270+ Best Yes or No Questions to Ask Someone

Yes or No questions offer a straightforward yet effective approach to any communication.

It’s a straightforward approach and a focused way to engage with others.

So if you want engaging discussions without sacrificing the depth of connection then we’ve compiled the list of best yes or no questions that you can ask anyone because it’s a quick and easy way to initiate conversations.

Scroll down and sparking deeper discussions with an exploration of specific topics.

Yes or No Questions to Ask

1. Have you ever met a celebrity?

2. Are you active on social media?

3. Do you have any favorite memories of us?

4. Would you dance in public with no music for 10 minutes for $100?

5. Have you ever met anyone famous?

6. Have you ever watched a horror movie by yourself?

7. Do you have a secret social media account?

8. Are you claustrophobic?

9. Do you enjoy reading books?

10. Do you ever try DIY’s?

11. Do you have a sweet tooth?

12. Can you name every U.S. state capital?

13. Have you ever gotten a penalty for speeding?

14. Have you ever stolen?

15. Have you ever started or shared a rumor?

16. Would you come and visit me if I lived in another country?

17. Have you ever snuck out of the house?

18. Do you drink coffee?

19. Have you ever developed a crush on someone you just met?

20. Have you ever accidentally liked an old photo?

21. Can you solve a rubik’s cube?

22. Do you give people second chances?

23. Do you want to go to outer space?

24. Have you ever done something so bad at school that you got suspended for it?

25. Are you afraid of spiders?

26. Have you ever been skiing?

27. Do you believe in aliens?

28. Do you tell your loved ones you love them every day?

29. Have you ever lied in your CV?

30. Do you know how to play poker?

31. Have you ever fallen in public?

32. Do you believe in the concept of soulmates?

33. Are you an extrovert?

34. Have you had your first kiss?

35. Do you follow trends?

36. Would you ever want to be famous?

37. Do you play any instruments?

38. Do you respond to texts fast?

39. Do you have any weird obsessions?

40. Have you ever been asked out?

41. Are you likely to take other people’s advice?

42. Is there life after death?

43. Can you play a guitar?

44. Do you have a pet?

45. Do you have a luxury handbag that you are guilty of investing in?

46. Have you gotten any trophies in sports?

47. Would you ever try snorkeling?

48. Have you ever had a lucid dream?

49. Have you ever cheated while playing online games?

50. Do you have any hobbies?

51. Do you like going out?

52. Have you ever been fired?

53. Are you a fairly optimistic person?

54. Would you ever sing at a family gathering?

55. Have you ever held a snake?

56. Did you ever show up drunk at work?

57. Have you ever binged a Netflix series in one night?

58. Have you ever taken a personality test?

59. Are you a night owl?

60. Do you like your job?

61. Do you enjoy reading about celebrity controversy?

62. Have you ever been bullied in school?

63. Do you like pineapple on pizza?

64. Have you ever done psychic reading?

65. Do you like cats?

66. Have you ever been caught in a lie?

67. Have you ever gone camping?

68. Do you like to be alone?

69. Have you watched any good movies lately?

70. Were you ever caught talking to yourself?

71. Are you a movie goer?

72. Have you invested in stocks?

73. Do you agree that it’s hard to change?

74. Do you leave the tv on for background noise?

75. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

76. Have you ever lied to your parents about something major?

77. Would you steal a car to impress someone?

78. Are you good at fixing things?

79. Do you use social media everyday?

80. Are you scared of heights?

81. Do you speak any foreign language?

82. Do you know why you were given your name?

83. Are you a rule follower?

84. Do spirits walk among us?

85. Have you ever won a contest?

86. Have you ever sung in front of a crowd?

87. Is there anything you secretly nerd out about?

88. Do you watch the news?

89. Are you good at keeping secrets?

90. Have you ever hidden food from your siblings?

91. Do you like the Kardashians?

92. Have you ever spilled something on someone?

93. Have you ever been to a Taylor Swift concert?

94. Have you ever been to a haunted house?

95. Do you like to cancel plans?

96. Have you ever stayed up all night long?

97. Have you ever seen a live play?

98. Do you like Pina colada?

99. Are you scared of the dark?

100. Do you have any phobias?

101. Are you a homebody?

102. Do you feel energized talking to new people?

103. Do you floss daily?

104. Do you like binging shows?

105. Have you ever tripped and fallen in public?

106. Do you like traveling?

107. Have you ever thought of investing in stocks?

108. Have you ever done drugs?

109. Are you a morning person?

110. Have you ever auditioned for an acting role?

111. Do you believe in psychics?

112. Do you enjoy watching Mukabang videos?

113. Do you enjoy going to museums?

114. Are you afraid of the dark?

115. Have you ever gotten surgery?

116. Have you ever broken something that wasn’t yours?

117. Do you want to have kids someday?

118. Do you believe in soul mates?

119. Have you ever gone viral?

120. Can you catch a fly with your hand in midair?

121. Do you know how to swim?

122. Have you ever joined a social club?

123. Were you born in this state?

124. Have you ever fainted?

125. Do you talk in your sleep?

126. Have you ever lied about watching a movie or series to your friends?

127. Do you have any hidden talents?

128. Is greed the root of all evil?

129. Do you meditate?

130. Have you ever tried martial arts?

131. Do you like insects?

132. Are you hot blooded?

133. Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

134. Have you had more than ten years of friendship with anyone?

135. Do you have a secret talent?

136. Have you ever cried to Drivers Licence?

137. Do you tell your pets everything?

138. Given a chance, would you ever travel the world alone?

139. Are you an introvert?

140. Have you ever had a cavity?

141. Have you ever broken a bone?

142. Do you enjoy arguing with people?

143. Would you go off social media for a month?

144. Can you pick up a pea with chopsticks?

145. Is vanilla your only favorite ice cream?

146. Do you want to enter politics?

147. Are you a coffee drinker?

148. What’s your word in the English vocabulary?

149. Have you ever gotten sleep paralysis?

150. Do we do enough for the environment?

151. Have you ever had cereal with orange juice?

152. Do you play any sports?

153. Have you ever gotten an autograph?

154. Have you ever buried a time capsule?

155. Can you name any constellations?

156. Do you know your star sign?

157. Do you ever do karaoke?

158. Do you cry during movies?

159. Are you a vegetarian?

160. Do you have any collections?

161. Can you moonwalk?

162. Do you think that a parallel universe exists?

163. Do you admit when you are wrong?

164. Do you like romantic comedies?

165. Are people inherently good?

166. Do you have your wisdom teeth?

167. Do you have a long term goal in your life?

168. Are you up to date on Hollywood news?

169. Have you ever given someone a wedgie?

170. Are you a coordinated person?

171. Have you ever memorized a TikTok dance?

172. Do you like novelty?

173. Can you dance well?

174. Are you a picky eater?

175. Do you like camping?

176. Can you think of your earliest memory?

177. Have you ever been catfished?

178. Can you tolerate flaky friends?

179. Have you ever gone a week without showering?

180. Have you ever been in a fight?

181. Have you ever lost your passport?

182. Do you like playing video games?

183. Do you have pets?

184. Can you speak in Pig Latin?

185. Do you like your hometown?

186. Do you believe in God?

187. Have you ever gotten sick in public?

188. Do you enjoy learning new languages?

189. Do you enjoy watching reality shows?

190. Do you listen to podcasts?

191. Have you fasted for 24 hours or more?

192. Have you ever been on TV?

193. Do you workout?

194. Have you ever joined a rally for a social cause?

195. Have you ever broken a law?

196. Do you have any scars?

197. Have you ever been in a tragic accident?

198. Do you sing silly songs to your pets?

199. Are you punctual?

200. Do you exaggerate when you tell a story?

201. Can you swim?

202. Would you ever try standup comedy?

203. Have you ever sneaked food in a theater?

204. Can you know when I am upset about something?

205. Can you touch your toes?

206. Do you check your horoscope?

207. Can you speak another language?

208. Do you have a crush on someone?

209. Have you ever tried doing a headstand?

210. Have you ever failed a test?

211. Have you ever told a crush that you liked them?

212. Is there life on other planets?

213. Did you ever have an embarrassing nickname?

214. Are you a good cook?

215. Have you ever accidentally shared a secret?

216. Would you ever do a polar plunge?

217. Is there something you can do better than most people?

218. Do you believe in fate?

219. Do you enjoy making small talk?

220. Do you care for celebrity drama?

221. Do you play any musical instruments?

222. Do you like thunderstorms?

223. Have you traveled out of the country?

224. Have you ever hidden a snack so that nobody would find or eat it first?

225. Do you prefer dogs to cats?

226. Would you ever consider becoming a vegan?

227. Do you visit the church regularly?

228. Are looks more important than personality?

229. Do you have a sibling/siblings?

230. Can you eat a whole pizza by yourself?

231. Do you like to read?

232. Do you like singing?

233. Do you enjoy winter sports?

234. Can you be peer pressured?

235. Would you like to live in a big city?

236. Have you ever gotten lost in the wilderness?

237. Do you like sharing food?

238. Do you think you’re funny?

239. Do you inspire other people around you?

240. Have you ever ghosted someone?

241. Do you like your boss?

242. Have you ever thrown up in public?

243. Do you trust people easily?

244. Would you hit your best friend for five hundred bucks?

245. Have you ever bought anything super expensive?

246. Would you ever move to another country?

247. Does money equal power?

248. Do you like to gossip?

249. Do you like running?

250. Do you like scary movies?

251. Do you like mayonnaise with fries?

252. Do you have any irrational fears?

253. Would you ever dare to swim with sharks?

254. Do you want to buy an auctioned musical instrument from the 1960’s?

255. Do you have tattoos?

256. Would you ever try eating a live fish?

257. Have you been abroad?

258. Would you go to mars if you ever get a chance?

259. Do you listen to music while you sleep?

260. Would you ever go skydiving?

261. Have you ever been arrested?

262. Do you know how to change a tire?

263. Would you ever start a Youtube channel?

264. Do you like to eat different / new types of food?

265. Have you done anything illegal?

266. Would you ever live in a haunted house?

267. Have you ever pulled a successful prank?

268. Do you want to learn martial arts?

269. Are you good with insects?

270. Have you ever sent a text to the wrong friend?

271. Have you ever pulled a scary prank on children on halloween?

272. Are you good at thinking out of the box?

273. Have you ever posted to a YouTube channel?

274. Do you enjoy sunbathing?

275. Do you have a favorite restaurant?

276. Would you take a road trip with me?

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