21 Inspirational Angela Merkel Quotes To Faces Challenges

Looking for the best and inspirational Angela Merkel quotes?

Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany and a former scientist. She is the first woman to hold either office. Merkel has been in power since 2005, which makes her by far the longest-serving head of government in Europe, and one of the longest-serving democratically elected leaders in the world.

In 2007, she was named Time Person of the Year runner-up for her leadership during German reunification. She became known as “Merkiavelli” for what Vanity Fair called “keeping Europeans from killing each other.” She was later chosen as Person of the Year in 2015 for her role during Europe’s refugee crisis and subsequent reelection in 2017.

If you’re having trouble fighting through the obstacles of pursuing your goals, read this article for some inspirational quotes from her that will motivate you.

21 Inspirational Angela Merkel Quotes

1. “When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make compromises.” ― Angela Merkel

2. “It’s not just about big words in such a declaration, it’s about the fact that you can say after one, two, three or five years: We have achieved, what we’ve written down.” ― Angela Merkel

3. “We expect the people who come to us to stick to our laws.” ― Angela Merkel

4. “I never underestimated myself. And I never saw anything wrong with ambition.” ― Angela Merkel

5. “Ladies, it is not your education, status or personality that has brought you here but the elegance of God which was still and still working upon you.” ― Angela Merkel

6. “We are responsible for each other. I am trying to convince doubters. There is still work to do.” ― Angela Merkel

7. “We must have the courage to accept that some countries can move forward a little more quickly than others.” ― Angela Merkel

8. “In terms of substance and organisation, we are very well prepared.” ― Angela Merkel

9. “Whoever decides to leave that family cannot expect all obligations to be omitted while keeping its privileges.” ― Angela Merkel

10. “To be serious, if we were only interested in earning big money then a politician would have to go and work in industry.” ― Angela Merkel

11. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” ― Angela Merkel

12. “You could certainly say that I’ve never underestimated myself, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious.” ― Angela Merkel

13. “A good compromise is one where everybody makes a contribution.” ― Angela Merkel

14. “Look forward to the future and look forward to the unknown. Nothing stays the same and people change. One day that hurt and pain will be a distant memory.” ― Angela Merkel

15. “Maybe I’ve just become more hardened. The exposure to so many extreme situations tends to harden a person. You have to develop survival strategies.” ― Angela Merkel

16. “It’s much, much better to talk to one another than about one another.” ― Angela Merkel

17. “I have asked a lot of you because the times have asked a lot of us – I am well aware of that. And I cannot promise you that there will be fewer demands in the future, because we must do what the times demand of us.” ― Angela Merkel

18. “I will not let anyone tell me we must spend more money. This crisis did not come about because we issued too little money but because we created economic growth with too much money and it was not sustainable growth.” ― Angela Merkel

19. “We don’t want the clocks to go back on Sunday; we want the clocks to be put forward.” ― Angela Merkel

20. “The willingness to learn new skills is very high.” ― Angela Merkel

21. “I am not here for women only, but also for women.” ― Angela Merkel

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