75 Moon Pick Up Lines to Make Your Conversations Shine

Nothing says romance better than a beautiful moonlit night and cheesy pick up lines. And flirting at night can be a magical experience. By choosing the right pick up lines, you can take your conversation to the next level and impress your date as they bring out the romantic and mysterious side of the night sky.

From full moons to half moons, moon landing references to more obscure lunar themes, these pick up lines will help you flirt and make the person excited for you.

Moon Pick Up Lines

1. “Like the moon that holds a central place in the universe, you’re the center of my universe.”

2. “You’re like a moonlit night which is mysterious and beautiful.”

3. “Are you the moon? Because your beauty phases me.”

4. “Excuse me, but meeting you feels like a celestial alignment.”

5. “Like a moonstone, you’ve become the rare and precious gem of my life.”

6. “Are you a full moon? Because my heart feels high tide whenever I see you.”

7. “Night after night, like the moon, you keep illuminating my life.”

8. “You are the moon in my midnight sky.”

9. “My love for you shines brighter than the moon in the night sky.”

10. “Damn, you are the gravity that pulls me into the orbit of your love.”

11. “Do you believe in destiny? Because meeting you feels like a cosmic arrangement.”

12. “If I were a lunar rover, I’d explore the surface of your heart for all eternity.”

13. “I must have landed on the moon because being with you feels utterly surreal.”

14. “You’re always there for me like the ever-present moon that watches over the night.”

15. “You eclipse my heart like the moon obscuring the sun.”

16. “Your eyes sparkle brighter than the moon and the stars.”

17. “I may not be Neil Armstrong, but I’ll still promise you the moon and stars.”

18. “You are the moon in my universe.”

19. “If I were a telescope, I’d focus on you, the brightest star under the moon.”

20. “Are you really the moon? Because you’ve taken the center stage in my night sky.”

21. “Hey girl, are you a moonbeam? Because you light up my darkest nights.”

22. “You are the moonstone that lights up my universe with the glow of your love.”

23. “You must be the moon, because you’ve pulled the tide of my heart in your direction.”

24. “Just like the moon’s phases, our love story will have its highs and lows, but it’ll always shine.”

25. “Do you know if we were stars, I’d want to be the moon shining for you.”

26. “The sun may leave every night, but you could never leave my dreams.”

27. “Are you the moon? Because you’re a symbol of love.”

28. “Like the moon that has long been a symbol of love and romance, you’re a symbol of love in my life.”

29. “Are you the moon? Because you complete my nights.”

30. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again under the moon?”

31. “Can I be the astronaut to your moon, exploring the vastness of love together?”

32. “We might not be on the moon but my love for you is still astronomical.”

33. “If beauty were a moon, you’d be a full one.”

34. “I may be a mere mortal, but with you, I feel like I’m dancing among the stars.”

35. “Are you the moon? Because you’re always there for me.”

36. “You’re my constant companion like the ever-present moon that accompanies the night.”

37. “Someone told me the moon is 1/6th the size of Earth, but your impact on my heart is immeasurable.”

38. “Just like the moon controls the tides, you control the waves of emotion in my heart.”

39. “Is your smile a full moon? Because it’s driving me luny!”

40. “The moon’s got nothing on you.”

41. “Is your name Luna? Because you’ve illuminated my world with the glow of your presence.”

42. “Excuse me, but I think you dropped something: my jaw when I saw you, lit up by the moon.”

43. “Is your heart a celestial body? Because I’m drawn irresistibly into its orbit.”

44. “Even a million stars combined couldn’t outshine your brilliance.”

45. “I may be Earthbound, but with you, I feel like I’m floating among the stars.”

46. “Do you believe in fate? Because meeting you feels like a celestial arrangement.”

47. “You are the moonbeam that gently kisses the Earth.”

48. “Is your name Selene? Because you light up my world like the moon lights up the night.”

49. “Are you a moon goddess? Because your charm is heavenly.”

50. “I think you are the missing piece in my lunar puzzle.”

51. “Are we in an eclipse? Because meeting you feels like the alignment of two perfect hearts.”

52. “If you were the moon, I’d be the astronaut always trying to get to you.”

53. “Are you made of moon rocks? Because my heart damn right just skyrocketed!”

54. “I must be a werewolf because I’m drawn to you like the moon.”

55. “Our love story can be as beautiful as the phases of the moon: slowly, deeply, perpetually.”

56. “I’ll be your astronaut and will explore the galaxies of love with you.”

57. “Did you borrow your beauty from the moon?”

58. “I am not an astronaut, but I still cannot resist your lunar allure.”

59. “Are you the moon? Because you’re a symbol of beauty.”

60. “People say the moon has a significant impact on tides, but meeting you has a tidal wave effect on my heart.”

61. “Are you the moon? Because you bring tranquility to my soul.”

62. “Are you a shooting star? Because you just made my wish upon the moon come true.”

63. “Are you the moon? Because you light up my darkest nights.”

64. “Is your name Apollo? Because you’ve taken me on a romantic journey to the moon.”

65. “Are you the moon? Because you’re a source of inspiration.”

66. “I may be a stargazer, but your beauty outshines every celestial body in the night sky.”

67. “Just like the moon and the stars, our fates too seem aligned.”

68. “Is your name Luna? Because you’re the enchanting queen of my celestial dreams.”

69. “My love for you is like the waxing moon that is growing stronger with each passing day.”

70. “I may be Earthbound, but with you, I feel like I’m soaring among the stars.”

71. “Like the moon that has inspired countless poets, artists, and dreamers, you’re a source of inspiration in my life.”

72. “Are you the moon? Because you inspire poets and dreamers alike.”

73. “Can I be the constellation to your night sky to add beauty to the canvas of our love?”

74. “Just like the moon in the sky, you’ve captured my heart.”

75. “I wish I were the moon, so I could witness the beauty of your dreams every night.”

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