37 Badminton Pick Up Lines

Everyone loves a good pick-up line, but if you want to break the ice and get things going with the guys you like, then you need the right words that are effective to make a move without being too forward, right? Then no worries here. We’ve compiled a list of cheesy and dirty badminton pick up lines that will make your conversation go with the flow. So use these pick up lines cause why wait when you can get things ready to go? Enjoy.

Badminton Pick Up Lines

1. Do you play badminton? Because you must check out this cock.

2. Hey wanna warm up with me? and then lets get serious and play.

3. Baby, I got long shaft with classic head

4. Do you need a badminton shuttle? Because I want you to flick me and then smash me.

5. Baby, I can smash my shuttlecock into your alley every time.

6. Baby, you look like you need some stroking practice.

7. Let me help you with the proper hand grip techniques.

8. Don’t worry, i use plastic

9. Do you feel lucky tonight? Maybe it’s time to go for a wood shot.

10. I am all about being serious and play.

11. Be with me, and I guarantee we’ll have a smashing time.

12. Hey girl, I got some nice birds.

13. You’ll love it when you get the bird.

14. You can smack my birdie anytime.

15. Baby, I want to deep drive into you.

16. Do you prefer a gentle push shot or a powerful smash?

17. Girl, it’s Love at first sight. Ready to score the first point?

18. Baby, I want to play a forehand drive straight down your court and win your point.

19. Are you a shuttle? Because I never double hit.

20. Hey girl… those are some nice birds… sorry, couldn’t resist.

21. Baby, you like bad boys? Because I put the bad in badminton.

22. Can you hold on to my stick please.

23. Want to experience a clear high into your court?

24. Don’t drop shop me babe, because I will pick you up.

25. Want to play mixed doubles? because I can’t stand being single.

26. we should ask kwun to make it a competition.

27. Stop smashing me or i will whip out my dangling cock.

28. you think we can take it to a rubber game?

29. No men’s double for me, I’m more into mixed doubles.

30. Careful, you don’t wanna get a cock in the face.

31. Girl, want to rally in bed tonight?

32. Badminton is all about the racket, and babe I got the gear.

33. Want to see how I can drive my serve to your back court?

34. I want to smash my shuttlecock into your alley

35. Don’t be afraid to make a little racket into a big one.

36. Tumble my mind, slice my body, just don’t smash my heart.

37. Would you join me at the cross?

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