25 Skittles Pick Up Lines

Everyone loves candy, especially Skittles. So why not use skittles pick up lines to make your girl fall for you? Whether you’re at the movies or having dinner, these pick up lines are highly effective in putting a smile on her face and starting an interesting conversation. Cause girls love candy more than you. So now it’s time to show off your sense of humor while being sweet and playful. Enjoy.

Skittles Pick Up Lines

1. Are you skittles? Because how many of you do I have to eat before tasting the rainbow?

2. Hey, my name is Skittles, Do you wanna “taste the rainbow”?

3. Did you eat my skittles? I would have to taste your rainbow to find out.

4. I’d love it if you are the one who tastes my skittles before I eat them.

5. If you love rainbows, you will love my skittles in the bedroom.

6. The only reason I take skittles is to find out how sweet your mouth is.

7. I spilled skittles down my pants. Do you want to taste the rainbow?

8. Did you just have skittles? I want to kiss you because I want to taste the rainbow.

9. My name is Skittles… wanna taste my rainbow?

10. Hey, people call me skittle. Because I do not instantly melt in your mouth.

11. Are you skittles, because thanks for adding colors and rainbows to my world.

12. I like you. You smell like unicorn poo. They eat butterflies and skittles.

13. Are you skittles? Because I will never stop chasing rainbows.

14. Are you skittles? Because I wanna taste the rainbow.

15. Girl, I like girls who are into skittles because they are sweetly hot.

16. I just ate a bag of skittles want to taste the rainbow?

17. Baby are you skittles? Because I love your true colors.

18. Can I take you to the grocery store and buy you some skittles?

19. My lips are like skittles, Want to taste the rainbow?

20. I got some rainbow kisses. Want to have some skittles?

21. If you want a rainbow then that’s what you are going to see in my bedroom tonight.

22. Why don’t we go to my place and find some skittles?

23. If you love rainbows, you won’t fail to love skittles in my bedroom.

24. Did you know my lips are like skittles? Want to taste the rainbow?

25. Are you made of skittles? Because I want to stuff your rainbow down my mouth.

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