51 Catchy Minnesota Slogans, Motto And Taglines

Minnesota – The Hockey State

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Minnesota Slogans

10,000 Lakes and No Sharks!

Why Minnesota? To Protect Ontario from Iowa!

There Are Only 3 Things You Can Grow in Minnesota: Colder, Older, & Fatter

ìLíEtoile du Nordî (The Star of the North)

Home of the Mispi-Mispp-Missispp

We’re Not as Fat as Wisconsin

Save a Minnesotan – Eat a Mosquito

Land of the Ski and Home of the Crazed

One Day Itís Warm, the Rest of the Year Itís Cold

Minnesota: Gopher State

10,000 Lakes and No Sharks

Explore Minnesota

Where Visitors Turn Blue With Envy

The Wheat State

Minnesota State Nicknames

Minnesota: Weíre Not as Fat as Wisconsin

Weíre Not as Fat as Wisconsin

Minnesota: State of Hockey

Land of 10,000 Lakes

Land of 10,000 Petersons

Land of 2 Seasons: Winter is Coming, Winter is Here

The North Star State

10,000 Lakes and 10,000,000,000 Mosquitoes

Mosquito Supplier to the Free World

Save a Minnesotan ñ Eat a Mosquito

The Gopher State

Closed for glacier repairs

Not Sweden, but we act like it

Home of the Blonde Hair and Blue Ears

Minnesota ñ Come Fall in Love With a Loon

10,000 Lakes and 10,000,000,000 Moquitoes

Minnesota State Motto

The Bread and Butter State

New England of the West

Home of the Mispi-Mispp-Missispp (Where the damn river starts!)

Glove It or Leave It

Come Fall in Love With a Loon

Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Petersons


Where the Elite Meet Sleet

Minnesota: One Day It’s Warm, the Rest of the Year It’s Cold

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If You Love Minnesota, Raise Your Right Ski

Land of Sky-Blue Waters

Minnesota: North Star State

The Star of the North

Survive Minnesota and the Rest of the World is Easy

Where Visitors Turn Blue with Envy

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