67 Anime Puns That Will Make You Laugh

Anime has become a global phenomenon, and we dont need to tell you why. Obliviously with its unique and captivating stories, it has gained immense popularity around the world. But when we talk about Anime puns, it will bring a playful and entertaining twist to your conversations.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Anime puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Anime Puns

1. What’s Saitama’s favorite nose? Genos.

2. What is Gohan’s favorite instrument? The piccolo.

3. Remember the Titans would be Eren’s favorite movie.

4. Goku Junior needed Pan in his life for food.

5. The androids could really charge a Cell up.

6. What is Mami Tomoe’s favorite drink? The de-cappuccino.

7. What do you call the anime bill of rights? The Manga Carta.

8. You have not seen my full Polywrath yet.

9. What is Wailord’s favorite TV show? Whale of Fortune.

10. Anime school life is just a ‘School Rumble.’

11. They play Dragon Ball in the other universes.

12. A French anime fan is known as an Ouib.

13. A life without watching anime is ‘No Game No life.’

14. Whenever he hears any bad news, Griffith goes ‘Berserk.’

15. How to get in touch with an android? You have to use a CELL Phone.

16. Your anime watchlist will be dry if you do not add ‘H20.’

17. Sasuke really wants the one who is Susan-oo.

18. Frieza is quite cool, but sadly the older brother is Cooler.

19. What is a Mexican’s favorite anime? Juan Piece.

20. These bad toys are gonna make me go Blastoise.

21. Saiyans should eat more Vegeta-bles.

22. Life is neither an anime nor a ‘Fairy Tail.’

23. Which sci-fi movie do Pokémon like the most? Staryu Wars.

24. The most popular anime in heaven is ‘Angel beats.’

25. What is Wall-E’s favorite anime series? Eva-ngelion.

26. What’s a Titan’s favorite food? Raw-men.

27. Saya goes on vacation to visit the Blood C.

28. What would you call a drowning Titan? A Titanic.

29. A Titan’s favorite dish is rawmen.

30. What is the favorite type of nose of Saitama? Genos.

31. Why did the Namekians fail to repair their planet? Because they had no nail.

32. A spirit hiding in a human could be called a ‘Ghost in the Shell.

33. Juan Piece is Mexico’s favorite anime.

34. What did Yuri say when he won gold? “Victuuri!”

35. What does Todoroki put in his coffee? Half and half.

36. I would have tried alchemy if it did not cost an arm and a leg.

37. Why does Miso not like the world anymore? Because there is no Light.

38. I want to Naruto run away from bad anime.

39. Berserk ended up being Guts-wrenching.

40. Shino’s favorite band are The Beetles.

41. Shenron is such a baller.

42. Death’s quite a ‘Soul Eater.’

43. What do you call a Titan who can’t swim? Titanic.

44. Lee puts on his suit with his Tie-Jutsu.

45. Saiyans destroyed their own planet due to aping out.

46. Nimbuses are friendly clouds in DBZ.

47. How does Kagome wash her clothes? Inuwasha.

48. Without Light, the World is indeed quite dark.

49. A healthy breakfast for anime fans is a bowl of oataku.

50. Tobi or not Tobi, that is the real question.

51. On which planet does Piccolo visit to relax? He goes to Planet Hammock.

52. What do Saiyans wear to the beach? Trunks.

53. Cell’s phone runs on Android.

54. Cowboy Bebop ended with a bang.

55. Uchihas share-ingan among themselves.

56. Neji’s favorite time of the day is Ten ten.

57. What’s a chicken’s favourite anime? Bok-Bok-Boku No Hero Eggadamia.

58. I want some Naruto in my Ramen.

59. An anime fangirl usually drives a Nii-san.

60. Gohan loves to play the piccolo.

61. I would like it if you could pass me some Gohan.

62. Sasuke knows how to grab girls’ hearts – with the Chidori.

63. What is Trump’s favourite anime? Bleach.

64. I need some Ichigos for the Bleach themed cake.

65. Which planet does Piccolo visit to relax? Planet Hammock.

66. To call upon Alucard you need to ‘Hellsing.’

67. To solve an anime puzzle you only need ‘One Piece.’

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