250+ Snapchat Group Names Your Squad Will Love

Naming a Snapchat Group name is not as simple as it seems. You need to think about what your team does, what you want to do, who you are, and how you want to be perceived. These are all factors that will help you decide on a name that is perfect for your group. So, It’s important to choose a name that will help identify your group and make it easy for people to find you again in the future.

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool and attractive Snapchat group names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Snapchat Group Names

The High Fives

Best Buddies 4 Ever

Snap Express

The Wolf Pack

Girlfriend Group

Picture Purrfect

Listen Up

Young at Heart

Squad Ghouls

Awesome Blossoms

Oh Snap

The Avengers

Snap This

Life’s a Pitch

Queen Baes

Snap Up Your Life

Open Book

What’s in a Name?

Blind Assassins

My Lucky Charms

My Snap People

Powderpuff Rangers

Tick Talk

Swag Snaps

Confession Time

The Republic of Chat

Brunch Ladies

Nerds on the Loose

Snap Cup

My Sisters and Me

Sunny-Side Up

Dream Team

Watts Up Besties

Dearest people

Snap On Snap Off

The BURN Book

Fur Real Friends

Lava My Friends

50 Shades Of Slay

Fantastic Four

Fab Five

Near ones

Inject Coffee in my Veins

Break The Internet

Attack your Close Friends

Snap Streak


Snape Chat

Gossip Girls

S’more Snaps

Oh Snap, My Friends

Bend and Snapchat

Snaps Make Miso Happy

We Share Because We Care

Peach Snaps

Cuz We Chat

Gangnam Style Gang

Toasted Bae-Goals

Let’s Taco ‘Bout Snapchat

The Perfected

Best Fries Forever

Express Yourselfie

Hap-Bee Together

Love So Matcha

XOXO Gossip Girl

Unicorny Friends

Game of Phones

Blah Blah Blahs

Snaps Like No Otter

Nerd Herd

Cereal Snapper

Sharing Is Caring

Range Rovers


Sirius Snaps

Heart Catchers

Snaps For Elle

Backstreet Girls

Llama Take A Selfie

Clever Snapchat Group Names

Recycling Bin

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

Bite Me Squad

BFFs Only


None Of Your Business


Mistakes Were Made

Snap To It

Snap Squad

Play Your Way

Let’s Take An Elfie

Snap Attack

A Bunch of Musketeers

Espresso Yourselfie

Darlings in Chatland

Ride Or Dies

Spice Girls

Bachelor Crew

Silly Selfie Snaps

The Public Square

Fantastic Friends

Bros Forever

Snap Soulmates

Watts Up Cuz

Weird Snap Squad

Friend Ship

Free Birds

Great Mates

Beauty In Grace

My Beys

Express Yourself

The Musketeers

The Jumping Jacks

Birds of a Feather

Fast and Curious

Gouda Snaps

Donut Stop Snapping

Why not Snapchat

Your Pace or Mine?

Rockstar Lifestyle

Birds Of A Feather

FAMiliar Faces

Always Together

Glowing Stars

Phone Bingo

We Talk A Lot

Snap Together

Snailed These Snaps

Superman’s Bodyguards

Snap A Waffle Lot

Funny Snapchat Group Names

Game of Idiots

The Lame Gang

The Chumps

Near Ones

Don’t join

Purrfect Snaps

Future A-Listers

Bodies by Dad

We Love Lovers

We Get Degrees

Four All Out

Non-Stop Notifications

The Spice Girls

The Crazy Ones

Thyme To Snap

The Queen Bees

The Famous Fairies

Wheely Good Snaps

We’re 4 Real

Bruh Bruh

Walkie Talkies

Lucky Charms

Can’t Keep A SecretSnap Out Of It

What’s Up Cuz?

My Imaginary Friends

My Constants

Non-Stop Chat

People I see too often

The Unfold

Fly Like a Beagle

Swag Partners

My Precious

Stress Relievers

Chats With Brats

Gossip Queens

Forever Sad

No Boys Allowed

Let’s Bake It Down

Gossip Geese

The So and So

My Buddies

Serious Snap Streak

I Love You All But…

The Unknowns

It’s Time to Disco

Will Trade As for Food

Power Squad

Laughing Lads

The Schuyler Sisters

Nonsense Group

The Golden Girls

All the Single Ladies

Beware of Dogs

All Chat All the Time

The Masked Avengers

The Mad Chatters

Dumbledore’s Army


A Pizza Gossip

Power Rangers

Lost and Found

We are Totally Unstable

Good Snapchat Group Chat Names

Wonders of world

Put yourself out there

Weekend Kings

Sharing is Caring

The Talent Pool

We Woof The Dog Filter

Cerealsly Good Snaps

Tattle Girls

Hearty Hearts

Simple Beauty

Pigeon Post


Souper Friends

Bend And Snapchat

Selfie Squad

My Best-Teas

Dyslexia Untied

Full House

Avengers Assemble

Meow Friends

We Are Family

Pearfect Snap

Queen of Kings

Beauty in Grace

The Kickin’ Chickens

Olive My Friends

Yo Bro!

Fabulous Friends

We don’t care

No Butter Snaps

Gouda Friends

Extravagant Filters

We Are Hulks

Peachy Queens


The Snap Pack

Rawrsome Squad

Snapchat Group Chat Names

CEOs Of Snapchat

Awesome Stupids

Fuller House

The Core Four

We’re Talentless

Good Chives Only

Selfies Forever

The Kooky Club

Naughty Nerds

Nothing Is Impastable

House of Laughs

Dino-Mite Crew

A Whole Latte Snaps

You are?

The Suite Life

Little Angeles

Admission Time

Meme Team

Ride or Dies

Two Birds One Phone

After School Gang

Chat 4 Ever

The Coolest Girls

Private Party

Snap Out Of It

Dress to impress

Prioritize Selfie Care

Waddle I Do Without You?

I A-Peach-Iate Your Snaps

Sons of Chuck Norris

Taters Gonna Tate

Snap Streaks

Amazing US


One In A Melon

Pawesome Friends

One Roof

How To Choose Best Snapchat Group Names?

Snapchat is a great medium to have fun with your friends and groups. It’s a great way to share a moment in time with people who you care about. The app is mainly used by people of all ages and can be used for personal or business purposes. However, choosing the perfect group name is one of the most important decisions when starting or joining a new group chat. You want something that will be easy for people to remember, but also relates to the group’s interests.

You might be looking for something funny, serious, cool, or even just a word that is easy to remember. But a good place to start is by brainstorming with your friends. This way you can make sure that everyone likes the idea of the name and it will be easier to come up with something that everyone likes.

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