37 Badminton Pick Up Lines

Everyone loves a good pick-up line, but if you want to break the ice and get things going with the guys you like, then you need the right words that are effective to make a move without being too forward, right? Then no worries here. We’ve compiled a list of cheesy and dirty badminton pick up lines that will make your conversation go with the flow. So use these pick up lines cause why wait when you can get things ready to go? Enjoy.

Badminton Pick Up Lines

1. He: hey why do people call you forehand? She: what do you mean that? He: because you’ve got a powerful swing in my heart.

2. Are you a flick serve? Because you’ve served up some excitement in my life.

3. Is your name Drop Shot? Because you’ve dropped in and made my day.

4. Are you a rally? Because I’d love to keep the rally of love going with you.

5. Is your name Spin Shot? Because you’ve spun your way into my heart.

6. Is your name Smash? Why? Because you’ve smashed your way into my heart.

7. I think you are a badminton court because I want to play doubles with you.

8. Do you have a map, why? Because I just got lost in your serve.

9. If I am not wrong you are a drop shot, right? Because you’ve dropped right into my heart.

10. Are you a fast drive? Because you’ve driven right into my heart.

11. I think you are a racket because I’d love to be your string.

12. You must be a rally because I could keep going back and forth with you all night.

13. Are you a net? Because I’m getting caught up in your love.

14. Is your name Drive Shot? Because you’re driving me crazy with your charm.

15. Is your name Deception Shot? Because you’ve fooled me with your charm.

16. Are you a serve? Because you’ve aced your way into my thoughts.

17. we should ask Kwun to make it a competition.

18. Maybe you have netplay? Because you’ve got the perfect touch.

19. Girl, it’s Love at first sight. Ready to score the first point?

20. Are you a clear shot? Because you’ve cleared my mind of anyone else.

21. Baby, do you like bad boys? Because I put the bad in badminton.

22. Is your name Badminton? Because you’ve made my life a sporty adventure.

23. Is your name Net Lift? Because you’ve lifted my spirits.

24. Are you a smash shot? Because you’ve smashed into my heart.

25. Are you a crosscourt shot? Because you’re taking my love to new angles.

26. Is your name Backcourt? Because I’d go to the backcourt of the Earth to find you.

27. Is your name Shuttlecock? Because you’ve cocked my heart’s attention.

28. I think your name is Backhand because you’ve got my heart spinning the other way.

29. Are you a mixed doubles partner? Because we’d make a great team on and off the court.

30. Hey, wanna warm up with me? and then let’s get serious and play.

31. Why do people call you Birdie? Excuse me? Because you’re making my heart flutter.

32. Are you a clear shot? Because I can see a future with you.

33. You must be a shuttlecock, why? Because you make my heart shuttle back and forth.

34. Is your name Shuttle? Because I’d love to shuttle you into my world.

35. Are you a net kill? Because you’ve killed any doubts I had about love.

36. Are you a clear shot? Because you’ve made everything crystal clear in my heart.

37. Are you a shuttle? Because I never double hit.

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