75 Best Rugby Pick Up Lines That Are So Clever

Are you looking for a way to get your crush’s attention? We know you want to get your ruck and scrum with someone you like. Thus, these rugby pick-up lines here will help you show your interest in that person and give you a chance to start a conversation.

Whether you are trying to make an impression on a first date or want to be creative in your approach, these cheesy pick-up lines will lead you to win the heart of your special one.

Rugby Pick Up Lines

1. “Just like a rugby player in a game, I’m diving headfirst into love with you.”

2. “Is your heart a rugby post? Because I’d aim for it with every kick of affection.”

3. “I may be a lock on the field, but with you, my heart is wide open.”

4. “Our love could be the greatest rugby match of all time.”

5. “Could you be the touchline to my heart, marking the boundaries of our shared journey?”

6. “You must be a lineout because meeting you lifts my expectations.”

7. “You are the conversion kick to my heart who turns ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.”

8. “Just like a perfectly executed drop kick, you’ve kicked your way into my heart.”

9. “What if our love were a rugby jersey, worn with pride and loyalty?”

10. “Are you a rugby referee? Because you’ve got me head over heels.”

11. “Are you a rugby coach? Because I’m ready for some one-on-one training.”

12. “You know what, I think you’re the conversion to my try – completing me perfectly.”

13. “Baby, you must be a fly-half because I can’t wait to fly with you.”

14. “Are you a line-out? Because I can’t wait to lift you up.”

15. “You are the drop goal to my heart who adds unexpected thrill to my day.”

16. “Do you know why they call it a scrum? Because it’s the perfect place for our hearts to meet.”

17. “You’ve got a tight grip on my heart like a rugby ball in a ruck.”

18. “You must be a lineout, because meeting you lifts me to new heights.”

19. “I may be a flanker, but with you, I feel like I’m floating on air.”

20. “Is your name Lineout? Because you’ve got me lifting my expectations.”

21. “Could you be the fullback to my heart – the last line of defense against loneliness?”

22. “I may be a prop, but with you, I feel like a champion.”

23. “Is your name Scrum? Because I want to get close and personal with you.”

24. “Just like a rugby ball kicked for touch, meeting you takes me to new places.”

25. “You must be a flanker because you have stolen my heart.”

26. “If love were a rugby match, I’d be the player scoring all my points with you.”

27. “Do you believe in love that’s as powerful as a forward pack driving towards the goal line?”

28. “Is your heart a rugby scrum-half? Because it perfectly sets up the plays of our love.”

29. “I may be a prop, but I’m hoping to be your prop for life.”

30. “Let’s take a line-out throw to catch the chance for our love.”

31. “Is your heart like a rugby ball? Because I can’t resist passing it to you.”

32. “Are you a rugby fan? Because meeting you is a game-changer.”

33. “Damn, are you a rugby field? Because I’m ready for a match on you.”

34. “I may be a forward, but with you, I’m falling head over heels.”

35. “Just like a rugby match, our connection is filled with moments of thrill and victory.”

36. “Can I be your rugby partner? Because I want to tackle life with you.”

37. “Do you play rugby? Because you have just tackled my heart.”

38. “Is your heart a rugby field? Because with you, every moment is a game worth playing.”

39. “Let’s form our own maul and take on life together.”

40. “Could you be the maul to my heart, a powerful force moving forward in unity?”

41. “Are you a scrum-half? Because you’ve definitely got my back.”

42. “My love for you is like a rugby game – intense, exciting, and never-ending.”

43. “Are you a hooker? Because I’d like to form a scrum with you.”

44. “Just like a rugby ball, you make my heart bounce with joy.”

45. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I pass by again with the ball?”

46. “Are you a captain? Because you’re definitely leading my heart into the try zone.”

47. “Could you be the sin bin to my heart, a place I never want to find myself without you?”

48. “Are we on the same team? Because I feel like we’ve got great chemistry.”

49. “Just like a perfectly executed maul, our connection is unstoppable.”

50. “Do you play rugby? Because your beauty just tackled me!”

51. “Baby, let’s practice our rucking technique together.”

52. “People say rugby is a tough game, but meeting you is the real challenge.”

53. “Baby, you must be a try-line because I can see myself scoring with you.”

54. “Can I be your left winger? I promise I won’t let you down.”

55. “Want to form our own rugby union and play by our rules?”

56. “Want to play a game of ruck and roll with me?”

57. “Let’s bind together and face life head-on like a true rugby scrum.”

58. “Can I be your inside center? I promise to always stick by you.”

59. “What if our love were a rugby anthem, sung with passion and pride?”

60. “Are you a scrum? Because I’m ready to engage with you.”

61. “You must be a rugby ball, because you’re oval-ly irresistible.”

62. “Do you know why they call it a scrum? Because it scrums up my feelings for you.”

63. “Just like a rugby ball in a game, I can’t resist being passed to you.”

64. “Could you be the pitch to my game? Because every moment with you feels like a match.”

65. “Is your heart a rugby scrum, where we come together with strength and unity?”

66. “Just like a rugby player chasing the ball, I’m chasing after your heart.”

67. “You make me feel like I’ve just won the Rugby World Cup.”

68. “Is your name Ruck? Because you’ve taken my breath away.”

69. “You must be a rugby pitch because I’m ready to dive in and score.”

70. “I may be a hooker on the field, but off the field, I’m hooked on you.”

71. “Are you a rugby boot? Because you’ve got me tied up in knots.”

72. “Is your heart a rugby ball? Because I can’t resist the kick of excitement it brings.”

73. “Excuse me, are you a rugby player? Because you’ve just scored a try in my heart.”

74. “You know what? I may be a winger, but I’m racing straight for your heart.”

75. “What if our love were a rugby trophy, a symbol of the victories we achieve together?”

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