kitten around.

45. Don’t fur-get to buy more catnip!

46. What are you eating, and how can I help?

47. Because the path to heaven is full of paw prints!

48. Putting the fur in furniture

49. Fluffy, but also sharp.

50. I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I laid eyes on these fluffy cheeks.

51. Being purr-fect ain’t easy.

52. One cat just leads to another.

53. What do you call a pile of cats? A meowntain.

54. Pawlisitively meowgical

55. Days without item broken from being pushed off counter: zero

56. What greater gift than the love of a cat?

57. That was a cat–astrophe.

58. I want to spend all nine lives together.

59. Why thank you, I am purrrfect.

60. I’m feline fine today, how are you?

61. We’re a bit catterbrained today.

62. Cats: my prescription for happiness.

63. I love you meow and furever.

64. With a cat, anything is paw-sible.

65. I have too many cats, said no one ever.

66. Are you kitten me?

67. Meow chicka meow meow.

68. Crazy cat human, present.

69. Cats rule, dogs drool.

70. I’ll take my next treat right meow.

71. Life is good, but cats make it better.

72. If my cat doesn’t like you, I probably won’t either.

73. It’s raining cats and cats.

74. A wild cat appeared!

75. The more people I meet, the more I love my cat.

76. Feeling tense is unimaginable when you’re looking at a sleeping cat.

77. I wish I loved anything as much as my cat loves catnip.

78. My kids have paws and whiskers.

79. Grateful for my cat’s paws. They’re always there when I need a hand.

80. What would I do without this handsome/pretty kitty in my life?

81. Life update: still love cats.

82. My cat was right about you.

83. Live your life in the meow.

84. Did you know that cats used to be worshiped in Egypt? They built purramids and everything!

85. It’s a cat’s world, we’re just living in it.

86. She came, she purred, she conquered.

87. Cats are like potato chips; you can’t have just one.

88. Enjoying my life of servitude to this cat.

89. There’s no place like home and no cat like this one.

90. I have a cattitude problem.

91. Love is a four-legged word.

92. Cats never strike a pose that isn’t photogenic”

93. The road to my heart is paved with paw prints.

94. Catching some rays

95. My therapist has four legs and a tail.

96. Thanks fur the memories.

97. Life’s a catwalk.

98. You can look. You can admire. But you can’t touch.

99. I’m a cat mom; it’s like a regular mom but cooler.

100. Biiiiiiig stretch!

101. Cats rule.

102. Starting to catch felines.

103. The snuggle is real.

104. A cat is not just a cat; they’re family.

105. Cat hair is my favorite accessory.

106. Cats, naps, and snacks.

107. Yes, I am the cat’s meow.

108. To me, you are purr-fect.

109. You are claw-fully cute.

110. The cat is in charge, I just pay the rent.

111. I have my own live-in biscuit maker.

112. Not all angels have wings. Sometimes they have whiskers.

113. Be here meow

114. If cats could talk, they wouldn’t.

115. I can never win a staring contest against this one …

116. Not all heroes wear capes. Some have collars.

117. Happy Caturday.

118. There’s always time for a catnap.

119. You’re the cat’s meow.

120. Cats are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.

121. Don’t worry, be tabby

122. All visitors must be approved by the cat.

123. People who don’t like cats were probably mice in an earlier life. —Unknown

124. Warning: Cuteness overload.

125. Someone is being a sourpuss.

126. I’m a smitten kitten.

127. My life is cats and paws.

128. That’s paw-some.

129. Sorry I’m late. My cat was sitting on me.

130. Lookin’ good, feline good.

131. Days without cat paw in water glass: zero

132. My favorite furry friend.

133. If there are no cats in heaven, I don’t want to go.

134. Eat, sleep, pet cats, repeat.

135. Happiness is a purring cat.

136. A cat’s love is better than coffee.

137. Home is where the cat is.

138. Zero fluffs given

139. I’m a smitten kitten.

140. Cattitude is everything.

141. Everything’s better with a cat by your side.

142. Catapult me into another dimension—one full of catnip, please.

143. Goal: stay at home cat mom.

144. Always meow proudly.

145. Note to self: Buy separate Christmas tree for cat

146. Hi, I’m smol

147. Purr more, hiss less

148. Purring myself up by the floofstraps.

149. I’m still not sure who rescued who.

150. Do you believe in furry tails?

151. Happiness has fur and whiskers.

152. You say “crazy cat person” like it’s a bad thing …

153. Feline fine.

154. If you don’t like cats, it’s because you’re never met this one.

155. Purring is the sound of peace.

156. I cat help falling in love with you.

157. Because heaven is made with footprints of paws.

158. I love you more than you love catnip.

159. Smitten kitten

160. Whisker while you work.

161. Feline good, lookin’ better.

162. A furmidable opponent

163. Meow” means woof” in cat.

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