Top 230+ Witch Coven Names Ideas

Choosing the right witch coven name for your business is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort. But, it is worth the effort because the name can make or break your company.

Witch Coven names are given to a group of witches who have come together to practice their craft. They can be named after anything, like “The Witches of the East” or “The Witches of the West”.

A Witch Coven name is a name given to a group of witches who have come together to practice their craft. These names can be an allusion or reference to something in nature, like “The Witches of the East” or “The Witches of the West”.

If you’re searching for a witch coven name, it can be hard, Here we’ve compiled the best coven names for witch you choose the best one.

Witch Coven Names

The Willow Circle of Adventure

Coven of Starfall

Coven of the Moon Thread

The Sunset Circle

The Spirit Drum Coven

The Divine Energy Sisters

Witches of the Enchanted Moon

Witches of the Crescent

The Mirror Lake Circle

The Eternal Garden Coven

Sisters of the Grove

Coven of the Beating Heart

Witches of the Silver Flame

Circle of the Silver Sliver

The Enchanted Sisters

The Nightsky Circle

Wives of Liberty

The Moonrise Coven

Coven of Healing

Wives of the Forest Path

Coven of Silver Grace

The Moonlit Cloud Wives

The Lunar Owl Circle

Coven of the Sacred Journey

The Setting Sun Circle

Coven of the Silver Flame

The Hyacinth Coven

The Fae Woods Coven

Circle of Liberty

Coven of Knowledge

Witches of the Brilliant Light

The Raven’s Nest Coven

Coven of the Revolution

Coven of Patience

The Silverbark Circle

The Mirror Lake Wives

Wives of Moonlight

The Medicine Coven

The Infinity Circle

The Unseen Moon Circle

Circle of the Night Garden

The Rowan Tree Circle

The Moonlit Circle

The White Tree Circle

The River Circle

Coven of the Rising Sun

Wives of Illumination

Cool Witch Coven Names

The Twilight Grove Circle

Sisters of Phoenix Fire

The Infinity Coven

The Crystal Flower Circle

Coven of the Moonlit

Wives of the Hallowed

The Oak Spirit Circle

Wives of Silver Grace

Coven of the Sacred Well

The Hyacinth Circle

The Divine Energy Circle

The Enlightened Coven

The Nightsky Coven

The Crescent Coven

Sisters of the Elemental

The Requiem Wives

The Charity Coven

The Goddess Wives

Coven of the Silver Sliver

The Moonlight Wives

Coven of the Silver Reserve

The Silver Grace Coven

The Silver Coven

Sisters of the Chalice

Circle of Sacred Meadows

The Sacred Sisters

The Moon Thread Circle

Circle of the Sacred Well

The Quiet Meadows Circle

The Lode Star Sisters

Circle of the Divine Spirit

Coven of the Spirit Lake

The Faery Tree Circle

The Tree Roots Witches

Coven of Illumination

Circle of Midnight

Coven of the Crystal Flower

The Divine Dream Sisters

Circle of the Pentacle

Unique Witch Coven Names

Circle of Healing

The Elder Grove Coven

Coven of the Full Moon

Coven of the Dream

Circle of Twilight

The Silver Flock Circle

The Ancient Coven

The Crystal Rose Circle

Wives of the Sacred Well

Sisters of Nightshadow

Sisters of the Night Garden

The Ice Garden Circle

The Bramble Root Witches

The Requiem Circle

Circle of the Harvest

Witches of the Night Sky

The Lunar Coven

The Guiding Hand Circle

Circle of Wisdom

The Silver Cloud Coven

The Lady Fortune Circle

The Radiant Heart Coven

The Nightshadow Circle

Sisters of the Moonrise

Circle of Observation

Coven of the Silver Thread

Coven of the Night Grove

The Hallowed Sisters

The Divine Dream Coven

Coven of Morning Dew

Circle of the Silver Flame

The Full Moon Circle

The Spirit Lake Circle

The Fortuna Sisters

The Lady Fortune Coven

Witches of Liberty

The Starfall Circle

Wives of the Raven’s Nest

The Guiding Hand Coven

Coven of Silver Grass

Witches of the Crystal Rose

Circle of the Mystic Grove

The Equinox Circle

Coven of Eternal Teachings

Coven of the Crystal Lake

Witches of Presence

Witches of the Moon Thicket

The Chalice Coven

The Wisdom Coven

The Earth Spirit Coven

Witches of the Crystal Lake

Circle of Infinity

Circle of the Goddess

Coven of the Enchanted

Creative Witch Coven Names

The Crescent Circle

The Moon Siren Coven

Coven of the Oasis

Circle of the Mystic

Coven of Divine Energy

Coven of the Raven’s Nest

Circle of Fortuna

The Illuminated Sisters

Coven of Compassion

The Goddess Circle

The Mystic Grove Coven


Wives of the Moon Oasis

Witches of the Divine

le Coven de l’Esprit Divin

The Silver Flame Coven

les Femmes de Terre

Wives of the Eternal Garden

Coven of Sacred Meadows

Coven of the Radiant Heart

Witches of Eternity

Circle of Ember

The Compassion Coven

Circle of Silver Grace

Circle of the Rising Sun

The Forest Path Sisters

Sisters of the Twilight Grove

The Earth Temple Coven

Circle of the Full Moon

The Illuminated Coven

The Shadowmoon Coven

The Elemental Grove Circle

Coven of the Spiral Tree

The Moon Thread Coven

Witches of the Sunset

Coven of Independence

Circle of the Enlightened

The Eternal Teachings Sisters

Coven of Discovery

Coven of the Mirror

The Spiral Tree Witches

The Spirit Drum Circle

Coven of the Twilight Goddess

The World Tree Circle

The Elder Grove Circle

The Enchanted Coven

The Forest Grove Witches

Circle of the Radiant Heart

Amazing Witch Coven Names

The Revolution Coven

The Eternal Light Sisters

Circle of the Blue Moon

The White Tree Wives

Circle of Elysium

The Eternal Teachings Witches

Coven of Requiem

Coven of Stardust

The White Tree Coven

The Observation Coven

Witches of the Chalice

Sisters of the Grass Roots

Coven of the Mystic

Sisters of the Ancient Oak

The Phoenix Fire Coven

Witches of the River

Witches of the Moon Temple

The Twilight Coven

The World Tree Witches

Sisters of the Light

Witches of the Night Grove

The Midnight Circle

Sisters of Twilight

The Moonrise Circle

Circle of the Earthen

Circle of the Trinity

Witches of the Rowan Tree

le Coven des Lumières

Wives of the Earth Spirit

The Silver Branch Coven

Wives of the Mountain Rose

The Hallowed Guide Coven

Coven of the Twilight Flame

The Liberty Coven

Coven of the Brilliant Light

The Faery Tree Coven

Coven of the Grove

Coven of the Illuminated

Wives of the Silver Branch

The Eternal Light Wives

The Starfall Sisters

Coven of the Lone Star

The Bramble Root Coven

Coven of the Fae Woods

Sisters of the Eclipse

Wives of the Spirit Lake

The Lunar Wives

The Trillium Moon Coven

le Cercle du Bosquet Mystique

The Importance of Choosing the Right Witch Coven Name for Your Business

Choosing the right Witch Coven name for your business is a difficult task. You need to consider the purpose of your business and the image that you want to portray.

The name you choose will also have an impact on how people perceive your business. For example, if you are a beauty salon, you might want to choose a name with some sort of imagery that relates to beauty such as “Beauty by Moonlight” or “Beauty in Bloom”.

Some companies have to spend a lot of money on trademarking their names to protect them from other companies that might try to steal them.

Witch Coven Names and How to Pick the Right One for Your Purpose

Witch coven names are a great way to create a unique brand that stands out among the competition. Whether you’re looking for a name for your new coven or just want to give your existing one an upgrade, there are some things to keep in mind when picking out a witch coven name.

The first thing to consider is what kind of witch you want to be. There’s no point in picking out a witchy name if you’re not going to be the type of witch that it represents. For instance, if you’re going for an all-encompassing witchcraft theme, then maybe Witch Coven Of The Sea might be more appropriate than Witch Coven Of The Forest.

When picking out your witch coven name, make sure that it is easy to pronounce and spell. You also need to be careful not to choose names that are already taken by other covens. Another thing to think about is where your coven will meet and what kind of activities they’ll be doing.

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